Welcome to the Arch Troop. The leader is Blake Herman. This team is a menacing one, striking each robot then another. This is also a showcase of all of Tribound's robots.

The Arch Troop is back online! Feel free to join ThAT by completing the application by the contents below.


Global Robot Boxing League

Global Mech

Olympus Warriors


Enteng Coliseum (Public Arena)

The Immortal Ring (Arch Troop Practice Spot)


Say in the comments your Name. Then tell me your robots (at least one of them) then post.

Staff (The Tribound Troop)

Leader: Blake Herman

Co-Leader: Ford Hermam

Secretary: Stephen Willford

Treasurer: Daylon Phoenix

Messenger: Clober Antonillio

Main Fighters: Alex Strum, Rexen Aldemoro, Thomas Darius, Wayne Keys

Staff (Wikiwide Troop)

Leader: Tribound





Main Fighters: Raf Kent

The Team

  1. Denster (B. Herman)
  2. Reaper (F. Herman)
  3. Touchdown 2.0 (Willford)
  4. Ravage (Phoenix)
  5. Barnicle (Antonillio)
  6. Swatzeer (Strum)
  7. Sixshooter 2.0 (Aldemoro)
  8. Sniper (Darius)
  9. Earth (Kent)
  10. Cyclone (Kent)
  11. Chaotic (Keys)
  12. Busterjack (Keys)
  13. Steam Boy (Keys)
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