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Vital statistics
Title God of Death
Generation 3
Bot Type Demon Wall
Status Online

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Name: Thanatos

Title: God of Death, The Owner of the Destroyer Medal

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Status: Online/Brand New

Origin: Japan

Announcer's Quote: "It's the ruler of the Domain of Death, The bot who's strength is powerful enough to survive the war of the Primordials. Bow down to the desolating God of Death,Thanatos!"

Manager: Yuuko Sakurai

Handler/Trainer: Keiichi Akamine

Robot Frame: Demonic 64 WarBeast

Robot Power Core: Arc-7 Reactor

Robot Motherboard: 95BD/Hyper-Torque Drivers


Armor : 100/100 (500/500 Demonic Mode Activated)

Power : 99/100 (495/500 Demonic Mode Activated)

Speed : 65/100 (325/500 Demonic Mode Activated)

Intelligence: 90/100 (450/500 Demonic Mode Activated)

Special: 97/100 (485/500 Demonic Mode Activated)

OVERALL: 451/500 (2255/2500 Demonic Mode Activated)

Signature Moves - Meant for dealing the final blow

  • Death Fist - An extremely devastating punch that destroys the upper body of the opponent.

  • Life Taker - A move where Thanatos charges his right arm then takes the core out of the opponents chest.

  • Soul Reap - Grabs the spinal structure of the opponent and pulls them out of the opponents back.

  • Death's Sword - Arm's green LED lights turns red then decapitates the opponent.

Specialties - Special features:

  • Reinforced Armor - made from Magnesium base alloy, designed to be light yet durable for outer and inner layers to withstand strong attacks but not as strong as the armor of Atom.

  • Demonic Mode - allows this bot to increase stats 5 times than normal mode. But has a high chance to overload its own reactor. Must only be used at the right time(i.e. When power is critically low during long fights).

Special gear: 

  • Silk cape

  • Magnesium Alloy

  • Magnesium Alloy knee pads

  • Torsion activated core


Background Story

A famous engineer created this bot. He first asked his friend to find some materials such as carbon steel alloy to build him. After 7 months, he finally created a perfect bot. He named his bot Thanatos from the game that he always played. However, Keiichi was not that confident with this bot so he first tested Thanatos to fight Aquabot.


This match was not fair. As the match started, Aquabot did his low punch on Thanatos' chest but that barely give him a scratch. Thanatos uses his Death Fist which destroyed Aquabot's body. The results made Keiichi more confident with his bot.


Keiichi's victory over Aquabot in his first match made him confident and pushed him to start his career in Robot Boxing. As every Robot Boxing Career, everything will start in the Underworld. He goes to Crash Palace and tries to find a match.


Bio War was the only available bot in Crash Palace for a match. As the match starts, Bio War does a decent combo against Thanatos but was useless because of its Reinforced Armor, allowing Thanatos' to withstand the attack. Countered by an uppercut, Thanatos' follows with a Death's Sword where he charges his right arm and decapitates Bio War.


​On the way home, Keiichi drives while Yuuko counts the money while chatting happily. Then, they noticed a lot of bikers looking for a challenge with a mean-looking-bot. They are not the one who ignores an honest challege so they accepted it for $10000:

Match begins, and Blacktop tries to land the first blow but Thanatos dodged and counters with a lower hook, damaging Blacktop's mid-section. Thanatos then charges a Death Fist then hits Blacktop's chest, destroying it and tearing Blacktop in half.


Keiichi was then invited to fight the King of Underworld, Midas.

Midas punched Thanatos in the face and stomped on the leg. Thanatos stood up and countered him with a right uppercut. Thanatos pinned Midas's left arm but was able to escape using a punch from the right hand. Midas headbutted Thanatos but was rendered useless due to its Reinforced Armor. Thanatos then punched Midas through the chest then follows with a right cross. Midas falls to the ground. But the moment that Midas gets up, he loses his core from Thanatos' Life Taker.


Due to being bored, They brought Thanatos to Crash Palace for entertainment. They found Atom there yet no one wants to fight the People's Champion. So they challenge Atom's handler a 2 minute one-round match for $2000.

As the bell rings, Thanatos emerged and delivers a right hook on Atom. Atom dodges and gives a double uppercut to Thanatos which stunned him. Atom then delivers a barrage of punches until Thanatos pins the right arm and counters by hitting the mid section of Atom. Atom is then cornered by Thanatos but gets out easily due to his size then gives a right hook and an uppercut that causes Thanatos to stumble. Atom then delivers another double uppercut knocking Thanatos down. After the count of 6, Thanatos got up yet, the bell rung and causes Thanatos to lose the match.

Yuuko and Keiichi was shocked by Atom's durability, then tells Charlie and Max that it was a great and fun fight and hands over the $2000 dollar. However, Charlie gives them the other half back and tells them he had fun too and hoped to have another match with Thanatos again next time.


  • In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the daemon personification of death. He was a minor figure in Greek mythology, often referred to, but rarely appearing in person.
  • In Greek mythology, Thanatos is older than Zeus, Posiedon, Hades and the other Olympians.
  • In Greek mythology, Thanatos is the ruler of the Domain of Death.
  • Thanatos' handler is also his creator. But the one who manages the robot and the handler is Yuuko.