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The Steelers is a robot group consisting of 5 robots currently: Stampede, Firestrike, Pacer, Riot, and Chupacabra.


Stampede is the weakest robot in the group, however, he is known for his very fast reaction, hence the name.

Armor: 43/100

Power: 60/100

Speed: 95/100


Firestrike is an acceptable robot with good power and armor.

Armor: 55/100

Power: 66/100

Speed: 84/100


Pacer is a strong robot with a short reach.

Armor: 70/100

Power: 76/100

Speed: 89/100


Riot is a powerful warrior with a swift performance which will surprise others.

Armor: 89/100

Power: 82/100

Speed: 96/100


Chupacabra is the strongest robot in the group, with a very hard punch that will destroy many robots.

Armor: 93/100

Power: 90/100

Speed: 93/100


Protomatic is a robot on development and will be the strongest robot in the group.

Armor: 97/100

Power: 95/100

Speed: 98/100


4 people went to a garage to build 4 robots (Chupacabra comes later.)

So, after 1 week of work, the Steelers had their first fight versus Albino. The four robots come in the ring and started the fight. The Steelers were leading the judges' scoreboard so far. Albino then eliminated Stampede and Firestrike, leaving Pacer and Riot. Riot punched the chest while Pacer launches a barrage of moves to Albino, knocking Albino out. The Steelers won their first fight as a team.


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