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The Unholy Spartan Of Steel...
Vital statistics
Title The Magenta Mohawk Maestro
Generation Unknown
Bot Type Lightning Bruiser / Game Breaker
Status Working


Terrorhawk is mostly coloured purple/magenta, and has a head based on the original "Midas" prototype.


Head: Midas (Platinum)

Torso: Armadillo (Platinum)

Right Arm: Noisy Boy (Platinum)

Left Arm: Noisy Boy (Platinum)

Right Leg: Ambush (Platinum)

Left Leg: Ambush (Platinum)


Most of Terrorhawk's moves are based upon classic Noisy Boy & Six Shooter attacks, but have been tweaked to become his own.


Intro: Terrorhawk

Rip-Off: Terrorhawk

Special: Spartan Strike (Terrorhawk)

Win: Terrorhawk


The Terrorhawk intro is a typical WRB intro (although Terrorhawk isn't in the WRB yet). It starts with a Zeus esc jump into the ring (you'll know what I'm talking about if you know anything about bot fighting), then he stands up and neatens out his Mohawk, and gets into combat stance.


Terrorhawk's Rip-Off is a mix of multiple epic moves by Noisy Boy. It starts by Terrorhawk smashing his opponents face with one punch. The opponent is stunned, giving Terrorhawk the chance to grab him by the head and do a Gravity Slam Uptown (a bit like a smack down in WWE). Then he waits for his opponent to get up, and as they do, he skrikes him in the face with a Southpaw Pain Revolution Uppercut, sending his opponents head into the stands.


Terrorhawk's special move (Spartan Strike) consists of a Shogun Trinity to the opponents face, then Terrorhawk slams the opponents head down so that it is facing the floor. With lots of time, Terrorhawk pulls out a "Blue in da Face" Style roundhouse kick, sending his opponent flying into the edge of the ring.


His celebration is pretty simple. Neaten up his Mohawk, and jump out of the ring.


Armor: 86

Power: 98

Speed: 91

Intelligence: 95

Total: 370/400

Season 1

Episode 1: Boohoo Voodoo

A Spanish bot fighter named Diego was there that night at Crashpalace when Noisy was finished off... In fact, he was preparing his robot, Frostbot, for a fight with Voodoo, a small time Crashpalace bot. The fight started off quite well for Frostbot, he landed two well powered hits to Voodoo's chest and then one to his face. Sadly for Frostbot, he had a swing at Voodoo's face and missed, causing him to be wide open, and Voodoo took advantage. One hard hit to Frostbot's right arm dislocated it, and seeing as Frostbot rarely used his left arm, he was in big trouble. Voodoo hit hard at Frostbot's head, smashing it to bits. Voodoo had won. But Diego wasn't done with him yet...

Episode 2: A Hero is Bought

Not long after Charlie Kenton's fight with Midas, Diego bumped into him at a local fast food chain.

"Hey, aren't you that guy who took on Midas at Crashpalace last night?" Diego Asked, reminiscing back to the night the great Noisy Boy was destroyed.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?" Charlie questioned.

"Oh...Just curious." Then the frontline cashier interrupted their conversation.

"Order for Diego Guerrero." The teenage boy at the counter called. Diego grabbed his burrito and walked towards the exit of the store. He turned and saw Charlie, and quickly asked him,

"Would you by any chance have any leftovers of Noisy Boy that I could use?".

"Yeah, but how much are you willing to pay?" Charlie bargained.

"How about $10000 for everything except the voice command module?". Then Charlie smiled.

"You, my friend, have just bought one of the greatest bots of all time."

Episode 3: The Birth of Terrorhawk

After a long night working in his shed, Diego finally had made a bot, that he believed, might even make it to the WRB. TBC.


Terrorhawk's arms are made from Noisy Boy's busted up arms from after his Midas fight, but now have been repaired and upgraded so that they are even better than the original Noisy Boy arms. This is also why he has most of Noisy Boy's moves.