"If Charlie Kenton could make something out of nothing, so could I."

Theme Song:


Speed: 91/100

Armor: 94/100

Strength: 75/100

Intelligence: 80/100

Special: 99/100

Overall: 439/500

Special Moves: Executioner Uppercut, HoloPunch, Invert and Wakizaki Hook.

HoloPunch is a move where TarGet imitates punching to the body so that the opponent would block there for any further attacks, leaving the face open for a clean punch.

Invert is a move used when the opponent starts throwing punches. Slightly similar to Chinzaemon's Wing Chun, TarGet counters the attacks, but the twist is that TarGet redirects the opponent's punch to inflict damage on the opponent, not TarGet.


19 wins - 1 loss - 1 draw

Best Match: TarGet VS Danger Zone (WIN: K.O 4 of 5)

Worst Match: TarGet VS Twister (LOSS: UNANIMOUS DECISION)

Upcoming Bouts: TarGet VS Gridlock GOLD

All Fights (from beginning to end).

TarGet VS Kong Tron (WIN: K.O 2 of 5) Earnings: $20k

TarGet VS Blacktop (WIN: K.O 5 of 5) Earnings: $25k

TarGet VS Aquabot (WIN: K.O 2 of 5) Earnings: $10k

TarGet & Waspunch VS Flathead & GreatShark (WIN K.O 4 of 10) Earnings: $67k AND Rook

TarGet VS Achilles (one of my upcoming bots) (WIN: K.O 1 of 1) Earnings: $30k

TarGet VS Bluebot (WIN: K.O 5 of 5) Earnings: $12k

TarGet VS Toolbox (WIN: K.O 3 of 3) Earnings: $23k

TarGet VS Midas (WIN: K.O 5 of 5) Earnings: $100k

TarGet VS Atom [WRB Exhibition Match] (DRAW) Earnings: None

TarGet VS Danger Zone (WIN: K.O 4 of 5) Earnings: $99k

TarGet VS Abel (WIN: 5 of 5) Earnings: $109k

TarGet VS Jasper (WIN 2 of 5) Earnings: $92k

TarGet VS 24Carat [my friend's bot] (WIN K.O 1 of 5) Earnings: $56k

TarGet VS Fiend (WIN: K.O 5 of 5) Earnings: $170k

TarGet VS Exo [Charity Match] (WIN: UNANIMOUS DECISION) Earnings: $45k

TarGet VS Nitro (WIN: K.O 1 of 5) Earnings: $156k

TarGet VS Albino (WIN: SPLIT DECISION) Earnings: $122k

TarGet VS Shogun (WIN: K.O 2 of 5) Earnings: $115k

TarGet VS Six Shooter Wild (WIN: 4 of 5) Earnings: $101k

TarGet VS Twister [For the Gold Title in the WRB] (LOSS: UNANIMOUS DECISION) Earnings: None

TarGet's Beginnings

He's broke, his girlfriend broke up with him, his bud Finn is in the hospital, his brother died, and he's on the street.

But most of all, Vinzer Kakashi has lost his beloved robot Rook. If Kakashi didn't have Rook, his career as a robot builder/boxer would surely be over.

That's what he thought. But his mind would later change when he found the B-1 Sparring Bot TarGet.

The Junkyard

Vinzer Kakashi decided that the only thing left for him to do is to find Rook. Kakashi knew there were a LOT of bandits who dumped robots here. So, if he could find Rook, he'd be able to get more money. The search began. Kakashi kept on looking around, trying to find his beloved bot. After 4 hours of searching, Kakashi was about to GIVE UP. But, he found a robot leg in the distance. Was it his bot? He quickly ran towards the leg, dusted it off, but found a sparring bot instead.

"NO!!!" Kakashi screamed in anger. It was over, he was forever broke. Kakashi sat down and cried, until he felt a little feeling on his back. Suddenly, the sparring robot stood up quickly. Kakashi turned around and saw the robot stationary but standing upright. Kakashi soon realized that he sat on the bot's controller.

"Well, maybe it's not over."

A Change of Tides

Kakashi took the small bot to fight at Crash Palace, where he could earn some money to spend on getting a household. He was pitted against Kong Tron, with stakes up to $20k. If Kakashi won this, he'd be in the safe zone. If Kakashi lost, though, he'd have to prepare for certain punishment. So, Kakashi accepted the fight and got ready to fight.

It was time for the match. Kong Tron threw a big right hook. TarGet felt it, and went down on the floor immediately. "HAH! Your bot is PATHETIC!" said the owner of Kong Tron. Kakashi felt a pang of anxiety. Would his life be over, right after this fight? But in only three seconds, TarGet got back up. Kong Tron went in immediately and tried to smack him, but missed badly. TarGet threw a left hook to counter, following up with several combos. They weren't very efficient, however, as Kong Tron kept blocking them. Frustrated, Kakashi looked for a solution. Kong Tron was very big, and light punches would do nothing to him as his armor could easily take them. Then, Kakashi had an idea. Why not use Tron's own fists to cause damage?

Kong Tron still stayed in his fisticuffs, ready to block anything. "Might as well give it a try," said Kakashi. TarGet was motionless, in a fighting stance. Kong Tron got ready to fight again and performed a slow hook. "PERFECT!" exclaimed Kakashi. TarGet dodged and punched the arm as hard as he could. Kong Tron's arm hit himself, leaving a huge opening in his head. Fluids and several parts came out. Then the face mask fell off, and finally Kong Tron went down. "YESSSS!!!" Kakashi finally came out with cash in his hands!

"Hey, that's MY bot!"

After the fight with Kong Tron, Kakashi decided to keep fighting with his current bot until he found Rook. But when he was about to challenge another bot, he stopped. All he could think about was Rook, they did so much together.

Kakashi went over to Janise's garage, where she was working on her (sentient, but very stupid) Sparring bot Waspunch. Waspunch was speaking stupid stuff at random times, and Janise usually had to hit him on the head with a pipe to get him to shut up. "Oh, hello VInzer." Greeted Janise, after hitting Waspunch square on the head with another pipe. They talked for a while about Rook, and Janise brought up that she heard about 2 robot owners who had something like Rook.

"So, um, how are we going to find him?" Kakashi inquired.

"We have to find them first," replied Janise. "I hear they are coming to Crash Palace to find an opponent."

"Ok, thanks."

"WAIT!" Janise stopped Kakashi. "They have two bots with them. It's gonna have to be a tag team battle if you challenge them. TarGet can't fight 2 at once." Kakashi thought for a minute, and then asked. "What robots do you have?"

"I have some good bots," answered Janise. "But the problem is they are in need of repair. However, my sparring bot Waspunch could be of some help."

Questioning the effectiveness of a sparring bot. Kakashi was reluctant at first. But thing about his current bot TarGet, he thought it wouldn't be that downgrading if Waspunch joined with him.

work in progress

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