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Hamansee is a Mexican Hustler Robot. Hamansee has been pieced together by the robots who challenged Rapye. They used recyclable robot parts to build the robot. Catch this robot before another robot defeats Hamansee.

Are you ready for the Hustler Showdown? If you win, you receive Hamansee.

WARNING! Hustler robots are built to be fast and furious. They are very fast and has excellent protective armor, however, they can be weak. Some of them has ranged weapons (like perfect quality dia-titanium and gold darts that can damage robots), while some of them has very long range.

Yarox (Level 50)

Armor: 213/250

Power: 196/250

Speed: 234/250

Weapon: A revolver that shoots silver darts

Maracco (Level 50)

Armor: 241/250

Power: 201/250

Speed: 218/250

Weapon: A pistol that shoots gold tacks

Karowe (Level 48)

Armor: MAX

Power: 213/250

Speed: 223/250

Weapon: A silver baton

Tarudas (Level 47)

Armor: 243/250

Power: 220/250

Speed: 246/250

Weapon: 7 Shot Promise Diamond Pushpin Shotgun

Raraces (Level 30)

Armor: MAX

Power: 230/250

Speed: 248/250

Weapon: 4 Shot Strongbone Gold Dart pistol

Stan (Level 30)

Armor: MAX

Power: 245/250

Speed: MAX

Ability: Dual Diamond Batons

Hamansee (Level 25)

Armor: MAX

Power: MAX

Speed: MAX

Ability: Dual 30 Shot Ranger Diamond Tack shooter

Ultimate Promo (Time to test your skills!)

Win the Ultimate Promo to get new, powerful robots! Robot rotation every two months.

This Yuletide's special robot is Sleighmaster.

Sleighmaster is a powerful Yuletide robot, with his special move distracting other opponent(s)'s power!

Luckily, Sleighmaster is up for grabs. But, not one Sleighmaster will be given away. We were able to produce three production models of the Sleighmaster itself! Get it before it slides back to the North!

Skills Test

  1. Get your robot kitted up. Purchase any copychip from anyone.
  2. Let us first test your skills! With your newly bought copychip, defeat an Underworld robot with a copied move.
  3. Add some more durability. Increase the armor of your robot without decreasing 10% of its speed.
  4. Let us see if you are consistent enough. Win three fights in a row, WRB robots only.
  5. Test your robot's might. Defeat Zeus once again.
  6. Spar with your prize. An occurrence of your robot and Sleighmaster should happen.
  7. Buy, and try! Purchase a cheap move from here (Target Acquired Combo; you may have to ask me first about it), and rip off a robot using it.
  8. Get familiar with the snow. Sleighmaster will be given to you for one match. Use this match to get familiar with your (hopefully) prize.
  9. The Final Match-Up. Defeat Sleighmaster (stronger).

Completing all these will give you one out of three Sleighmasters!

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