Welcome To The Cyberbridge!

As you walk in you either hear The Scatman, Chop Suey! by SOAD, or Thriller by Michael Jackson, maybe even These Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring. This is my store, The Cyberbridge, I house an ever-expanding roster of parts, that's why it's called "The Cyberbridge," You would've only known about Stevenson, Viktor, maybe even Harvard but I shall introduce you to such more, Envique, Rao, Olveich. you are open to everything here


Everything you See

The Store

This store has a plethora of brands, this roster increases every day, this roster stretches from all across the globe, these include...

Hisloanic: Cheap exoskeletons that'll hold your bot together, straight from the USA

Cryptovich: Hardened in the forges of Bulgaria these guys are up to no good

Kraus: Hardware, software, all kinds of ware! stretching all the way from Ukraine

Vesper: The canadian business with a bloodlust for efficiency

Zelikow: The younger brother of Viktor, developing rather big chunks of robots than parts

Bruckner: The australian heavy lifters, planning to deal as much damage as possible

Rao: Hailing from Japan with a slur of cheap decor for your bot

Zahra: The blade maniacs hailing from egypt

Baphozel: The Polish armory with a dark twist

Olveich: The german gasheads, oil is there so you're gonna use it

Envique; The french luxury brand with a taste for value

Harvard: A simple equation, Harnessing the power of raw energy + robots = Big Bucks

Stevenson: The OG american brand home to the whole robot Ambush

Sanchobotner: The scandinavian pyromancers... so cold... so.. cold...

Fedourino: The Scottish family that turns water into ice

Poseidon: Artificers straight from the american navy, crafting all things oceanic

Ralspeith: The Kazakhstani dragons boasting their tools in pure flame

Forresteine: Mexican mechanics with a monstrous trigger finger

Younis: the Irish farmers of air, to make wind a weapon

Istvan: The German Brand Hardwired to Hardwire

Xantal: The Korean nuke heads bombing the game

Aapuvar: The british business as light as a feather

Mastro: the German steamy punks made of steampunk

Viktor: The superior business to all other ones...

More are always being added!

If you want a specific part you'll have to ask for it, and I'll give you what I got because ngl the google doc I'm using is 16+ pages XD

Wait... There's an Actual Bridge?

There's an actual bridge, this bridge allows me to get all of my resources, these new businesses cross the bridge, or they come in on the boat docks and airships connected to the bridge, and they filter out towards the rest of the country, of course a big border is... me, that's how I earn parts, you can too cross the bridge and go to other businesses for the highest quality parts there

Ain't no rest for the Wicked

of course i do side businesses too, these are...

  • Deconstructing bots to their parts
  • Buying scrapped robots
  • assembling cheap robots
  • preparation before crossing the bridge

these all have their pricetags, potentially more expensive than parts

Crossing the Bridge

The bridge is absolutely huge and also very euphoric, it can be overwhelming too, so we have a little shack so you can holster you're stuff together, to cross, that also has a tax with is so might as well buy you're stuff here

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