The Arcade's entrance

This is a fan made page made and owned by OrganizedChaos1 do not edit unless I ask

(It will take a long time to make)

This will be a lot like Crash Palace, I will make a whole lot of custom bots to make a league that anyone can fight. It will also have multiple stores which sell bots and parts which will change every month and a half.

there will be four leagues, they will act as leaderboards for registered bots. Your bot moves up a league after winning a certain amount of tournaments

to start write your bot's name, intro, and stats (as well as a link to its page) under all bots located at the bronze league. We will write a comment on your page when a tournament starts and also list the current amount of cores, a currency earned by competing, as well.

THe bronze league is the only league right now (Other leagues are not finished) the others will be set up when the tournaments start (Check here)


  • Owner: Axel ( OrganizedChaos1)
  • Co owner: EpicdudeX123
  • Tournament sponsors: ScrapX team, ____________ ___________
  • Tournameant managers:___________ ____________
  • Shop managers: Axel, ____________ _____________
  • Employees:________ __________ ___________



Shopkeeper: Is your bot covered in dents scrapes or system failures? Or do you think your bot needs a fresh coat of paint? Or your bots neon lighting is messed up? Well, this is the place to be.

  • Armor repair (one body part) $20.99
  • Hydrolic repair (one body part) $60.99
  • Electronic repair (one body part) $55.99
  • Full limb repair ( both arms or legs) 360.75 - value offer
  • System repair and neon lighting replacement (Whole body) 320.99
  • Paint job (Whole body) 30.99
  • Full package (All the above) 1050.99


Axel (OrganizedChaos1): Hi, win any cores during your fights? Redeem them here.

Core types (Rarity in least to greatest)

  1. Steel cores
  2. Fusion cores
  3. Nuclear cores
  4. Dark matter cores
  5. Seasonal cores (names vary)

robot parts

  • Dark matter actuators x2 (increases speed+10 and power+5) 100 dark matter cores
  • Dark matter Pistons x2 ( extremely powerful Pistons, increases power+15 strength+ 25 speed+ 25) 250 dark matter cores
  • V0id X1 motherboard ( intelligence +30 speed +10) 230 dark matter cores
  • dark aloy chassis ( a strong lightweight metal strength +20 speed +5 armor +25) 250 dark matter cores


  • Arcade standard (a highly responsive easy to use bot controller) 65 cores (any kind from steel to nuclear)
  • vocal r1 (a quick response, voice recognition controller) 80 cores (any kind from steel to nuclear)


  • R1 Arcade sparring bot (a gen 3 sparring bot with Arcade decals) price 600 cores (steel cores or fusion cores)


Strength: 60

Armor: 95

Power: 70

Speed: 70

Intelligence: 60

Mod: panic shield


Axel: hi this is where all the broken parts from robots that were destroyed in fights go

stock: nothing (yet)


Axel: Hi, welcome to my mod shop.(Basically robot steroids) Some tournaments in the arcade allow mods to be added to your bots before fights here are a list of mods that are ok to use. (only certain tournaments in the arcade allow these, not sure if any other place allows them; and only a max of two can be equipped at a time)

  • FINAL BREATH (when on 10% hp all attacks are 50% stronger) installation $250.99
  • CRITICAL COUNTER (when an opponnet lands 5 powerful attacks in succession a bot can instantly counter with special attack 2 min cool down) installation $600.99
  • PANIC SHIELD (when an opponent starts to overwhelm your bot this will neutralize all damage for 1 min max use 1 per round) installation $3500.99 ( sorry but its pretty strong)
  • BALISTIC FIST ( it makes your bots's next punch 3x as strong as usual but causes damage to self -25% hp 2 min cool down) installation $5800.99 ( It's really op)
  • BLOOD LUST (every 10 successful punches gain 10% hp) installation $6500.99 (its slightly broken)
  • more soon

Mini Junkyard Scraps

Johnny John Johnson: Hey everyone! Johnny here. I decided to make a mini shop here at The Arcade so people can also access my store here. Not everything from my shop is here, so you're going to have to go to my shop for everything. (Click here for my store!) Anything you buy here can be used in The Arcade, so feel free to get what you need.


Just some trash here. Some of the parts are from robots that were destroyed here.

This is going to be finished soon

Robots, platinum league

The Platinum League is the highest league in The Arcade. Only the best and most powerful robots are in this league.

Still in progress

Robots, gold league

The Gold League is a high-tier league of robots who have defeated The Arcade version of Midas.

Robots, silver league

The Silver League is a league where robots that have defeated

Robots, bronze/beginner league

this is where new bots will be listed from strongest to weakest (based on amounit of wins in arcade events)

  1. ___
  2. ___
  3. ___
  4. ___
  5. ___


If you want to enter, put you bot's name and stats below and when the tournaments start I will leave a comment on the page of your bot.

Arcade events

(not complete) The Arcade events the tournaments and other events will be held here

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