This is made by little Springtrap. And also, it has nothing to do with Void (Fan made Bot)

The Void

Name: The void

Title: no title yet

Bot Type: Fragile Speedster

Armor: 15/100

Power: 20/100

Speed: 100/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Generation: 3

Height: 7'9"

Weight: 70LBS (She's made by Mircolattice)

Origin: Japan

Fights in: WRB

The Void is a small and thin WRB Fighter, with a huge and long Head.
She is black with purple. her eyes are glowing purple
She's G3 and G8 E.A.E. because she actually is an G8, but most people don't know this so the call er a G3 bot.

First Fight

Round One...

The Void entered The Arena...

Here's a Newcommer... On her first Fight in the WRB! Introducing: The Void!

The Void made a Backflip

Her Enemy (Gridlock) appeared.

Here's the bronzed Bodybuilder Bot... Introducing: Gridlock!


The Void did Nothing at first, but Gridlock attacked her directly. The Void umped away in the last second. She jumped into the ir, doing a flip over Gridlock and kicked his head. He fell to the ground.

1...2...3...4...5...6...7 he stood again, but she just kicked his legs away.


Is this Possible? Our newcommer just beated Gridlock in 24 seconds... May this Little bot be abled, to become the Queen of the robots one day? We'll see.

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