The Sarge
The Sarge
Vital statistics
Title The Drill Sergeant, The Army Green Machine
Generation 3
Bot Type Demon Wall
Status Working

NAME: The Sarge, "The Drill Sergeant", "The Army Green Machine"


BOT TYPE: Demon Wall Level 3

HANDLER: Shane Brasse


Overall Stats

Strength: 97/100

Speed: 78/100

Intelligence: 34/100

Special Moves: 73/100

Total Battle Rating: 4995

Made in: USA

Siganture Moves: "Fire Support", "Sherman Strike", "Drop and Give Me Ten" 

                          Super Sherman strike (Touchdown)
                          Ultra Sherman strike (Camelot)

Specialties: Aluminum pistons (allow hands to move in and out of the arm at extreme speeds.

Handler: Shane Brasse


  The Sarge was a large broad-shouldered 'bot, that was originally owned by the Utica Museum of Armored Vehicles in the form of a Sherman Tank.  His Owner, Shane Brasse, had recently lost his old 'bot at Crash Palace, in a battle that was both dangerous for the crowd and ironic.  Especially since his old 'bot's name was Barby-Q'd.  Well Barby-Q'd got barbecued, and the opponent, Throttle , won fifty grand.  Throttles' handler, James Tyrone then deliberately mocked Shane, and stole the charred remains of his poor 'bot.  In a state of depression. Shane drank out his sorrows at a nearby bar.  Looking out a window he saw Tyrone in control of Throttle yell, "THROTTLE UP, EVERYBODY!!", before having Throttle kick the left-overs of Barby-Q'd across the Crash Palace parking lot.  A nearby crowd cheered.  Looking around the bar, Shane saw Aquabot 's handler, Arek Pekkanen sitting with a group of friends, his bot right near him.  This was his chance.  He walked up to Arek, who was not only completely drunk but mostly spoke Finnish.  Shane took Arek's wallet and made a bet.  The bet was, if Shane beat's Throttle with Aquabot, Arek does not gets his wallet back, if he does not beat Throttle Arek gets his money and his 'bot back.  Clearly to intoxicated to realize anything was happening, he just sort of nodded and said "Ookoo."  This bet was not fair to Arek of coarse, but he didn't know that just yet.   The next week in the battle between Aquabot and Throttle, late in the battle Aquabot did the "Sukellusvene Slammi"  or "Submarine Slam", in which Aquabot jumps up in the air and does a straight punch downward to the top of the opponents head.  In this case it was devastating to Throttle.  Throttle was known for having his torso mostly hollow to add some speed in compensation for his large size.  But with this attack Aquabot managed to knock Throttle's head down inside his mostly hollow body.  This broke his command-receiver, and made Tyrone's remote useless.  Throttle just stood there doing nothing.  Shane then looked directly at Tyrone and vice versa.  Tyrone obviously knew what Shane was thinking because started begging, "NO MAN, NO!!  PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!"  Shane took no pity on Tyrone however as he looked directly to him and the crowd that was supporting him in the parking lot the previous week and yelled, "THROTTLE UP, EVERYBODY", and with one push of a button Aquabot preformed a running kick tearing Throttle apart.  But that wasn't the end of it.  While Throttle flew through the air he hit into multiple viewing boxes meant for the crowd, further damaging him.  Tyrone then burst into tears and left the arena.  Shane returned to the bar and gave Arek back his wallet minus the cash, and Aquabot minus a few parts.  The winnings from the battle combined with the money in Arek's Wallet made up to a whopping 700 thousand grand (hooray, hooray hooray hooray).  Content, Shane back to his home town of Dexter, NY.  He had plans for his trailer.  The next month, while watching his new flat-screen TV in his newly furnished four story split-level house, he saw a local advertisement from nearby Watertown.  The Jefferson County Officials wanted a boxing mascot for their largest city.  They also wanted this mascot to have a military theme for the successful Fort Drum.  They would sponsor this bot for underground fights, and pay even more if it got into the WRB.  They would hold a competition in Sacket's Harbour for the bot they liked the best.  This was Shane's chance to win big time, again.  He already had Throttle's pieces and some of Aquabot's,  He also saw an auction for a tank on his way back up to Dexter while passing threw Utica.  And most important he had money to spend.



Creation and Description


It all started from this.

After winning the Sherman at the auction he immediately took it apart.  Using the armor from the Sherman and the bases of Throttle and Aquabot, Shane managed to put together a pretty good 'bot.  With a helmet designed to look like an M1 pot helmet, human like fists, and a cylinder backpack.  He was really tall and wide but also really fast.  There was a motor in his arms, so that he could move his hands in and out quickly like pistons at ground breaking speeds, up to 18 punches per second.  This was the basis for one of his move, "Fire Support", in which he wraps his left arm around the opponent to hold them close, and with his right arm he rapidly punches them, and with the speaker installed in his backpack, he plays the sound of a machine gun to match up with the punches.
Fire support
 Shane also kept the "Submarine Slam", from Aquabot, but got rid of the jumping part, and renamed it, "Sherman Strike".  Shane eventually repainted the pot helmet to have a Sergeant Insignia on it.  He also added an addition to The Sarge's face to look like a gas mask.  He kept Throttle's 

And ended with this

legs to keep him really nimble. His feet orginally looked like combat boots,  but latter when he got to the WRB they were remade to look like Tank Treads.  There was no competition at Sackets Harbour, The Sarge was the only bot not made of junk.  

On With The Story

So anyway,  Sarge's first fight was with Six Shooter .  Shane was still used to fighting using Barby-Q'd who was a Brawler level 2.  Shane's main strategy involved getting the other 'bot stuck in a corner. How ever this was impossible in Six Shooter's arena, as it was entirely round.  The first round went quickly, everybody blocking each other's attacks, no one got more than a scratch.  The second round however. Six Shooter had the upper hand landing many hard hits on The Sarge.  The Final Round, Six Shooter knocked Sarge down with a blunt hit using his revolver-shaped shoulder.  Six Shooter than swung a leg over The Sarge, and prepared to execute with a straight shot to the head.  But Six Shooter must have fired some blanks, because he missed Sarge's head and toppled over with his own weight.  Sarge got up and using this opportunity rolled Six Shooter over face down, and put his army green boot on his back.  Every time Six Shooter tried to get up he was pushed back down.  Creating the illusion that Six Shooter was doing push-ups.  The Sarge continued this for the ten second until it was counted as a K. O..  From this win, Sarge got the reputation to be able to make any 'bot "drop and give him ten", along with the nickname, "The Drill Sergeant".

Winning Streaks

Sarge faced off against many worthy adversaries, but in the end he usually won, and Jefferson County paid him well:

Underground fghts in order
Location                        Opponent                                                                           Winner                                     Winnings                    
Lone Star Club, Texas Six Shooter The Sarge $30,000
Eveglades Arena, Florida Swamp-Rat The Sarge $34,000
Nassau Coliseum, New York Empire The Sarge $12,000, Empire's Head
The Zoo Metro The Sarge $40,000
The Zoo Ramchip The Sarge (with minor injuries) $23,000
The Zoo Zookeeper (Metro rebuilt by Kingpin but with diffrerant name) The Sarge $60,000
Uihah County Trailer Park, Ohio        Blacktop The Sarge $10,000
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana Skar The Sarge $34,000
Crash Palace Albino (Exhibition) Albino None
Vegas Strip RIck O' Shay The Sarge $45,000, Rick O' Shay's arm                

WRB and Arek's Revenge

A scout from the WRB had arrived at Vegas just in time to see Sarge's battle with Rick O'Shay.  The Scout offered Shane a fight against Danger Zone in the minor leagues of the WRB.  Shane who was up to the challenge gladly accepted.  Later at the WRB stadium, Arek  appeared minutes before the fight and revealed that had recently purchased a copy of Rosetta Stone.  He said that if he could've spoken English he would have never agreed to lend Aquabot to anyone.  He also pointed out that if it wasn't for Aquabot, The Sarge would have never became famous anyway.  So he says that it should be Aquabot who will fight Danger Zone.  The WRB officials say that shouldn't be because Aquabot's score is terrible.  Then Arek brings in the "refurbished" Aquabot complete with an actual diving helmet.  He also brings in a head once belonging to Fluxcore and claims Aquabot beheaded him.  So with that bit of "proof", The WRB officials let Aquabot fight instead, and it was back to the Underground for Sarge.  Aquabot lost miserably.

Exhibition and WRB...again

While back in Crash Palace taking some underscore fights, Shane relised that it wasn't too late to get back into the WRB.  Crash Palace hosts exhibitions all the time, if the under-grounder beats the professional, they get accepted to the WRB.  He'd tried before with Albino, but it didn't work out.  But that was because Albino was usually in the big leagues.  This weeks exhibition was for a 'bot called "Photo Finish".
Photo Finish S1E20 thumb

No, not that Photo Finish.

 Photo was in the minor leagues like Danger Zone, Shane was going back to were he already was.  During the match The Sarge did a move to make Artie Bakker proud.  Head-butting Photo's camera shape head with his pot helmet until the lens part of Photo's head was really crumpled.  Then Sarge preformed the aforementioned "Fire Support", knocking Photo down for a while.  The Sarge was in the WRB, again.   

First Fights

Full on

The Sarge, now with tank tread feet, prepares to take on the WRB.

Sarge's first true WRB fights went pretty well.  He easily took out Axelrod and Cosmobot .  But then when it came to Gridlock , he was stumped.  He couldn't knock Gridlock down, the 'bot was just to flat on his feet.  He couldn't get his classic side hooks to land on him they were always blocked, and he couldn't use "Fire Support" because everytime he tried, it was always reversed.  Eventually the match ended in a draw.  Gridlock was facing Zeus next so Sarge wouldn't have to worry about him for much longer.  Sarge's next match was against a 'bot named Predator.

Sarge versus Predator

  This battle was the most drawn out, boring battle ever experienced by the fans of the WRB.  Both bots were too nervous to mess with each other, so they just stood and stared for the whole of the first two rounds in the third round though, Sarge did a straight punch to Predators head, and successfully knocked it off.  The next couple fights were easy for Sarge who even managed to take out Nitro on the first round.


The Wrb wasn't all that happened to Shane, though.  One time he recieved an anonymous letter with the following contents:

Wanting to see Hawaii any way, Shane grabbed the ticket and rushed to the airport quickly.  When he arrived at the island what he found was unbelievable.  "Ain't that a nice statue", Shane mentioned to a nearby pedestrian.  "That's no statue", the man mentioned back.  Confused by this comment Shane kept walking, but then the statue moved!  This behemoth of steel stood straight up and looked down at him.  It must have been at least 6 meters tall.  Another person presumably the owner owner of this beast walked in front of the 'bot and spoke with an Irish brogue. "I'm Fawk", he introduced himself formally. "and this is Ravagor ". He gestured to the hulking beast behind him. "Cool, uhhhh, I'm supposed to be meeting someone and..." Shane stared nervously at the giant. "I don't, ugghhh, you see, uhh, This isn't-" Fawk raised an eyebrow. "Are you Shane Brasse?", he asked calmly. Shane looked around. "Uhh heheh, maybe you're looking for another Shane Brasse?", He added hopefully. "No it's you, come along", Shane's heart sank. How was he supposed to pull this one off. Fawk ushered him down the road toward an arena on the distance. Shane hesitantly followed. "Are you familiar with Hawaii?", Fawk asked. "No, sir..I mean no...sir..wait, wait, wait," "That makes two of us", Fawk replied It was a long walk to the arena, and the only thing going through Shane's mind was that giant robot, taking long strides along the street with them. He turned to Sarge, whose considerately large size was dwarfed by Ravagor. For the first time ever he doubted the Sarge's power. As he looked even more at Ravagor a movie begin to form in his mind. The Sarge lighting on fire just like Barby-Q'd, and Hawk laughing and saying, "You got ruined, lad!". It seemed like it might actually happen.  When they arrived at the arena, Ravgor got into his fighting possition.  His intimidation was doubled.  The Sarge was ready, too.  All that was left to do was wait.  The bell was about to ring.  Three...Two...One!  And the match came to a start.  Ravgor performed an uppercut on Sarge.  Shane closed his eyes and crossed his fingers.  "No, no, no, no", he repeated in his head.  But then something miracuosly happened.  Nothing.  The Sarge stood straight and didn't burst into a hellish inferno.  Shane laughed hysterically in relief.  "Oh yeah, I forgot about that!" He said remembering Sarge's extreme armor.  Suddenly regaining his control Shane, getting a little carried away yelled into the crowd, "DAVID VERSUS GOLIATH, WOOOHH YEAHH!!"  Tripping Rvagor who immediatle got up and performed his signature move "Spin-fist "  Now both damaged The two 'bots then stared at eachother kicking eachother's shins.  Shane who was too busy boasting to the crowd to notice anything.  The two 'bots fell backwards and it ended in a draw.  Shane didn't notice this, either.  "IMA GONNA BEAT THIS SUM-GUN TILL HE DEAD", He shouted, "WOOHOO!!"  Someone in the crowd then yelled out "Hey buddy look behind you".  Shane did this and found both 'bots on the floor, critically damged.  "Oh", Shane sighed as he walked over to Fawk.  "I guess you won, then"  Fawk replied, "No, actually no one won, it was a draw"  "Haha, better then my robot being nuked", Shane joked.  "What?", Fawk asked.  "Nothin'", Shane said quickly.  So they both shook hands and went their seperate ways.  

qChampionship and Present

  While advancing through the WRB, Sarge eventually got up to level with Twin Cities.  While fighting the Tower of Power, Sarge's left arm was broken off.  Twin cities then finished him off with a Temple Punch Combo, the Sarge was completely incapacitated.  Falling to the ground with a loud thump, Sarge had been horrifically defeated.  Repaired a week later by Shane,  The Sarge now fights freely in the WRB, every tournament.  But he does occasionally go into underworld matches for exhibitions.


Sarge's WRB logo.


A version of The Sarge exists on Xbox, But with minor differences including a Flat-Top head instead of Helmet.

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