"We built THRASHER only to fight in our country but when we entered the WRB we were happy to know our big golden guy had made it big."- Hiro Omisaki  (original owner of THRASHER he said this two hours before he died entering the wrb) 

Thrasher was built in Japan for only his country until a WRB manager  saw him in a battle against a rival from Germany ROUNDHOUSE Thrasher W/L ratio is 32/2 the first loss was when Roadhouse had uppercutted THRASHER in the third round knocking him out (this was before the WRB manager saw him this was the rematch.) the second loss was against FASTLANE in which his speed gained him a bonus edge after he preformed gravity one downtown. which FASTLANE's owner Rick Morris was given premission to use the same move from NOISY BOY. Until in 2017 Hiro Omisaki was murdered and stolen by Rick Morris who also thought he could get a quick buck off him but was only thrown away cause it would bring to much attention to him. Until a year later a 32 year old Underworld fighter Blake Morris (Rick Morris's younger brother who hated each other cause Rick destoryed Blake's blueprint of a robot that was meant to defeat ZEUS)

Blake took in THRASHER and fought him in the underworld until THRASHER was returned to the WRB where Rick was arrested for killing Hiro THRASHER never got to fight ZEUS because it would mean seeing a good bot go to waste so he was ranked #2 in the WRB for 5 years until he was tampered with and wouldn't turn on he is displayed next to Hiro's grave and a plack is also displayed on him saying "The Big brother of decending robots" this was givin to him because THRASHER was built also to help Hiro with other robots cause of he wanted to make the robots more special instead of fighting. So the display of him has gathered many tourists to see him altought many of tried to turn him on none have sucseed to bring him back. 

Blake later discovered someone cut the main wire to turn him on so replacing it still failed to bring him back so he left him there but payed over 8,000 dollars to bring the orignal one to Blake's house and replace Thrasher with a replica in Japan Blakes last words to him after he learned he was permatly shut off. "I already miss you you big Brute please come back" he had hugged Thrasher for over 10 minutes crying he had no friends in high school or now  so THRASHER was his only best freind since kids made fun of him when he was young even Rick made fun of him. Also here is the data for him.


  • Nickname: The Golden Executor
  • Generation: 6 (was later remade a 7)
  • Bot type: Destoryer
  • Rank:  The Next Robot Champion (As people called him since he was close to being the champion so people voted for him to hold that name)
  • Special move:The Thrashing Dragon (aimed for the head then arms heavly damaging both arms and the head)

His wins and loses.

Thrasher vs Roundhouse-Loss

Thrasher vs Roundhouse (Rematch) - won

Thrasher vs Blockbuster- Win (head was decapitated)

Thrasher vs Twin Cities-Win (right arm was decpaitated and both legs ripped off  leaving Twin cites crawiling away but Thrasher stepped on his head and crushed it causing it to be the most brutal but legal move in the wrb.)

Thrasher vs Fastlane- loss 

Thrasher vs Biowar- win (Bio war died only 10 seconds into the match ripping his head off after Thrasher fininshed the Thrashing Dragon)

Thrasher vs Cosmobot- win (Thrasher had almost been beaten but the thrashing dragon was used knocking cosmobots head clean off.)

Thrasher vs Axel Rod- win (Axel Rod was left crawling to escape cause his legs were crushed badly.)

Thrashers vs Midas- win (Thrasher won by ripping his right arm clean off and beating him to death with it  in the underworld since their were no rules Thrasher made every win brutual to put fear into his enemies if they thought they could beat him easily)

Thrasher vs black Jac-win

Thrasher vs touch down-win

Thrasher vs Ambush-win (Ambush had beaten thrasher badly but Ambush was overloaded so Thrasher had the chance to beat him and he did pissing Charlie Kenton off)

Thrasher vs Camelot- win (Was almost a defeat until Camelot shut down after taking a huge beating.)

Thrasher vs hollow jack-win

Thrasher vs Orefist- win

Thrasher vs Hattori 2.0-win (Since Hattori was light comparing to Thrasher Hattori right arm was sent flying into the crowd injuring no one but Hattori himself since a fan took the arm home)

Thrasher vs Skar-Win

Thrasher vs Noisy boy (Gold) - win (lets just say Noisy boy isn't noisy anymore)

Thrasher vs Sgt Ripper- win (Ripper was Rick's first bot)

Thrasher vs Pallidus- win

Thrasher vs Tripitaka-win

Thrasher vs Midas (rematch)- win (Blake tood Midas mohawk home)

Thrasher vs fat boy and Gridlock- Win 

Thrasher and Zeus vs Roundhouse and Camelot-win (This was the only time Thrasher met Zeus)

Thrasher vs Abel-win

Thrasher vs Danger Zone-win

Thrasher vs gambit-win

Bunker Buster & Ravagor vs Thrasher & Zeus- WIN (final meet-up with zeus)

Thrahser vs rubicon- WIN (Rubicon did lose his championship twice but someone messed with the leaderboards saying he lost so this was counted as a win anyway)

Thrahser vs Nitro- WIN

Thrasher vs metro - WIN ( after metro was defeated he suffered sustain damage and his jaw was up punched off hitting king pin in the head since Thrasher using thrashing dragon.)

Thrasher vs Thrasher-WIN (thrasher had fought a robot exactly like home except the color he was wearing he was the dark and red color like atom on real steel WRB)

Thrasher vs Nuke- WIN

The rest were destroyed cause of fire in Blakes Apartment but the rest W/L were recovered cause of a letter sent to him two years after he was shipped back to his apartment. It was sent from Rico Moreski Hiro's best friend.

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