Bots in the UA League

Quarterback (iOS Real Steel)

Reason: He has a football. A dang FOOTBALL!

Shinobi (iOS Real Steel)

Reason: It's got two lightweight katanas that do the damage.

Major Steel

Reason: Why would a WRB bot have a functional ARM CANNON?

DreadLord (iOS Real Steel)

Reason: He's got a nice but unfair scythe.

So, what even IS the UA League?

This league is for all the robots who have unfair advantages. This means that they may have an accessory that is too overpowered (such as katanas), or their overall rating is over 499/500.

Rubric For Eligible Bots

Bots that can sustain a permanent overall rating over 499 can be eligible for the UA League.

Bots that have OP accessories are also eligible for enrollment in the UA League.

It's not a bad thing if your bot is recommended to the UA League. This simply means you can fight others with nice accessories (or tough strength, etc.).


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