Today's Fights


Ambush 2.0 VS Denster-----> Ambush 2.0 VS Ravagor------->Ambush 2.0 VS Gunslinger------->Ambush 2.0 vs Thanatos-------> FINALS---->1st!!!


Ravagor VS The Sarge------> Ravagor VS Ambush 2.0-------> X


Bladeface VS Gunslinger------> Gunslinger VS Cyclone----------> Gunslinger VS Ambush 2.0---------> X


Primal VS Cyclone-------> Cyclone VS Gunslinger ---------> X


The Axe VS Brainstorm-------> The Axe VS War Path----------> X


War Path VS Copybot-------> War Path VS The Axe---------> War Path VS Thanatos-----------> X


Thanatos VS Demon-------> Thanatos VS Minerbot--------> Thanatos VS War Path---------> Thanatos VS Ambush 2.0--------> 3rd/4th match---->3rd


Minerbot VS Union Jack-------> Minerbot VS Thanatos---------> X


Greatshark VS Steamer-Style------> Steamer-Style VS Overkill-------> X


Sparky VS Overkill--------> Overkill VS Steamer-Style----------> Overkill VS Smash---------> 3rd/4th match----4th


Steel VS Bandit-------> Bandit VS Smash----------> X


Smash------------------> Smash VS Bandit------> Smash VS OverKill-------> FINALS------>2nd


Season 2 in the future!


1st: The Steel Laurel: A laurel made from the pieces of the opponents that fell off during matches and 24K gold----->Ambush 2.0

2nd: The Trophy of Valor: A 18K trophy( EBot-sponsored) etched with names of the bots that were defeated------>Smash

3rd: The Destroyer's Medal: A 14K medal etched with the EBot emblem on the back and a engraving of the robot on front--------->Thanatos

Top 6:The Program: A programming chip of the move"The Ultra Cluster" that can be programmed into your bot.

> Ambush 2.0, Smash, Thanatos, Overkill, Gunslinger, Bandit

Popularity: Statue of the Superstar: A 2:1 size marble bust of the robot's head----------> BLADEFACE!

Participation Award: Token of Courage: A token of iron with the EBot emblem and the TOKC emblem, with the name of the robot etched in the back.

Grudge Match 1st: The Demolisher's Wreath: A wreath similar to the Steel Laurel but with less pure gold, and more pieces of bots. It is also emblazoned with the robot's appearance.

Grudge Match 2nd&3rd: The Cross of the Nobles: A 18K gold cross with the robot engraved on the center

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