Name: Steel

Nickname: The Underworld Destroyer

Signature Move: Rocket Fist Combo

Moves: Quick Jab, Drop Kick, Axe Bash, Rust Combo

Height: 6' 11"

Made in: USA

Owner: Jason Williams


25 year old Jason Williams was eager to get into robot boxing. He looked at different bots, and unfortunately he couldn't afford them. Williams never gave up. By the time he was 31 he found a descent-looking bot that he could afford. His former owner said that he was too old to risk losing money. When Williams tried to fight in the WRB he was rejected. He tried the Underworld they let him fight, but said that his bot wouldn't stand a chance against the other bots.


When Jason returned to his garage with his new bot

he uploaded new fighting styles and new moves.

He uploaded his own custom combos into Tin Man's hard-drive. While he was doing this, he noticed that on both of Tin Man's forearms had a panel. He tried testing

out a heavy uppercut. The panel opened up and a rocket-propelled-uppercut whizzed through the air.

He installed a heavy combo. It took a while for it to load. on the screen of his computer was the word ''Loading...''

Beginner's Luck?

The next day Jason decided to test out his new moves at Crash Palace.

"I'll take on any bot there is for a beginner Mr. Finn!" Said Jason.

"Alright, how 'bout Blue-bot, kid? 100,000 if you can survive the whole thing." Said Finn.

"Alright, Alright!" Said Jason.

At least they accepted him.

The First Fight

"Bluebot against Steel! Steel against Bluebot" Said Finn. " It's time for some destruction!!"

He yelled. The bell dinged. Bluebot advances. A big right hook from Bluebot speeds toward Steel's head.

Tin Man counters it with a duck, then a rocket-propelled-uppercut to Bluebot's chin. All of a sudden CRRRRSSHHCH! wires popped, and ripped. Then Bluebot's head went flying into the crowd.

The most of the crowd booed, very little cheered, but Jason didn't care. All that mattered was the money.

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