Terratooth is a new whiz-bot on the block, sending robots flying down into their cavern grave. She's a true bat of hell, being a Generation 3 who means big time. She was created by Ishtar Coxton, a gizmo-wielding blue-haired steampunk goth who will get more than she bargains for. Go big or go home.


The Kave's King-Killer (SIGNATURE NICKNAME)

The Razor-Sharp Ravager

The Four-Winged Fighter



Speed: 85/100 (200/100 in Shrieker Mode)
Power: 77/100 (100/100 in Shrieker Mode)
Armor: 79/100 (75/100 in Shrieker Mode)
Intelligence: 74/100 (75/100 in Shrieker Mode)
Special: 96/100 (100/100 in Shrieker Mode)
Overall: 411/500 (550/1000 in Shrieker Mode)

Special Moves

Bat Out of Hell: (SIGNATURE MOVE) Grabs enemy with left arm, headlocks them, bashes repeatedly with right fist, before freeing them and causes them to fall into the ropes and is followed by advancing toward them and ending it with staggering left uppercut.
Chassis Pierce: A head-wobbling left hook, followed by a barrage of powerful slamming elbow slams and bolo punches to stomach.
Soundbyte Splitter: A roar, followed by a blast of powerful of jabs and hooks, ending in a huge left uppercut.
Cavelinger: Slithering motions, avoiding blows followed by a barrage of haymakers and ending in a straight right cross.
Trickster: Block with left arm, pretending to be defenseless, and quickly land a right bolo punch to stomach, followed by a hard right straight to face.
Sight Crusher: Hard left straight to face, followed by a right bolo punch, a right cross, and ending in a right haymaker.
Personal Space: Dual straight punches and left elbow slam to top of head.
Hardhitter: Four sharp left crosses, a right cross, and a right elbow.
Teeth Knocker: Dual fist hit to sides of head, followed by a sharp right backhand.
Crackdown: Slamming fist over head, stunning enemy.
Crackdown V2: Slamming fists over head and to jaw, stunning enemy, and lands a right jab to their stomach.
Ribcrusher: (LOWER-BODY RIP-OFF) Slams fists against enemy's sides repeatedly and ends it with a hard right straight to their throat and a sharp right uppercut to the jaw. Repeating Ribcrusher blows can even tear their waist and lower-torso into two.
Skullclamp: (HEAD RIP-OFF) Right bolo punch to abdomen, knocking them down, and followed by rapid straight punches to their back and head. Pins foot down and lands huge charged left uppercut to jaw, decapitating them. Lets go of foot and lets enemy fall.
Overhead Claimer: (ARM RIP-OFF) Grabs enemy by right or left arm, pulls it over shoulder, and drops body weight causing their arm to be torn off their body.

Special Features

Stone-Edge Chassis (An extremely powerful and sturdy chassis claimed to be made from pure Damascus Steel.)
Reinforced Steel Hydraulics (Hard-working steel hydraulics used for perfected movement and transmit the fluid within them.)
Vac-99 Delta Reactover Backup Core (Terratooth's high-tech backup core. Out of fuel? Kickstart this puppy and send them staggering.)
GAL Motherboard (A big-shot motherboard sold at an auction, claimed to be from an extremely old prototype of Twin Cities.)
Premium Hydraulic Fluid (Premium Hydraulic Fluid is the basic and most commonly uesd hydraulic fluid in most WRB robot fighters. This is in Terratooth's blood. Literally.)
Quantum Titanic Twin Power Cores (Terratooth's hell-bringing twin power cores complete with stablizers during tricky situations and even very slight titanium plating for protection.)
Homemade Titanium-Nitro Armor Shielded by Artifical Fur (Terratooth's super-resistant armor made from titanium, damascus steel, average steel, and tungsten. It's flexible, strong, and shielded in a wave of thick artifical fur to give her that ''bat'' appearance.)
Shrieker Mode External Program (Terratooth's external program. This only activates when Terratooth's power core levels are quite high. Though her stats go through the chart, her power cores get exhausted twice as fast and could higher the power core levels. Use this with precaution.)
Updated Adaptive Fight Code (An updated adaptive fight code. You better pull something shocking to counter this.)


Bot Type: Game Demolisher (Game Breaker/Demolisher hybrid)


- Upgraded G2 handheld remote with motion sensors.

- Voice recognition headset with a wireless connection to the remote.

Battle Stance: Enters the arena, spreads wings, flickers eyes, enters in a crouched running stance, reels right arm back, and smooths wings back down.

Victory Stance: Walks around the arena, spreads wings again, enters in a crouched running stance, reels right arm back, slams fist into the arena's floor, and lets out a roar (the same roar in Soundbyte Splitter.)

Origin: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Height: 8'6 feet.

Weight: 2685 pounds.

Materials: Average Steel, Titanium, Damascus Steel, Tungsten, Athemyst (used in her amulet), and Gold. (very small amount, used for two ear piercings on left ear.)

Handler: Ishtar Coxton.

Custom Fight List

(yes, she's up for fights. during these fights, I might show more character development for Ishtar.)

TERRATOOTH VS. <>coming soon.<>

TERRATOOTH VS. <>coming soon.<>

TERRATOOTH VS. <>coming soon.<>

Chapter 1 (Sting This)

Ishtar knew from the start that Terratooth was in the league from day one.

She knew this by a mix of guess and actual proof. She previously had a fight with... what's his name... Albino. Poor robot was pulverized within the second round.

Terratooth was nothing special. Despite the fact she's the robot that'll put yours to waste.


Ishtar walked down the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. It was rather late being around 6 PM. That's what the note asked her to come here at.

People were cheering at the recognizable faces. Terratooth walked side-by-side to Ishtar, having a similar strut.

Finally, they made it to the ''arena'' which was nothing by a very large road intersection held off the spectator's cars, pylons, and signs reading ''Detour''.

People were crowded around the arena, some in cars and some even on top of cars. Tonight was a robot fight...

The announcer's microphone-muffled voice burned in Ishtar's ears. ''LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... WELCOME TO TONIGHT'S LAS VEGAS ROBOT FIGHT!''


The crowd roared as Scorpion (iOS Version) approached the arena, its handler was set up under a large control board similar to a traditional Generation 3 Scorpion's eyes flickered as he swung his huge tail, ready to brawl.


Terratooth entered the arena. Ishtar was wielding a remote controller resembling that of a Generation 2 along with a headset. The crowd went ballistic.

''LET THE FIGHT BEGIN IN 3... 2... 1... FIGHT!''

Everyone backed up as the two fighters advanced. Scorpion took this opportunity to use his tail, swinging and jabbing into the arena but barely struck Terratooth's fast dodges with a spice of bob and weaving.

Terratooth and Scorpion moved toward each other, exchanging and trading heavy crosses with a uppercut once in a while. Terratooth dazzled the sting-tailed fighter with a Soundbyte Splitter, knocking him down.

10... 9... 8...

Scorpion got up with ease, not done yet. Terratooth got straight in his grill, pummeling with staggering right haymakers. Scorpion swung his tail as the thing dug in Terratooth's right shoulder.

However, Ishtar took this opportunity. Terratooth swung his left hand down in the similar fashion of a karate chop, snapping Scorpion's tail in two and causing the blade imbedded in her shoulder to fall off.

Scorpion's handler gritted his tail as Scorpion was now losing hydraulic fluid. Terratooth grabbed Scorpion's left arm and performed an Overhead Claimer, ripping off Scorpion's left arm but knocking Terratooth down by accident.

10... 9-

Terratooth was up. Scorpion began to use his right, landing a few jabs to Terratooth's face. Terratooth responded with a huge right uppercut, knocking him back. The crowd was now shrieking like baboons.

Scorpion's handler attempted to do anything, accidentally trying to stab Terratooth with what's remaining of Scorpion's tail stump.

Terratooth landed a barrage of haymakers with a right cross to catch Scorpion off-guard and a left uppercut to do the same. The right side of Scorpion's face wasn't looking too good as his face plates were starting to wither away.

The crowd was chanting like maniacs. ''TERRA! TOOTH! TERRA! TOOTH! TERRA! TOOTH!''

BAM! Terratooth landed a huge right jab to Scorpion's face, knocking him back and even knocking down of the traffic cones protecting the inside of the ring.

10... 9.... 8... 7...

Scorpion struggled to get up, suffering from a cracked motherboard. 7... 6... 5...

Scorpion's handler let off a not angry but flustered and irritated frown. Scorpion managed to get up and land a huge right uppercut to Terratooth but was no match as Terratooth responded with a Teeth Knocker, cracking Scorpion's right eye and causing him to fall down again.

10... 9... 8... 7.. 6...

Scorpion's handler sighed loudly, frustrated. 5... 4... 3... He let go of the controls, giving up. 2... 1... 0.

Scorpion had lost. The crowd cheered as Ishtar went up to Scorpion's handler. ''Hey, buddy. You know the rules.''

''Hey, uh... I DID come in this fight a bit cocky and let's say I don't have any cash on me and I really wanted to ditch Scorpion and make a new robot. So, uh...'' Scorpion's handler said, worried that Ishtar would reject.

''You want me to take Scorpion off your hands in exchange for not giving the prize money? Correct?'' Ishtar responded, thinking about it.

''Scorpion's not allowed in the WRB because of the tail. But he's pretty expensive and a good Underworld robot.'' Scorpion's handler responded. ''Not the control board though. Way too expensive.''

''Alright. I'll take it, kid. I wish you luck on getting a new robot. Keep in touch if you need help from me. I'm not your little show-off fighter. I just do it for the show.'' Ishtar said as she turned to the crowd and shouted toward the cheering crowd. ''It's settled! I get Scorpion!''

The crowd roared as Ishtar began to collect Scorpion's remains. Terratooth performed her victory stance, slamming her fist into the ground. Another win for Terratooth...

Damages: (to Terratooth) Pierced right shoulder, chipped paint on face plates

Damages: (to Scorpion) Decapitated tail and left arm, damaged right face plates

Winnings: $0. The other handler's robot.

Chapter 2 (Juggernaut? No, JuggerKNOT)

The crowd roared as Terratooth and her handler, Ishtar walked past to her. The arena was Rainbow Road this time. Terratooth had been challenged by a cocky handler and his bulky metallic meatloaf known as ''Juggernaut''.

She entered the arena. The voice of the announcer seemed a whisper in her ears. ''LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! WELCOME TO RAINBOW ROAD'S MAIN FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!''

''IN THIS CORNER, WE GOT THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE! JUGGERNAUT!'' The announcer shouted as Juggernaut and his G2-remote-wielding handler entered the arena, eager but unaware of Terratooth's relentless fury.

''ALRIGHT, LET'S DO THIS!'' Juggernaut's handler shouted. The crowd cheered as the announcer continued. ''AND IN THE OTHER CORNER, WE GOT THE KAVE'S KING-KILLER FROM THE CAVES OF NEVADA! TERRATOOTH!''

Terratooth entered the corner as Ishtar started up her remote. Terratooth struck her signature battle stance.

''LET THE MATCH BEGIN IN 3... 2... 1... BEGIN!'' The announcer shouted as the two fighters advanced. Juggernaut was quick to land a steady left cross to Terratooth's gut and managed to avoid a responding right haymaker from Terratooth.

Juggernaut recoiled and stumbled back, avoiding Terratooth's massive blows. Terratooth was caught off guard as Juggernaut charged forward and tackled Terratooth down to the ground. Juggernaut swiftly got up.

Fight dirty, huh? So be it.

10... 9...

Terratooth was up easily and started to barrage Juggernaut, landing a Hardhitter combo followed by a Sightcrusher. Juggernaut staggered back, a huge dent on the left side of his head. He charged forward but was blown back with a massive left cross, knocking him down.

10... 9... 8... 7...

Juggernaut got up, his left eye shattered with a web of cracks surrounding it. Terratooth stomped straight forward, landing a hard right straight and a series of jabs that shoved Juggernaut back and back.

Ishtar swiftly noticed the confusion and irritation in Juggernaut's handler's eyes and the huge massive dent that was leaking hydraulic fluid and sparks on Juggernaut's stomach. She seized this moment, landing a Ribcrusher.

Juggernaut managed to shove Terratooth slightly during this, causing the Ribcrusher punches to be directed to his left hip. Despite missing the stomach, it still massively damaged Juggernaut's left hip. Juggernaut started to stagger as his left hip started to splinter, the hydraulics in his left leg starting to stiffen due to the trauma.

Terratooth tilted her head, appearing confused, which taunted Juggernaut. She clanked her fists together as she landed a huge right uppercut and sent the sucker flying to the ground. The crowd cheered as Juggernaut's handler became desperate to get his poor little machine up to his feet.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6...

Juggernaut stumbled to his feet as Terratooth got back on his grill, landing hard crosses and usually dropping her body to dodge a swing from Juggernaut. Slowly, the dent on Juggernaut's stomach drove deeper and deeper.

Sparks emitted from Juggernaut's cracked left eye as Terratooth landed a Crackdown over his head.

Terratooth lunged in the air, landing a right roundhouse kick that made an Olympic look puny to Juggernaut's stomach. His now frail spine cracked and waist almost completely split in two. Terratooth landed on her left elbow and jumped up.

Ishtar let out a menacing grin as Juggernaut stumbled in the arena, his upper body hanging back in a visibly broken position. His handler furiously attempted to move Juggernaut of Terratooth's way. This did not work.

Terratooth raised her huge fists and landed a Ribcrusher. The final uppercut was met with a series of pops and sparks as Juggernaut's upper and lower body tore into two. Juggernaut's upper body dropped to the ground, twitching and smoking while his lower body stumbled around.

Terratooth approached the stumbling pair of legs and landed a very soft left jab, knocking them over. The crowd roared as Juggernaut's handler let out a roaring shout and slammed his remote down.

Ishtar jumped up the arena and moved toward Juggernaut's handler. He picked up his remote.

''I knew he was past his prime. Guess he's just too old.'' Juggernaut's handler said. He took out his wallet and pulled out a big wad of cash, handing it to Ishtar. ''Keep what you can salvage of Juggernaut. I'm getting a new robot.''

''Don't be scared to go up against me if you ever want to rematch. I'll go easier.'' Ishtar said as Juggernaut's handler sighed loudly. He handed her Juggernaut's remote, the screen shattered when he threw it down. ''This is cheap plus I broke it. On the house.''

Terratooth performed her victory stance, seemingly automatically and slammed her fist into the ground. She moved toward the corpse of Juggernaut and held his upper body by his left arm.

It was quite obvious that despite being partners, Terratooth and Ishtar were rather different.

Damages: (to Terratooth) Small amounts of chipped paint on face plates and small dent on left elbow.

Damages: (to Juggernaut) Cracked right face plates, broken right hip, shattered left eye, medium dents on stomach, and decapitated upper and lower body.

Winnings: $150,000. Remains of the other handler's robot.

Chapter 3 (Noble Warrior Gets Decked)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Ronin. The arena is the Cruise Deck.

Chapter 4 (Slaying The Dragon)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Drago. Arena is where Atom fought Blacktop. Forgot its name.

Chapter 5 (Sundown Smackdown)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Aztec WRB Version. The arena is Creepy Hallow.

Chapter 6 (United States of Annihilation)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Major Steel. The arena is Crash Palace.

Chapter 7 (Cavemen Crush-Attack)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Tri-Gore. The arena is Starfire Arena.

Chapter 8 (Red Card)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Quarterback. The arena is Crash Palace again.

Chapter 9 (Samurai Splatterhouse)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Shinobi. The arena is Crash Palace once again.

Chapter 10 (Stopping a Forest Fire)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Wildfire. The arena is Crash Palace yet again.

Chapter 11 (Grim Reaper's Doomsday)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Dreadlord. The arena is the Las Vegas intersection where Terratooth fought Scorpion in Chapter 1.

Chapter 12 (Ritual to the Face)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Diablo. The arena is the Las Vegas intersection.

Chapter 13 (Return To Egypt)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Anubis. The arena is an unnamed boxing arena in Egypt.

Chapter 14 (No Gain, Only Pain)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Phantom. The arena is the Las Vegas intersection.

Chapter 15 (Four Wings and Four Arms Collide)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Asura. The arena is Dustbowl.

Chapter 16 (Christmas Chaos)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Grouch. The arena is the Christmas workshop.

Chapter 17 (Olympic Apocalypse)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Olympus. The arena is an unnamed boxing arena in Las Vegas.

Chapter 18 (Psychic but Not Pacifist)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Psytron. The arena is an unnamed boxing arena in Las Vegas.

Chapter 19 (Damned Disco)

WIP. Terratooth vs. DJ Electrix. The arena is an unnamed boxing arena in Las Vegas, now nicknamed ''Nevada's Khaotic Kingdom''.

Chapter 20 (An Ice-Cold Ending Blow)

WIP. Terratooth vs. Fraust. The arena is Nevada's Khaotic Kingdom. Final non-custom fight ATM.

Chapter 21 (Crafting a Monster)

WIP. Details secret.


  • The Terra in Terratooth's name means ''Earth''. She makes sense as bats are from caves.
  • Terratooth's GAL Motherboard is a reference to ''HAL'' from Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey.
  • Terratooth is not related to Ferocious Ferrous.
  • Terratooth has four wings located on her back, hence the nickname ''The Four-Winged Fighter''. These wings only open in her battle stance and in her victory pose. These wings don't have spikes or anything, each wing is around 2.5 feet long extended outwards, and weak against punches.
  • Terratooth was originally a G2/G3 hybrid but was changed to a pure Generation 3 due to making more sense.
  • Terratooth features an amulet on her chest that contains a small Athemyst gem.
  • Terratooth's RIP-OFF was originally going to contain her clamping her wide jaws on the enemy's head, pinning them down, yanking it off, and spitting it out. Though I thought this was cool, it was scrapped because I thought it was ridiculous.
  • No stone or dirt was used in making Terratooth despite Terra meaning Earth. She doesn't need no eggplant plants growing out of her.
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