This page is made to discuss an on-going epidemic called "Time Hacking" a method of manipulating the Device to change the current time to get free Exhibition Fights without Waiting, Finishing Upgrades and even regenerating Energy cores without waiting.

Remember hacking is never good no matter what game your playing as players who get caught for time hacking will be banned from Multiplayer no exceptions.


Time Hacking has been viewed as the poor man's hack since most gamers are either frustrated because the game sets limitations or that it has overpriced content that can not be earned easily through hard work thus resorting to changing the device's time to speed up the process. Keep in mind that time hacking is considered as both an exploit and a hack as these two interfere or break the game's internal coding. Failure to cease using the exploit will result in a ban from multiplayer and all future games associated with that company.


  • Regenerate Energy Cores without waiting thus allowing more time to fight.
  • Jump Start Exhibition Fights without waiting
  • Finish Costly Upgrades in a blink of an eye


  • Violates Terms of services which could ban players from playing future released games associated with that gaming company.
  • Affects Gameplay performance, Background Music and Lowers Frame rate greatly if done incorrectly.
  • Possible Data corruption or loss of Game progress
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