Hi! This is The Annual Overworld Boxing Championships! Every January, an Event will be held once every year. Your bot will get an Invitation. The victor is decided by votes. The type of tournament changes each year. The invitations will be on your message wall. If you do not accept the invitation before the match starts you earn a disqualification. Qualifiers and the bot creators of the matchup can vote. Vote ends a week after it's created.


Type: Knockout Tournament

Invited bots:

Ravagor The Bot Of Complete Destruction(Scauldy)

Bunker Buster The Unstable Automation(Skysteam)?

Ambush 2.0 The Golden Destroyer(Am No.1 Fan):D

Denster The Outblowing Menace(Tribby)

Overkill The Robot Executioner(Overkill)

Bladeface The Brutal Lumberjack(LLP)!

Shredder The Shred-o-Matic(NB)!

The Axe The Walking Axe(Alex)

Sparky The Canadian Sparkplug(Mg)!

Steel (Cars2Fans):(

Sarge The Drill Sergeant(Sean)

Thanatos God of Death(DarKSagE 4)

Oneway The One Headed Wonder(FK87)?

Zeus The King of Robots(RS Movie)!

Twin Cities The Two Headed Towers Of Power(RS Movie):(

Atom The Junkyard Bot(RS Movie)

Extra Bots (Join Later):

Doomfire (AWC)

Bandit (James Lightning)

Prize: $, AOBC Trophy, ticket to Spain ,Brazil, India, and Indonesia.


Week 1

Steel VS Sparky---> Sparky

Steel does a roundhouse but sparky does a temple punch combo..... Steel goes down. Steel does a roundhouse but sparky does a temple punch combo..... Steel goes down.

Ravagor VS Thanatos----> Tie!

Ravagor moved towards Thanatos. Thanatos did a Blinding Attack, damaging Ravagor. The attack scrambled Ravagor's systems, as he did not obey anything Mark mentions. Thanatos gets an upper hand. Ravagor finnaly responds all orders and attackes Thanatos like boss, and this scares even the great(not really) Tak Mashido. Mark taunts Keiichi and Uppercuts Thanatos. Thanatos goes down for 9 seconds, and wrestles Ravagor. Ravagor nukefists Thanatos and the round ends. The next 4 rounds are pointless to say out loud. The judges score 47-48, 48-47, 47-47. Tie.

Blade Face VS Atom------> Bladeface

The first till Fourth round was boring but during the fifth, Atom Finnaly Jacked the Charlie Special Twice. but, Bladeface stoon strong and abused Atom. Atom is at a corner, Bladeface pulled his arm backwards to perform the finisher, but Atom suddenly collapsed. Bladeface won!

Twin Cities VS Zeus-------> Zeus

Twin Cities stays back, but Zeus charged in and used Notorious Pistons. Zeus Punched TC's chest, completely penetrating it. For once an easy win for Zeus.

Ambush 2.0 VS Shredder---> Ambush

Ambush 2.0 slowly moved towards the Shred-O-matic. All of a sudden Shredder charged and put the Golden Destroyer on his butt. Am2.0 quickly got back on his feet and punched Shredder in the face. Shredder backed of and got a few more whacks. Lance shouted"I love your pancakes Ambush!' Shredder repiled Ambush 2.0 with Scenemaker. Ambush 2.0 almost went down, and used his new special-Blaster combo( Counter, Roundhouse, Uppercut, Two One Two, Jab, Slam). After the first round, the second, third and fourth round are boring and pretty pointless. Until the fifth round.......Shredder ducked a hook and slammed his fist into one of Am2.0's the shoulder hydlaulics, spraying fluid everywhere. Am2.0 sent a stunning uppercut to Shredder's head. Shredder delivered amd Triple Strike. Then,Shredder used Steel fist , sending Am2.0 staggering. However, Shredder was overenthusiastic during the mop-up and Shredder failed to duck from the left roundhouse, then kicked Ambush 2.0 into his corner. Before Ambush 2.0 could recover, Shredder surged forward smashed Am2.0's arm. Ambush layed a smackdown. Shredder got up and stunned Ambush 2.0 with a huge right, just as he was going to decap Bush's right arm the bell rung. The first judge said 68-67, judge two said 67-69, three said 65-66 and the winner, is----------Ambush, 2.0!!!

The Axe VS Overkill------------> Overkill

The Axe charged towards Overkill, but Overkill uppercut him and slammed Axe down. Alex was now scared Axe would tremble before Overkill. Overkill Hooked Axe, but The Axe ducked and did a Hook Uppercut combo, destroying Overkill's Voice Transmitter. Shawn, Overkill's owner was terrified, and he quickly grabbed his old controller from his bag, and now he does an old G2 style battle. Shawn activated his weakness sensor, and it said 23% complete. Overkill was hanging on to Axe's attacks until a 3D hologram showing Axe appeared, and in the hologram, the axe's knees turned red and Overkill slammed his foot onto Axe's knees and Axe collapsed.

Denster VS Sarge-------> Denster

So, the fight started. Sarge landed jabs onto Denster's chest. Denster lands a heavy blow and, turns on The Sterdrive!! Denster smashed Sarge into the ropes. Denster cornered Sarge and then he continuesly blows onto the head!

Sarge was able to land a Shremen Strike on Denster.Denter got stunned and Sarge put Denster down for 8 secs.Denster got up and placed a lot of very heavy blows into Sarge's chest! Then, Denster landed a CK Electric! Sarge repiles with lower, heavy puches into Denster. Just about Sarge is going to rip off Denster Denster grabbed Sarge's arm and rips off. Denster finishes off with a powerful head punch! Sarge fell and lost!

Oneway(?) VS Bunker Buster(?)------> both Disqualified!

Week 2

Shredder VS Thanatos---> Shredder

Both bots are weak and broken till the last round. Shredder's fluid is leaking out, Thanatos's paint are now nowhere to be seen. Shredder charged towards Thanatos, trying to end this once and for all. But Thanatos dodged then started vigorously punching the chest of Shredder, but that was the most well protected part. Shredder grabbed Thanatos's shoulder, and held him in place, while Shredder drove his knee into the stomach of Thanatos, leaving a rather nasty dent. Thanatos then shoved Shredder to the corner and used the Death Fist. Shredder then used Steel Fist to counter Death Fist. Result=Shredder with a very big dent+Thanatos can fly( out of the ring)

Ravagor VS Sarge----> Ravagor


Blade Face VS Zeus------> Bladeface

During the match Blade Face did a Blades of Hell. He head-butted Zeus' head with his axe head until Zeus' head was really loose.  Then Blade Face performed the Lumberjack Smack. Zeus's head went flying right into Tak Mashido, knocking him out cold(LOL). 

Ambush 2.0 VS Overkill---> Ambush

Ambush 2.0 and Overkill. Although both are highly trained and skilled, none can be lucky with dents and scatches. It seems that Overkill is pawning Ambush 2.0 all the time(by the scanner)."NO! If that guy keeps doing that I am going to lose!!!"John said to himself after the fourth round. Ambush looks like that he is being fighting three Zeuses at the same time and Overkill is barely getting a dent. The fifth round begun. Overkill scanned Ambush and found a weakness in the chest, and dented it hard. "Come on! I got to predict where he is going to hit and find his weakness before that guy does!!!" thought John. Then John saw the dent on his bot's chest, and predicted Overkill it going to hit there. Overkill is ready to punch but Ambush uppercut him first. Overkill raised his fist again, but Ambush used his Blaster Combo, and starts to smash Overkill's face. Overkill tried to counter but John predicted every move. Am2.0 landed punch after punch on the head. A headbutt put Overkill to the corner. Ambush started to Chest-Slam Overkill NON-Stop. Overkill didn't even have a chance to get away. With a final uppercut, Ambush 2.0 layed the Robot Executioner down for good.

Week 3

Ravagor vs Shredder

The poll was created at 00:05 on January 24, 2015, and so far 12 people voted.
Bladeface vs Ambush 2.0

The poll was created at 00:08 on January 24, 2015, and so far 13 people voted.


This January's MOBC, the qualifiers for the AOBC this year can join MOBC this month!

Style: Group System

Group A





Ravagor vs Aquabot.

DING DING!!!! The bell rang, and Aquabot learned no mercy and charged towards Ravagor. Ravagor just stood there and uppercut Aquabot. He leaned backwards, but Ravagor did a hard Punch to the face. Aquabot flew out of the ring!

Shredder vs Gambit.

Gambit started dancing around at first, trying to knock Shredder down. But, Shredder did a One-Two Uppercut and Knocked Gambit down. Gambit got up and tried to uppercut Shredder, but Shredder leaned back and hit Gambit in the Abdomen. He uppercut Gambit once more to finish of the game.

Group B

Blac Jac

The Sarge

Twin Cities

Noisy Boy

Day 1: Blac Jac vs Noisy Boy

Blac Jac started to knock Noisy downwards, and Noisy did. Noisy retreated, and charged full speed at Blac Jac, then doing a Shogun Trinity. Blac Jac stood strong and pushed Noisy Boy. Blac Jac pummeled noisy, and forced his fists onto Noisy Boy's shoulder joint, and rotated it inside the Joint, and Noisy's arm emitted sparks, and then burst into flames. That ignited all of Noisy Boy's hydraulic fluid. Noisy Boy's flaming body armor melted. it took Blac Jac one punch to shatter Noisy's core, putting him down.

The Sarge vs Twin Cities

The Sarge uppercut Twin Cities and pushed them/him. Then Sarge punched in between both of Twin Cities' heads, and that did major damage to Sarge's arm, pulling it off, but it did destroy both off Twin Cities' heads, and The Sarge was good to go.

Group C



Cardinal Chaos


Day 1: Cardinal Chaos vs Midas.

Cardinal Chaos stood before an illegal bot. He knew he was gonna lose, but he tried anyways. Chaos did a Chaos Hammer and knocked Midas down. Midas was pummeled, and he still kicked Chaos in the B*llz. Chaos walked backwards, dazed. Without knowing, Midas slid a C4 under Chaos' Leg Armorpeice. When Chaos punched Midas, The C4 exploded and left Chaos standing with one foot. He jumped towards Midas which jabbed him and knocked him down for good BAD.

Fat-Boy vs Zeus

Zeus. Punched. Fat Boy. End. Of. Story.

Group D





Denster vs Thanatos

.......{STORY AIN'T WRITTEN YET}. Denster Wins!

Bluebot vs Atom

Bluebot immediately did a Blue in da Face, but it barely dented Atom. Atom uppercut Bluebot, which sent him down rolling. Bluebot ended up crouching at the corner. When he looked up, he saw Atom's foot about to Blue in da Face him. About a second after, Parts of Bluebot flew across the ring.

Group E

Crimson Carnage

Ambush 2.0



Crimson Carnage vs Fiend

Crimson Carnage, at first, looked like he was owning the Apex Predator. He was spinning his mace into Fiend's face big time. When Crimson was about to destroy Fiend, Fiend ducked a hook by Crimson and uppercut him, bringing him down for 10. Fiend wins!

Ambush 2.0 vs Nitro

The match started when Ambush spun left, and Bushwacked Nitro. Nitro fell, and Ambush dismantled Nitro.

Group F


Blade Face

Bio War


Sixshooter vs Rubicon


, Bio War vs Blade Face

Blade Face

Group G





Overkill vs Aftershock


, Tackle vs Grinder


Group H





Touchdown vs Axe


, Abandon vs Steel


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