The R0-t incident is a devastating event that has made the boxing robot Ragnarok more dangerous than ever. It was also one of the very first robot incidents that occurred in the year 2020, and the first ever to happen.


The R0-t incident traumatized many, if not all, robot boxing fans. Ragnarok was up against Six Shooter, and Janise used overdrive to try and beat him down since Ragnarok was taking too much damage. However, her finger slipped and accidentally set overdrive to one full hour.

Ragnorak went downtown with Six Shooter, but even after he was down, he was smashing Six Shooter to pieces. Then things went really crazy and Ragnorak started smashing the entire arena. Overdrive had taken over the main processor of Ragnorak and he was now on a rampage.

Ragnorak was running through the streets like a madman, and nothing could stop him. Cars were smashed, Trucks were exploded, heck, Ragnorak even ran into a building!


While there were no serious injuries, Janise had been hit in the face by the shrapnel the metal beast created, causing her to suffer large bruises, as well as have a concussion. Luckily, no lasting damage has been done.

But in question, 2 people died in the incident, but authorities are pretty sure they fainted. Ragnorak was shut down and put into probation for 3 weeks. The boxing robot hasn't been heard from since, but he was back to normal after Janise removed the time feature and kept it locked onto 10 seconds.

Quotes from witnesses (Put your own quote here!)

"I didn't know what happened, he just lost control and started killing whatever he could see" -Janise Keri

"Deez Nutz. Ha! Got em" -Brady C. Olson

"What? You're saying that robot did all of this? See! More reasons not to use boxing robots!" -Anti-Robot Boxing Association

"Ragnarok creamed sixshooter, but after that, he started to grab the disabled bot and throw it around the place. I'm telling you, that bot is scary." -Random civilian

"We have sent orders to Janise Keri, owner of Ragnarok, to disable Ragnarok for 3 whole weeks. Repairs will be made and Sixshooter will be taken in for upgrades and repairs. Also, Janise will pay for all of it even though I'm a frigging billionaire. Ha!" -President Donald Trump

"I swear, the incident is a sign of the end of the world! REPENT MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! I am not insane! The end is NIGH!! THE END I- (Police have dropped this random guy and sent him into an asylum, due to insanity)" -Stupid phillosopher

"The thing went kabonger and just bonked the heck out of the cars and the cowboy robot dude thingy. It was totally rad dude. Yeah!" -Weird Surfer Dude/Nerd Idiot Dude

"Ragnorak went crazy. Made me somewhat scared of the upcoming fight we're having." -Raymond Santiago

"May God bless all those who died. It was unfortunate." - Yu Bleu

"And I thought Ragnorak was a rag..." - Six Shooter owner

''This incident shows an example of robots who need limitations.'' - Jessie Kelaworth. Quote recovered from archives.

”I didn’t hate Ragnorak because he destroyed my car. Heck no, he destroyed my potato.” -Jack Norman’s Friend

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