Name: The Axe

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Intro:"The destroyer from the underworld. Back to crush metal. Here comes The Axe.

Special Moves/RipOffs

Supreme headlock: a move so horrible it destroys the head in 8 blows.

Ultra headbutt: a move where my robot hits the opponents head off in 2 times.

Arm sandwich: a move where my robot rips the opponents arm off in 9 times.

Leg sandwich: A move where my robot kicks the opponents leg off in 8 times.

Ultra punch combo: its a left right left uppercut uppercut uppercut hook hook hook.

Hook uppercut combo: 2 hooks and 2 uppercuts.

Ultra ducking uppercut combo: three powerful uppercuts that will destroy the head in three blows.

Sweep: a move where my robot spins seven times.

rip off: kick kick head head body head.


Axe head


Drill fis

Shogun arms

Stock Legs

Steel Body

Steel Faceplate

Ultra XXX power core and generator

Man of steel motherboard

Brawlnoleum max hydraulic fluid



Alex has been invited to the AOBC! He drove there, and found out he was fighting the Almighty Overkill...

So, The Axe charged towards Overkill, but Overkill uppercut him and slammed Axe down. Alex was now scared Axe would tremble before Overkill. Overkill Hooked Axe, but The Axe ducked and did a Hook Uppercut combo, destroying Overkill's Voice Transmitter. Shawn, Overkill's owner was terrified, and he quickly grabbed his old controller from hpis bag, and now he does an old G2 style battle. Shawn activated his weakness sensor, and it said 23% complete. Overkill was hanging on to Axe's attacks until a 3D hologram showing Axe appeared, and in the hologram, the axe's knees turned red and Overkill slammed his foot onto Axe's knees and Axe fell and lose. The crowd cheered for Overkill. Alex was dissapointed, then he went for touchdown.....

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