Name: Creepy Hollow

Title: The Midnight Killer

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Status: Online



Creepy Hollow Was created by Christopher Kasady, a wealthy and genius man who graduated from MIT when he was 15. His assembly is based on Hollow Jack's Stage 3 parts and also Dark Fiend. He has a hydrogen fusion core in the middle of his chest, which makes him extremely efficient and allows him to VERY RARELY tire out, and also means he uses completely clean energy. He has fought all over the Underworld and sometimes even in the WRB when he's invited to special events. He has a rather dirty/street fighting style, which makes him a lethal opponent. Despite being extremely armored, his speed and swiftness are not hindered. Christopher is figuring out a way to make Creepy symmetrical, since he thinks that some time in the future, his asymmetrical assembly could be an impedance and even a problem against next generation rivals. Currently he has a 22-0 career and is expected to keep on with an unbeaten streak for a few years more. Not to be confused with Creepy Hollow.

Announcer's Quote: "The Midnight Killer! Here's Creepy Hollow!"


Armor: 60/100

Power: 100/100

Speed: 70/100


Creepy Hollow 001

Origin: USA

Ability: Vampire Health

Weight: 350 kg

Height: 2.50 meters

Feature: Hydrogen Fusion Core

Special Moves:

1.- Jumpscare (Original)

2.- Super Jumpscare (Original)

3.- Ultra Jumpscare (Original)


Creepy Hollow 002

Creepy Hollow is essentially a combination between Stage 3 Hollow Jack and Dark Fiend. He has very sharp blades on his head, right shoulder, forearm and fist, and left shin; these blades are lit up in a blue glowing light, which is actually cold plasma, exponentially increasing the damage he deals. His left fist is more of a mace, similar to Dark Fiend's, covered in spikes to also increase the damage. He is painted in midnight blue and silver with cyan lights and trimmings. He has a pretty street/dirty fighting style, since he's, indeed, an Underworld warrior. This is not problem for Christopher when he fights in the WRB, though; the events organizers always let him keep his dirty fight style in order to entertain the public as much as possible when they invite him. Creepy also has the skeleton-like pattern on his abdomen, just like Dark Fiend, and even the hump-like armor on his upper back. He has not fought any relevant bots in the WRB besides Crimson Carnage and Zeus, whom he defeated. He hasn't even fought Hollow War or Gaby, at least not yet, but it's quite likely to happen.


Creepy Hollow 003

Head: Hollow Jack

Torso: Dark Fiend

Right Arm: Hollow Jack

Left Arm: Dark Fiend

Right Leg: Dark Fiend

Left Leg: Hollow Jack


Creepy Hollow 004

Intro: Crimson Carnage

Moves: SP1: Hollow Jack, SP2: Dark Fiend, Jab Combo: Fiend, Cross Combo: Hollow Jack

Finisher: Crimson Carnage

Win: Crimson Carnage


  • He looks pretty similar to Hollow War.
  • He has the same name of the arena that Hollow Jack comes with.
  • Artie Bakker hates the WRB, and Chris is not the biggest fan of it either, but he never rejects an invitation.
  • He has faced Underworld bots like Midas, Six Shooter, Blockbuster, Blacktop, Hollow Jack and Metro, having defeated them all.
  • His current goal is to not just defeat Atom, but to DESTROY him too.
  • Despite being extremely armored, his speed and swiftness are not hindered.
  • His hydrogen fusion core makes him extremely efficient and fast, allowing him to generate enough power to fight for several hours straight without overheating and running out of power, but also allowing him not to overcharge.
  • Despite being allowed to use his dirty moves in the WRB, Christopher tries to fight clean from time to time.
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