ThunderPunch (3)


ThunderPunch (5)
Refered to as the "moneymaker" by his creators (PurplePatch2010) for his reliability to bring home the big pay checks and allow other bots to be upgraded. He's been with the team since day 1 and boasts an impressive 78% win rate. He consists of a Hefty head, Plated body, Sentry arms, Omega fists and Berserker legs; his internal workings remain a tightly guarded secret. Always cool, always foreboding, and always ready to unleash a torrent of punishing abuse this is one dark cloud you don't wanna be in the shadow of. Like Zeus, ThunderPunch is constantly evolving and rarely goes in to the ring with the same tech-moves or taunts twice, but be warned... his colossal right hook will leave you "THUNDERSTRUCK!"

Attack 4818

Defence 3670

Power Charge 2574

Mobility 9

Punch Speed 10

Recovery 10


Challengers and friends are welcome to contact ThunderPunch's creators on the PSNetwork: PurplePatch2010

See him in action :



And now, the all new 9999 ThunderPunchV2... New Devastator LV5 head, makes this storming bot now even more lethal.

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