Noisyboy V.2 1 grand winner takes all

This page is for posting custom-bot fights, post anything you like!!


Post: Martian needs a worthy opponent. Only Lightning Bruisers. Winner takes all 100 grand.

I wish to fight Martian-SwordCubee

Request from Artie Bakker:Fight Midas if you want 9 grands!!


Post: Zeus wants to crush metal. The winner takes all of the 60 grand!!!!!!!!

Ok, Zeus can fight in a 2v1. (the 1 being whoever you want)

Post: Any people want to fight against zookeeper. The winner takes all of the 345550 bucks.

I wish to fight Zookeeper-SwordCubee

I wish to fight Zookeeper - Random guy out of absolutely nowhere

Request from James lighting: I need a partner for a match against Doomfire. Any takers?

To James Lightning, I would gladly help with Soul King.-Sword_Cubee

Request from Raymond Santiago: Fight with Volcano. Winner takes all, $45,000

To Raymond Santiago: Ambush 2.0 shall take you down

Dread vs rost please win -50000

lemme take bluebot with dread

No, I wanna fight bluebot.

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