Hello to everyone! The name's Spyral, a newbie here, hehe.

Anyways, this is just a little "outline" I did about my Fanfictions. This pretty much explains the characters in the fanfics, both protagonists and antagonists.

Tell me what you think about it! =P


In these fan fictions, Atom and friends live in their own little world, full to the brim of...robots, with their own stories and their own personalities. The robots can talk and act like people, but that doesn't mean they don't box. At times they enter a ring, making both friends...and enemies.

These Fanfictions simply tell mixed comical stories featuring Atom, Zeus, Twin Cities, Noisy Boy, Midas, Metro, Blac Jac, Danger Zone and more!




The Junkyard Bot, and the main protagonist of these stories. He is very outgoing, hyper and curious...albeit these traits often lead him into trouble. He is good friends with few robots, and loves to dance once in a while.


The King of the Robots, and a major deurotagonist. He tends to be very solemn and rarely shows any humour, believing that not all things are jokes. He is irritated when others annoy him frequently (Twin Cities is infamous for this), and he isn't typically fond of Atom since Zeus finds him as a pain in the rear, but in the end, they are both great partners.

Twin Cities

The Two Headed Tower of Power. If one annoying person can't be irritating enough, imagine two simultaneously. Unfortunately, that is what Twin Cities is: a duet of non-stop chattering, bickering and...insanity. Although he is prone to ruin other robot's chassis, his inner morale is rather positive. He will never leave any of his allies in the dust, and will be willing to aid them until he loses both his heads.

Noisy Boy

The Manga Mangler. Despite his name, he is fairly quiet when he talks. He has completely devoted himself to a code, believing that there is honour in everything. He is gentle, calm, patient, and slow to anger. He can be vital as he gives out useful tips and advice to other bots, like Atom. His rivalry with Midas hasn't ceased ever since, but even then, the two are friendly in a way.


Frankenstein's Monster of the Ring. Simply put, this robot, without a doubt, is not...the brightest. Yes, he tends to be idiotic here and there, often making choices of stupidity. He barely has any knowledge to the point his IQ would presumably be 70% out of 100%. Sometimes he can be stubborn and impatient as well. It is unknown what his political motivation to be on the good side is. Despite this, he can prove to be a valuable asset. His versatility in terms of weaponry and body parts can give him the upper hand in combat, and as stupid as he may be, he is a professional in boxing. No one would want their foot to get caught by Metro's.


The Gold Blooded Killer. Midas can be extremely cocky, often showing how shiny and gold his body is, and how many heads he has ripped off. He claims his best feat was ripping Noisy Boy's arm and head off clean, and he even goes far enough to rub it into Noisy Boy's face. Nevertheless, he can be quite a deadly piece of shiny machinery, so having a powerhouse of pain on the heroes' side can prove as an advantage...unless, of course, they get him irritated.


The Comic Book Crusher. His comportment is of a "Wild-West" style. He has always dreamed of being a bull wrangler, even though he knows he is a boxing mech. But even then he does challenge some red-crazed animals. He has proven to strangle over 50 bulls of different types, and reads comic books as a hobby. His tactics of ambushing enemies are ingenious, hence his name.

Six Shooter

Like Ambush, there is a taste of "cowboy" in his tone, but slightly more Mexican. He loves tipping his hat and showing off his "big guns". Six Shooter can do a barrage of hooks and jabs against his opponents, almost as fast as revolvers firing on all cylinders. He can be a rather slick and sly bot, often tricking others into doing things.

Black Top

The Bot Out of Hell. Despite being considered an ally, he can also be considered as a walking time bomb of rage. He is arrogant and aggressive. Do something minor like teasing him, and seconds later he will strike you down silly. Every time he does flare up, his fists are set ablaze, making him torch almost anything he touches, and couple that with the tendency to attack all over the place out of anger, then...he may not be quite a useful ally after all.

Axel Rod

The Wheel Spinning Fist Fighter. This guy is generally happy and eager to share many things about France, from the ingredients of croissants to the heart of the French Revolution. Sometimes he regrets the fact he has rather short arms, but that doesn't stop him from being a professional boxing automaton. Of all robots, he talks to Atom, Blue Bot, Aqua Bot and Noisy Boy the most, although at times he talks behind Black Top's back, wondering why he "always throws a fit every second or two".

Blue Bot

The Electric Blue Brawler. Unlike most robots, his profession is kick boxing, which means not only does he use his fists, but he is allowed to use his legs as well, and man is he exemplary at doing so. He has a Brazilian accent, and loves beaches and islands, particularly Hawaii. He can be quite a chatterbox, but he isn't much of a nuisance as Twin Cities or Midas. He is best friends with Aqua Bot.

Aqua Bot

The Diver Bot from the Deep. He has claimed that he did indeed go underwater as the first scuba diving mech, but most of his friends are not sure if that is true or not. Unlike his best friend, Blue Bot, he isn't very talkative, and when he does speak, it's somewhat drowned out by his scuba "helmet" he has.


The Bronze Body Builder Bot. As his name implies, he loves working out from time to time, hence the fact his body is well built and shiny. He loves it so much that he brags about how many times he bench presses, and sometimes gets carried away by comparing himself to others, physically. Nonetheless, he does have a soft spot for sad moments, despite being a rather menacing bot.


The Green Mean Machine, If you combine the Soldier from Team Fortress 2 with a military-themed automaton, you get Sarge. This pal is obsessed with war. He is bossy and a pushover, treating his friends like soldiers, while he is the sergeant. His mindset is completely believing that the only way to "train" his buddies is by doing military exercises. At times he would discuss about all the wars he has been through, from World War I to the Cold War. Of course, it isn't real, and others suppose he needs medical attention.


The Great White Hope. This guy can be rather scared of certain things. It is no wonder how he has the most phobias than any other robot. He can't take on someone who looks 3x as intimidating as he is, even someone who is a couple feet taller than him. He is also afraid that since his arms are short, he can't hit anyone properly. He is also afraid of thinking that he was a freak accident, hence why his neck is..."unique". Yet through all of this, compeers like Atom and Noisy Boy tend to calm him down easily.


The Queen of Carnage. She is one of the two well known female robots (the other being Violette). Her attitude is extremely enthusiastic, much like a mix of a cheerleader and a popular teenaged girl. She tends to trash-talk and irritate other robots as a variant of psychological warfare, and as a result it works significantly. She is incredibly acrobatic when it comes to combat situations. Her flexible skill in both punching and kicking can prove quite efficient. Atom apparently has a crush on her, and secretly she admires him too. At first they were both enemies once they met, but after that their relationship with each other slowly expanded positively.


The Princess of Pain. Unlike the rowdy Scarlette, Violette is the more calm and cool operative. She acts more sophisticated than Scarlette, but that doesn't mean she is not a voracious fighter. She can be incredibly fast and cunning, and her ballet-like fighting style is almost similar to Scarlettes. In terms of relationships, she and Zeus are considered to be best the point they might even be more than friends, but so far it cannot be seen like that as of yet...


The Football Giant. We can tell that he is a major gridiron nutcase, much like Tackle. He tends to shoulder charge, head butt and ram opponents in his way. He is astoundingly resilient to most attacks, thanks to his fine armour. He loves to talk about football and the annual Super Bowls. He and Tackle are best friends, and possibly friendly rivals to a degree.


Much like Touchdown, Tackle is a football junkie. Instead of preferring to be a walking battering ram, however, he is more of the typical kick boxer/boxer. He thinks that he is more futuristic compared to Touchdown, yet they both nearly have similar get-ups and the same Uranium Cores. He is friends with Touchdown, and somewhat friendly rivals.


Excavator loves to dig things. Big things, small things, living things, it doesn't exactly matter to him. As long as he has this precious excavators for hands, he would be happy enough to dig for treasure...and maybe dig the graves for any dastardly villain too.

Royal Camelot

The Realm Protector, heir to the Power Pounder throne. Camelot, like Noisy Boy, abides in the code of loyalty and valour. He proves to be a very trustworthy companion, like a pet dog a human owns. Even if it costed his life, he would undoubtedly do any objective given to long as it is for the greater good. En Garde!

Fat Boy

As chubby as one can get, Fat Boy is quite the aptly named individual. Despite his proportionate belly, it does prove it's beneficial uses, specifically for squashing baddies into pancakes. So long as his methods are working, then that's what matters...but please, remember to help him refrain from too much junk food.


Danger Zone

The World War II Fighter. Long story short, he is pretty much are more antagonistic version of Sarge, all crazed about war and wanting to fly a Van Zeppelin airship.

Blac Jac

The Casino Bot with an Amazing Hand. This guy loves to gamble, and is preeminent at doing so. He can prove to be rather untrustworthy, and would do anything to get his hands on riches...even ditch his allies.


The Ice Cool Mechanical Mountain. His exterior and interior are both cold, as his name implies. He rarely shows any sign of emotion, only acting so much of a true machine. Even when it comes to ripping off enemy heads, he doesn't show any remorse or a feeling of victory.

Bio War

The Meltdown Menace. He adores chemicals, simple as that. He also is crazy about shiny and clean things, and would want to make them ruined and spoiled. Unfortunately, there are good guys that prevent him from making a case of trophies into burnt piles of liquid gold. He has an asymmetrical assembly, having a rotating "cannon arm", and his energy core on his "backpack".

Crimson Carnage

The Doom Machine. This monstrosity is absolutely ruthless in combat scenarios. His brass knuckle left hand and spinning mace right hand make him a deadly foe. He merely shows no mercy for the weak, often grinding enemies' heads off with his rotating mace. He favours steampunk items and trains.


The Jack of All Terrors. Like Blac Jac, Gambit is an expert at gambling. He knows almost every casino, and his most favourite place is Las Vegas. He and Blac Jac are considered to be "partners in crime". Unlike him, however, Gambit is more of a "pumped-up" type of person, sometimes acting ecstatic and excited in both gambling and boxing.


The Wheeler Driller. Nitro is horridly obsessed with gyro rotating fists, and has always dreamed of decimating other bots with his own fists. And thus he decided to have drill hands. He is extremely hyper and loves to show-off to everyone about how cool and unique he thinks he is.

Hollow Jack

The Halloween Horror. This is pretty much a robot's nightmare come true. His freaky head, spike ball hands, gauntlets and pauldrons make him quite a menacing machine indeed. He is without a doubt insane, and loves to rip all the body parts of every good robot there is...with the help of his evil friends, of course.


The Apex Predator. This monster shows absolute cruelty and hatred against most mechs, his horns and unique hands make him extremely deadly. He has no sense of honour, and is extremely impatient and greedy for power and more power. He thinks most robots are more inferior than he is.

Cardinal Chaos

The Agent of Anarchy. He believes the population of machines is getting out of hand, and that the amount of chaos each bot has makes it all the while more troubling. His only solution is that of annihilation. He is similar to Noisy Boy in terms of appearance, albeit more dark and blue and with glowing eyes. Speaking of Noisy Boy, the two consider each other bitter enemies.

Block Buster

Bringing Down the Barrage Mech. His only desire is crush scrap metal (a.k.a robots who are stupid and weak), and what better thing to mince and mash than Atom and his confidantes? His fists resemble missiles, and even then they do pack quite a punch against any form of alloy, whether strong or not.


The Unholy Annihilator. Much to a friendly robot's dismay, this particular one is nearly untameable. The mentality of this being is horrendously animalistic, needless to say. What makes him a uniquely powerful foe is the fact he has four arms, doubling the usual damage inflicted on a bot...not to mention double the repair value of the said bot. Out of everyone else, he also has an actual moving mouth, with an actual voice (he even roars!).


The Fright Knight. Similar to Hollow Jack, DreadLord's theme is of Halloween. Not only does his appearance look horrifying, but he also is capable of wielding a flaming scythe, which has quite more slashing, stabbing power than your everyday megaton fists. Be wary of this pal; he can make your bones rattle...literally.


As if a scythe-wielding maniac wasn't bad enough, wait until you hear about the guy who has a scorpion stinger for a tail! Scorpion is, without a doubt, much like the feared scorpion animal (not Skorpion!). His fists aren't much, but the tail itself can puncture and slash robots with deadly force. Oh, and don't get started with how he rips their heads off with his tail...


The Brutal Terminator. Now who on earth contacted the prehistoric zoo? Tri-Gore is possibly one of the biggest and baddest of the villainous bunch. He undoubtedly resembles that of the child-favourite Triceratops dinosaur, having the sheer, raw power and defence of one...not to mention the limited intellect.

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