The Omegas is a robot made by a user with the BYOR feature in Real Steel iOS game. He has a mere 1 armor point, has Zeus's arms, Blac Jac's torso, Noisy Boy Gold's and Zeus's legs, and Zeus's head.

Type: Stone Wall Level 13 (unique)

Generation: G3

Status: Repairing

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Signature Move: The Charlie Special (salvaged from atom)

Unique Feature: Very Fast Punches

Info: He is a robot that can easily beat weak bots, such as Shogun, Metro etc. Due to the fact he can easily beat Zeus, he is the new champion of the robots. He is a powerful fighter due to the fact he can beat Zeus easily. He is the second robot to have beaten Zeus, the first being Atom. His unique feature (very fast punches) is deadly because his hits are like Six Shooter's, and has high reach.

Notes: his owner is Laserman the creator of the Omegas V2

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