The SL-2 mystery is a troubling event that concerns the disappearance of Kaitoa and the recent robot rampages, one of them being known to authorities as The R0-t incident.

There are many theories on what happened to Kaitoa, a boxing robot that was built for power. Some suspect that this is the start of robot kidnappings and that robot boxing would be an illegal sport if they continue. Others suspect that the Anti-Robot boxing association has been responsible.


Kaitoa is a very powerful boxing robot, with high stats and good armor and a lethal set of combos he can use. When the SL-2 mystery occured, the some people started to worry. If he was kidnapped, that could mean that humanity will be up against robots.

Thousands of people started to propose the end of the world to world governors, but no one believed them. Little did they know that even robots that weren't kidnapped could indirectly be a danger. Hence the R0-t incident.

Headlines (Add your own here!)

"Boxing robot becomes king of the ring by scaring off people, 4 dead, 10 injured" -Boxing daily

"Is this the end of the sport? Gambit kills 5 people in horrendous rampage" -City prophet

"Raging robot sets fire to an underworld match. 5 dead, 20 survivors, 12 injured" -New York times

"Underworld robot causes great rile up, 2 killed" -Unknown newspaper

"Kaitoa Robot-napped! Rampages by robots follow"- the Golden Phoenix

"Ragnorak goes wild! 2 killed, high property damage" -The underworld tattler

"Bluebot and Metro kill 9 people. Hijack or attempt at murder?" -Unknown newspaper

"Rampages by robots give rise to trouble, hijacked boxing robot destroyed by authorities" -???

"Blacktop Murders Owner! 5 dead, 2 wounded!" -Honolulu Star Advertiser

"Increased robo-boxing tax!" -South China Morning Post

"A Savarage copy went wild! 10 dead, including John, 1 wounded, Jack!" Vitenoxi News

"Noisemaker goes berserk during repair, owner and two mechanics injured" BOT Magazine

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