The Illusion Of Living is one of the oldest robot blueprints. It was found at a destroyed WRB Facility. There appears to be evidence of at least 10 pages of these prints, but they were never found.


Since the earthquake of 2024 (When Janise was chosen as a wild card fighter), the Los Angeles WRB stadium collapsed mid-match. Zeus was fighting Atom for another shot at the title, when the stadium began to shake. Tak and Charlie momentarily stopped the fight after a second vibration. The entire place caved in on itself as Atom and Zeus Ran for the hills. The ring was crushed first, then the audience seats.

By the time the last person dug their way out, the entire stadium caved in. Despite the earthquake being a 7.6 on the Richter scale, the age of the WRB stadium caused it to turn to dust.

Search teams were sent to the ruin in order to find any bots trapped underneath. Vortex's explosive fists knocked away a huge piece of wall, revealing 4 pages, hanging on to a piece of steel. Another member unearthed 3 more pages. By now, 7 pieces of paper were recovered, each in different texts. The Illusion Of Living was revealed.

1st Page: Hovedleder

On this page, a robot whose head looks like a cup is standing in T-pose. The top is sealed with a lid, with the message (Emergency Hydraulic Refill). The right arm is heavily armoured, while the left arm appears to be a little sleeker. The chest doesn't appear to be very visible, as something black is leaking out of the robot's lid. The legs look like Midas's, except for the tape saying: Caution, Extreme heat). The inscription of the top right corner reads Hovedleder.

The second image shows 2 right arms, prototypes. One of them looked scrapped, while the second prototype looked a lot like a hammer. Some really fancy mathematical terms that would keep Jaime busy for a long time are etched on the back.

2nd Page: Piper

The robot is faded out so bad you can only see a slightly disfigured head. The Norse text translates into: Piper, a lethal monster in the ring. His huge left arm can spring 2x that of Zeus's reach. He will make for a very good fighter in the WRB.

3rd Page: Searcher

There is a image of a huge black robot. It's back is hunched over and its eyes are burning red, even through the faded image. There is a ridiculous amount of black smoke escaping from all of its joints. Its arms lengths are above average, making it look like a big ape.

On the side is the translation. "Searcher" in big bold words. "Special Feature: Coal Furnace" ?! It seems it's so old that it still uses solid coal...

4th Page: Watcher

The image shows a robot with three legs spread in a spider like fashion. It only has one eye and it like it's armor is average.

The text is slightly faded, you can make out "Ret acta le f ot s ik s" The mathematic equations seems familliar, maybe Shawn Shucks could work it out....

5th Page: Projectionist

Still Translating

6th Page: Incarnate

Still Translating

7th Page: Daveru

Translated, but trying to unfade and restore the text.

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