The Storm was one of the early 2017 WRB fighters ever made. He had several wins over other bots but met his doom when he decided to go up against Zeus, who at the time only had 5 wins. The God of lightening came at The Storm with a fatal swing across the lower body, chopping off the upper body from his legs. The Storm was believed to have also fought against Gamma, but after the fifth round with both bots still standing (barely) it was called a draw.

Appearance- Similar to Tripitaka, Has purple streaks across his body

Name- The Storm

Title- The approaching threat

Generation- 3

Bot type- Mighty Glacier

Handler- Link-orp

Status- Offline (Beyond repair)

Origin- Greece

Power- 45/100

Health- 43/100

Speed- 61/100

Defense- 48/100

Special attack-77/100

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