The Tatum Mark X: It is the first mass-produced robot, very uniquely... It is made out of a wooden frame, reinforced both outside and inside by steel, internal fuel tank of 25L of Diesel fuel, and with a punch-resistant head. It is also the finalized version of the Tatum Line, a project hidden and never known to the public until now, made by William Esconage. Specifications (William Esconage's) Generation: Sixth Generation (Rusty, Stealthy and punchy) Moves: The Pounce (Jumps up and jumps down on the enemies shoulders or torso, a very fatal move that can potentionally rupture the tank inside the Tatum) The Run (Fist Aims directly at opponent, hits torso, potentionally shutting off the lines of the enemy) Glock (Stun the enemy) Low Profile (Makes him invisible for 10 seconds, this uses 1L of fuel, takes 1 minute to use, and if it is attacked or it attacks the enemy it instantly goes off) Owned by: Various, mostly William Esconage himself. How It is controlled: The controller puts on a helmet, and gets vision of the robot. All stadiums had put in a space to accommodate this, specifically underground. He can say TP or TR (for the moves) D (defend) A (attack) P (push) and sometimes can even do more than one at a time when commanded, such as AP (Attack and push.) Can be programmed in various ways. Chapter One: Debut

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