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The Trashpile

Name: The Trashpile "Trashie"

The Friends of the Trashpile's Owner are allowed to call it Trashie

Title: The Twisted Trash from anywhere.

Generation: 1, 2 and 3

Origin: Metal Valley

Armor: 75/100

Power: 75/100

Speed: 98/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Height: 7'9"

Wheight: 786LBS

The trashpile is G1, G2 and G3, because there are parts of all three generations

Special Move

The Trashiple's Special move is named The Hurricane of Death.The Trashpile Spins herself around a few times, then she rip out the enemys energy core and integrate it to the own.

About the Trashpile:

  • The Trashpile is a Robot, made by Scrapped parts of G1, G2 and G3 bots.
  • All The Parts are from Metal Valley
  • The Trashpile is Brutally, but Fast and Smart
  • The Trashpile has got three Arms and two Heads (The second head is on one of her arms)

Why The Trashpile is called The Trashpile

The Trashpile entered the Crashpalace. It Had a Fights with Hollowjack. Hollowjacks owner came. He asked: "Hey, you, What's the name of your little bot? huh? Wait! I have a Name: The Trashpile!!!!! The Twisted Trash from Anywhere! Hahahahaha! Look everyone a Walking Trashpile!" *everyone laughed* " The Trashpile's Owner said nothing.

Later the bots entered the Arena. And In the Left Corner, The Halloween Horror with a pumpkin Head, Hollowjack! And in The Right Corner, The Twisted Trash from Anywhere... ...The Trashpile!!!

Hollowjack Started hitting The Air. He Tried to Make The Trashpile's Owner angry. But The Trashpiles Owner Kept Calm, Waiting For Hollowjack. "I'm comming for you." She wispered. Just in The same Moment She run Forward, Jumped in The air made a few hits. The Trashpile did the same. "What!? This Piece of Trash have a shadow mode!?" Hollowjacks owner screamed. Then The Trashpile's voice command activated. The trashpile Makes a Hurricane of Death and ripped of every single Part of Hollowjack. Nooooooooooooooo!!! Hollowjacks owner Screamed. Then The Trashpile Took Hollowjacks energy core and integrated it to the own. The trashpile Falls to the ground. Hollowjacks owner wanted to laugh, but in the same moment The Trashpile Jumped in The Air, and spinnns itself again. The Eyes Glowing, Making Creepy Machanical noises.

Hollowjacks owner Screamed: "For this i will Kill you!" He Took a knife. "Not so fast." The Trashpiles Owner said calm and took Quickly her Revolver. Hollowjacks owner Dropped the Knife. The Trashpiles Owner put the gun back into her pocket, took her bot and went back Home.

Trashie Vs. Shogun

Shogun Entered The Arena. The Trashpile Following.

Round One started. Your bot is Going to die. Shogun's owner said. The Trashpiles owner said nothing. Then shogun attacked the trashpile. The just kept hitting her, and the Trashpile couldn't do anything. She lay in the corner. but it was the underworld so nobody counted from 1 to 10. Shogun kept hitting and kicking her. He wanted to see her death. It looked like a shogun would fight against a piece of trash. He kept hitting her for over 5 minutes, but then she quickly crawled away. She climbed up at The arena 's ceiling, and dropped over Shogun. Both bots lay on the ground. Then Trashie stand up again and Ripped of Shogun's Left arm. Shogun Kicked her legs away, But she Dropped on him, so she bit of his Right arm with her second head.

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