• Type: Jack level 5
  • Generation: 4
  • Owner: An insane maniac who killed over 100 people without getting caught
  • Strength: 800
  • Speed: 800
  • Health: 4255
  • Origin: UK/Scandinavia (Collaborative Build)
  • Announcing quote: From the deeps of the ocean, here comes the hyper-strong TERRA!!!
  • Victory announcer's quote: Looks like another bot falls into the deadpile! 
  • Special move: Corrosive barrage, Toxic uppercut 
  • Feature: Hydraulic Shape-Shifting fists (new tech) 


In 2020, a team of mechanics built Terra. They were working in London based off of an agreement between the two countries. The next year, in 2021, an anonymous maniac/murderer broke in and killed the mechanics. Terra was almost finished, and he took the bot to a secret warehouse for final touches. 

Crash Palace

That maniac later drove of to Crash Palace, defeating Bluebot by throwing him out of the box. The owner of Aquabot challenged him after, and he landed a punch on his face so hard, it broke in two. He bought Aqua bot so he could be transformed into a sparring bot for Maniac Y. He pounded up an unknown bot, completely destroying his mainframe and making is power core explode. He fought Midas, ripping of his arm and beating him up with it. When Midas' power core ran low, he finished him off with Corrosive barrage, picked Midas up, and kneed him so hard he just disintegrated into parts. The owner later murdered Artire Bakker. He was awarded $1,000,000,000 for beating Midas. He was never seen again, he went to the WRB.

WRB career

Terra's first opponent in the WRB was Gridlock, who came out the box with systems on fire (literally). Nigel Helvink challenged Terra. Axelrod put up a frustrating fight trying to back stab, and landed a lethal punch in his back. Terra's systems briefly malfunctioned, causing him to throw some stray punches nearly knocking his head off. Terra did toxic uppercut twice, destroying Axelrod's arm hydraulics, then two devastating punches to the legs, and all the hydraulic fluid leaked out. Terra used his shape-shifting fists for the first time since he fought Bluebot, and did a smack-down move. Axelrod was later repaired and destroyed by Zeus. He fought Noisy boy rebuilt, and Terra broke his head in half within 10 seconds. Charlie Kenton , after replacing Atom's armor, was challenged. Terra landed the first punch so hard both of the robots' arms came of. They fought the battle with one hand, and the match lasted so long it was called a draw. When they walked out of the stadium that night, the owner fired his hidden pistol into the air and dared anyone to challenge him. Tak Mashido challenged him with Zeus. The fight was short, as Zeus knocked him out with two punches. The maniac had to repair and refit Terra's armor because Zeus punched him so hard. He later challenged Blac Jac, who landed one too many devastating punches on Terra. The maniac challenged Blac Jac again and Terra punched him so hard Blac Jac flew across the box. Blac Jac got up and punched Terra, but he retaliated with a grapple move he used on Bluebot and Axelrod. He got up and received a nasty hit to the jaw and got knocked out. After that match, the maniac went with Terra to the junk yard where Atom was found and destroyed all the generation 1 parts he could find. Back at the warehouse, he taught Terra how to do The Decappuccino, where he rips of the arm then the head. Since the Aquabot-Sparring project was not complete, he tested the move on S.C.R.A.P., and it worked perfectly. He then completed Aquabot sparring version using S.C.R.A.P.'s parts. The maniac drove of to challenge Zeus. This time, it was a 2 round fight, and in the 2nd round, Terra got the upper hand and destroyed Zeus.

Back to the Underworld circuit

The Maniac went back to the Underworld where he challenged Blacktop in UWII. He knew this would be an easy match so Terra slammed him against a car and pummeled his midsection. After pounding him, The Maniac decided to return to Crash Palace. However, a new robot has taken his place: a newcomer named Volcano. Volcano's handler, Raymond Santiago, was a WRB champion too, but he returned to the Underworld as a result of having no one else to fight in the WRB. The Maniac challenged Raymond, but Raymond having known the Maniac's WRB fighting record thanks to the news, he quickly declined. However, a newcomer to the Underworld, Skar, challenged The Maniac. He accepted. Terra did one measly uppercut. Skar's head immediately flew off. Skar's owner was never seen in Crash Palace ever again. Later in UWII, he fought Blockbuster, knocking him out. There was a rematch, and Blockbuster was destroyed by Terra. A few new and unknown bots appeared, and Terra destroyed them all. The maniac was a secret binge drinker, so he went to the bar where Six Shooter was. The owner of Six Shooter challenged the maniac, and he got Terra from his truck. The bell rung, and the match started. Six Shooter was pummeled, then saved by the bell. In the second round, the lesser bot landed a measly double side hook on Terra, and Terra kicked Six Shooter out of the ring, HITTING THE CEILING. The owner paid the maniac $100,000, and the bar owner paid him an additional $5,000 because that was the first time he saw Six Shooter bested since Atom came..

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