The ''A'' Incident was a robot boxing-related incident that happened on July 8, 2023. The incident led to at least $550,000 in property damage, 17 people injured with one suffering from a manmade stab wound of unknown causes, and one missing.


The ''A'' incident was seen from a mile away but the effects blew everyone out of the waters. During a WRB fight between two robots, an unknown challenger (challenger's name redacted by wishes of this person.) and another challenger only given the nickname ''A''.

The challenger ''A'' had started to leak a strange fume, smelling like heavy smoke. After 3 rounds of fighting, ''A'' dropped and was unable to get up.

After the round had officially ended, the fallen robot had started to smolder and burst into flames. The handler of this robot got up to recover his robot, not aware of what happens next. Something that has never been seen in WRB history.

It is theorized by officials that this robot was leaking a mixture of not only smoke but methane. Its fatal parts had ruptured from within and were burning alive.

Before fire extinguishers could be used, something devasting happened. The machine led out a hissing stream of smoke before violently exploding into a massive methane explosion.

Seventeen people were hit by these explosions and all hospitalized. They suffer from heavy burns, smoke inhalation, and some had been pierced by fragments of the metal stage.

Sprinklers and fire alarms instantly went off. A whopping 5/8 of the stage had been destroyed, along with the robot. The other handler and his robot had left early, unaware of what was happening.

Police and firefighters came to the scene. However, an unnamed 18th man had gone back to find a missing family member in the smoke. Instead, he was met by the unconscious and hideously-burnt carcass of A's handler.

The body had suffered hideous burns to the upper portion of his face, along with massive scars caused by shrapnel grazing or piercing him covering his entire body. One of his arms had been blown off by the explosion and was not too far away from him.

His scalp had been torn, revealing fragments of his skull and a majority of his torso had been split open by a massive gash but had luckily not hit bone.

The man had located his family member and was about to contact the firefighters to recover the handler's corpse until something unexplainable had happened. The corpse... got up.

His robot's hydraulic fluid was extremely hot caused by the burning and had torn through his scalp. Some theorized that the hydraulic fluid was actually somewhat ''radioactive'' and had managed to go through his skull and leave severe burns in the inside of his cranium. Some believe this ''broke his mind''.

The man attempted to help him, only for the handler to respond violently, grabbing a metal fragment and stabbing the man in the shoulder. Before police could get inside, the unknown handler had fled inside.

That was the last sighting of him. Only his severed arm had been recovered and have been sent to police for DNA samples.

After this event, another incident has triggered. Severe lasting damage to the other handler's robot led to it combusting and burning down her house, leading to another estimated $10,000 in property damage.

This unknown handler, found out to be called Paul Evanworth, has been missing for 9 years and he is facing severe charges for lack of safety, a hit and run, and multiple charges of various other crimes.

All 18 victims had since recovered from his event and the other handler has been informed of this event.

Dead or alive, please find this man. He will sent to a high-security prison for the damages he has done. We are offering a $50,000 prize for location and capture of Paul Evanworth.

At the moment of this article, he is still out there.


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''I honestly didn't see him coming. One second, I'm helping my wounded sister to the door and the next second, a one-armed freak is stabbing me in the shoulder with shrapnel.'' - Stab victim.

''It gives me chills that if I didn't leave early, everything would have been destroyed.'' - The other handler.

''Talk about an explosive ending.'' - Crowd member.

“An explosion at a robot boxing arena caused major damages to the ring, injuring 17 people in the crowd. 1 person, the robot handler, has gone missing after losing an arm in the explosion, and proceeding to stab a man who was helping his sister in the shoulder and then fleeing. The police department believes that the blast was created by the handler's robot overheating and exploding, causing shrapnel to fly in all directions. Police are still searching for the handler, who is currently missing. If you see this man, call 911 immediately. - News report on CNN

”Saw it on TV. Luckily Savarage didn’t burn up like that. I think I just saw that man but didn’t think of it much... I should call 911 at that time...” -Jack Norman

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