Name: Enforcer

Title: None

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Brawler

Status: Online


Enforcer is the mini-boss from Region 1 in the Real Steel Champions game. He's the penultimate Region 1 opponent before Noisy Boy. His head and body are from Hot Rod's parts, while his arms and legs are Noisy Boy's. Since he's a Region 1 robot, all his parts are on their base form, also called Bronze Grade since the Part Categories update was introduced.

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing Enforcer!"


Health: 1350

Attack: 125

Critical: 15

RNG-1: 177

Boost: Double Damage


Enforcer is probably one of the most human looking robots in all the Real Steel games franchise along with Zeus, Cosmobot, Ambush and Gridlock. He´s mostly painted in a dark gray color with yellow lemon as the body and accent color. He has Hot Rod's head and torso, and Noisy Boy's arms and legs. All of his parts are on their Bronze Grade since he's a Region 1 robot. Also, according to Max's words, he fights in the Crash Palace, so he's probably the underchampion there, right below Noisy Boy. He has some NO2 containers-looking designs around his waist and flames that go from his upper abdomen to his middle chest.


Enforcer 004

Head: Hot Rod (Bronze Grade)

Torso: Hot Rod (Bronze Grade)

Right Arm: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade)

Left Arm: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade)

Right Leg: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade)

Left Leg: Noisy Boy (Bronze Grade)


Enforcer 006

Intro: Six Shooter

Heavy Attacks: Stock H1, Knuckle Slash, Gut Cruncher, Stock H4

Special Move: Rev Hook

Finisher: Six Shooter

Win: Gridlock


  • If the player is new, Enforcer may seem hard to defeat.
  • If the player has experience, Enforcer isn't hard to beat.
  • His paint loos different depending on the device you're playing in. Sometimes he looks green and some others he looks yellow.
  • He's one of the easiest robots to recreate from the Story Mode.
  • The player must be careful to not let Enforcer corner him. If he does, the player will most likely lose the fight.
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