Name: Technoboy

Title: The Reborn Avenger

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online



After Noisibush's succes in the Underworld, Jorge decided to keep going, this time with help from his friend Erik, Hollow War's creator. Technoboy is everything Noisibush is, but better. He's faster, stronger and more endurable than his predecessor. His whole assembly is made out of famous robots' parts replicas such as Cardinal Chaos, Midas, Metro, Fraust and Ambush. He now counts with the Rupture ability and has higher stats, making him a lethal rival. He has fought all over the Underworld and even in the WRB in special events. He mainly fights in the Warehouse arena, which could be considered his home. He was built with the same intention as Noisibush, avenge Ambush and Noisy Boy. He resembles Nuke Danger a little bit, but that might be just a coincidence.

Announcer's Quote: "It's the ghostly warrior! The Reborn Avenger! Technoboy!"


Health: 7560 - 25782

Attack: 694 - 1941

Critical: 2641 - 8709

Special: 1431 - 4003

RGN 3 - 5: 945 - 2970

Boost: Double Damage


Technoboy 001

Origin: Mexico

Ability: Absorption

Weight: 350 kg

Height: 2.55 meters

Feature: Space Age Alloy Form

Element: Electricity

Special Moves:

1.- Payback (Original)

2.- Super Payback (Original)

3.- Ultra Payback (Original)


Technoboy 003

Technoboy resembles both Midas and Nuke Danger because of his assembly. He is a tall robot painted with dark blue and black with red lights and trimmings. His right fist is pretty dull and simple, while his left fist is more imposing since is based on Metro´s hammer, only Techno's is larger. His mohawk als has the fin-like piece in the middle and his torso resembles Cardinal Chaos'. Unlike Noisibush, Technoboy actually does count with clean fighting style programmed in his memory, this allows him to fight in the WRB and not get kicked out. He has a space-age alloy form, just like Fiend and Dark Fiend, which makes him extremely endurable without hindering his speed. His legs were based on Ambush's, only Techno's are more efficient due to their more advanced tech and design. His legs allow him to jump great heights and land without getting damaged. Currently he has a 15-0 career, since he's practically a brand new bot. He fights almost everyday and a lot of people go to his fights. He has fought and defeated great Underworld legends like Wild Fire, Midas, Albino, Metro and even Atom. He has also teamed up with Hollow War and Gaby in several occasions. This team is known as "The Hybrid Warriors".


Technoboy 002

Head: Midas (Gold Grade)

Torso: Noisy Boy (Gold Grade)

Right Arm: Frost (Gold Grade)

Left Arm: Metro (Gold Grade)

Right Leg: Ambush (Gold Grade)

Left Leg: Ambush (Gold Grade)


Technoboy 004

Intro: Touch Down

Heavy Attacks: Jaw Breaker, Sidewinder, High Kick, Power Jab

Special Move: Excalibur Strike

Finisher: Ambush

Win: Ambush


Base: Blue 3

Body: Black 3

Accent: Red 1



  • He already defeated Midas, he's only missing Black Thunder.
  • He got to actually defeat Atom.
  • He's a really versatile bot, this is thanks to Erik's help to build him.
  • If he fought Noisibush, he'd win thanks to his superior tech.
  • Technoboy is one of the favorite robots in the Underworld.
  • He has both space age alloy form and a Tunguska motherboard. Both help him be extremely endurable without hindering his speed.
  • He can jump even higher than Zeus.
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