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Information and Appearance

Talos is a Mediumweight G2 ‘bot. His origins are unknown, but he was found by Vitus in an inactive but intact (except its pieces are scattered in a pile) state near Metal Valley.

So he reprogrammed it, and made a console for it with the help of his brother.

Talos is a robot with a bronze plating. Its head resembles a bull’s head. The only thing made of normal steel is its horns.


(may be overpowered)

CNS: 45000/45000

STR: P(100/100) G(75/100)

DEF: P(75/100) G(100/100) Ank.(0)

AGI: 85/100

INT: 80/100

SP: 90/100

TOTAL: 430/500

HEIGHT: 274.32 cm (9 ft)

WEIGHT: 441.799 kg (974 lb)

(Read this if you don’t really understand the abbreviations or what they mean, but I think you probably did.

CNS stands for Constitution, which is usually also called Health. CNS is how much this robot can take damage before malfunctioning. STR stands for Strength, which is the damage output of the robot. Also called Power. DEF stands for Defense. DEF is how much damage the robot can block at once. AGI stands for Agility, commonly known as Speed. AGI is how fast the robot moves and attacks. INT stands for Intelligence. It determines how quickly the bot can adapt to its opponent during the match. SP stands for Special Power (or Points, but eh). It represents how strong a Special move is when activated. AGI gets affected by weight as a side effect, but all of the stats get affected by each other as balanced.)


Durable Bronze Plating: Talos has a bronze plating of high durability which may limit speed a bit but also increases defense a bit.

Geo-Pyro LemniscatusType Core: A specially-made core for Talos that increases/decreases defense or strength based on which stance it takes. Looks like a burning round rock, but at least it doesn’t hinder anything. Tant-made.

Mortal Ankle: Talo’s greatest weakness, one good hit can debilitate the bot for at least a long while.


(For the directions, it’s for the console. Also, for when the choice diverges into two, once picked a choice, it stays at that choice (When using Raging Beast, for example, once Vitus presses Down the first time, he can’t press it again and has to press Up))


Pyrothropic Stance (Top Button (L)): Talos goes into an offensive stance, effectively dishing out more damage onto its opponents while neglecting defense.

Deepflare (Down-Left/Right (R)): Talos jabs its opponent thrice in the gut, and then potentially ending with a hook to the left or the right to the hips (depending on Vitus).

Pyrocomet (Up-Down (R)): Talos slams both fists down at the opponent’s head, then potentially ending with an uppercut aimed for the now-down head (depending on Vitus).

Raging Firestorm (Right-Left-Up/Down-Down/Up (R)): Talos does a right hook to the chest, then potentially a left hook to the right hip, then either a jab to the head or a straight punch to the gut, then ending it with a straight punch to the gut or an uppercut to the now-down head (all depending on Vitus).

Flameswarm (Left-Right-Left/Down-Right/Up (R)): Talos does a left hook to the chest, then potentially a right one, then either a left one or a hard left jab to the gut, then either a right hook or it slams its right fist down onto the now-down head (all depending on Vitus).

Vulcan Embers (Top Button (R)): Talos does hard jabs on the opponent’s lower torso fivefold, then ending it with a hard straight punch to the middle of the left torso, possibly knocking them back or even stunning them for a little while. A Special move.


Geothropic Stance (Top Button (L)): Talos does a defensive stance, sacrificing damage for defense. Talos is automatically set onto this stance at the beginning of a round.

Rock Punch (Down (R)): Talos ducks and counters with a hard jab to the torso.

Bouldering Smash (Up (R)): Talos steps back one large step, then steps forward and does a hard straight punch to the head or upper torso.

Fury of the Land (L) (Left (R)): Talos blocks to the left, then, if successfully blocking an attack, knocks the opponent’s left arm away and does a hard left hook to the right hip.

Fury of the Land (R) (Right (R)): Talos blocks to the right, then, if successfully blocking an attack, knocks the opponent’s right arm away and does a hard right hook to the left hip.

Vulcan Landslide (Top Button-Middle (R)): Talos does two hard straight punches to the lower torso, knocking them back at least a little and then potentially blocking. A Special move.


Vulcanic Ferocity (RipOff Buttons (LR)): Talos quickly does weak jabs at the opponent’s middle torso fifteenfold, then ending the match by ripping off both arms in a vertical slicing motion, then ripping off the head using both arms in a parallel horizontal slicing motions going opposite directions.

Lemniscatic Breakdown (Top Buttons-RipOff Buttons (LR)): Talos breaks down while delivering strong but fast punches to the opponent, effectively destroying them while destroying itself. Only used when at the most desperate moment.


Introduction: ”The One-Veined Automaton, with the ire of a blazing inferno and the fury of the land itself... The Bronze Bull, Talos!”

Introductory Move: Talos walks to its position, then it lowers its head and gets into a bull’s stance, orange lights flashing brighter with a red-orange.

Outroduction: “And the Bull has scrapped yet another victim!”

Outroductory Move: Talos walks to the edge of the ring, then turns its head to the collapsed hunk, glaring at it, its orange lights glowing more brighter, with the same red-orange hue.

Prologue: Rise

Prologue I: Metal Valley

Armed with only a phone that conveniently has a flashlight attached to its camera and Tant‘s truck, I ventured into the deep, dark metal graveyard.

Alone. In the middle of the night.

As I walked groggily, I began thinking about myself.

I was ever the rebel child. I mean, whoever was named “Vitus” in this day and age must really despise their parents. I mean, were the parents reading a Roman book and decided to name their child a ”Roman-sounding name” because it’s cool?

To be honest though, they’re really good parents, and I don’t hate them. I probably just like to disobey them.

I came here because of enthusiasm, I guess. And I regret it. Even though I just want to at least try some robot boxing, I immediately had second thoughts the moment I stepped into this accursed place.

Something clinked at my leg as I kicked it. A bronze fist. A really intact one. As I looked up, I noticed that there are similar objects in a convenient pile.

”Great...” I muttered. Finally, something to show for my efforts.

I began picking up the parts, and then place them in the truck out by the entrance, and then repeating the process until I have a big pile on the back of the truck.

Then I began driving back home, slowly and carefully so that no pieces fall out (practically hearing the honks and blares of other vehicles behind me), oblivious to the fact that this robot will become a star attraction someday.

Prologue II: Process of Creation

”So, what did you brought?” Tant asked as I drove the vehicle into the garage, “Don’t tell me you brought an empty truck home...”

”I got something,” I said as I passed him a bronze head with steel bull’s-horn ornaments, “this thing.”

Tantalus is an expert bot-builder, and my older sibling. He told me that he will help me make a robot fit for robot boxing, as long as I bring him some parts. He goes by Tant, since he found out a good nickname for himself, unlike me, whose nicknames sound even worse than his names (Heheh, “Vite”). The lucky bastard.

”A head?” Tant asked, to which I replied, “Part of a greater whole.”

Tant smiled impishly at my answer.

So we began working.

“I’ll leave the programming to you, dear brother.” Tant said as he walked to the pieces to piece them together (excuse the pun). I know my way around code, so I quickly got started on it after Tant finished working on the ’bot and the console, a process which took a few days (three to be precise).

After a day to creating and revising my programming, we created a functional robot. Or at least, semi-functional.

“So, what will your masterpiece be named?” Tant asked jokingly but seriously.

I replied to his joke/unjoke, “Talos. The one-veined automaton.”

Tant laughed. “You almost sound like our parents, Vite!”

“And it’s our masterpiece,” I continued, “Tantalus.”

I: New Depths and a Blue Sky

After a few days of testing out the ‘bot on a sparring bot that Tant made a while back, a chance finally arrived.

”Seems like they need some fresh meat to fight against Aquabot,” Tant said almost excitedly, “It‘s time to show ‘em what you got!”

So I signed up.

As my robot menacingly stepped into the ring, its aura akin to a mad bull’s, Aquabot also jumped in.

Aquabot quickly dashed in with a low jab, but was easily evaded with a backstep followed by a barreling punch to the upper torso. As it is recovering from the devestating blow, Talos quickly changed its stance and smashes its fists down onto Aquabot’s head, almost dislocating it.

“He isn’t going to recover from that,” I mumbled, grinning from ear to ear.

After I exited the place, I quickly regrouped with Tant.

”You’ve become quite a local attraction,” Tant said proudly, “seeing how fast Aquabot became a heap of aquamarine junk.”

The next day, there was an upcoming match against Bluebot that Tant told me about. I signed up, of course. Wouldn’t want to back away from a fight, now would I?

That night, I came to the place to fight. Bluebot and its owner was there, waiting for me.

Waiting to get beat up.

As the battle started, Bluebot and Talos both walked around in circles, observing each other’s movements. After a while, Bluebot charged in, but was quickly blocked by the Automaton. Bluebot stepped back.

”Playing defensive, huh?” I muttered.

Talos switched its stance, and went in with a left hook, but was quickly blocked and counted with a sharp jab to the right, followed by a jab to the left, followed by a hook and a straight punch to the face and middle, respectively. Talos staggered a little, having lost its posture. Then it quickly recovered, and went in for some low jabs to the gut, which were quickly blocked, but then it did something unexpected. A hard slam down Bluebot’s blue-ish head.

”How’d ya like that feint?” I mumbled a bit too loud, smirking.

Bluebot stumbles around the ring, desparately trying to recover, when the Automaton ends the match with a flurry of sharp, hard jabs to the stomach followed by a punishing straight punch that knocks the poor bot out of the ring.

”That looked pretty gruesome,” Tant said while patting my back as we exited the place, “You’re not just a natural at code, it seems.”

”Yeah,” I said a little too excitedly, “so who’s next?”

II: Hell’s Teeth

The bling! of a new mail notification blinged (heh) on my phone as I was playing a game on my computer. So I paused the game, then checked my mail.

Title: The Rumble

Sender: Unknown

Come meet me and the gang at the Parking Lot tonight at 7 pm. Our bot will wreck ya.

I smirked. “We’ll see.”

As soon as I arrived at the right time, Blacktop rumbled in. Then the match starts.

Blacktop immediately swooped in, exhausts emitting an ominous smoke, and smashed Talos middle-left torso, making the Automaton vulnerable quickly. However, it recovered just as quickly as it lost its posture, and backstepped.

Right into a corner.

”Dammit..!” I cursed, quietly.

Blacktop seized the opportunity, jabbing Talos right in the torso.

And once more. Then twice more. And then thrice more. Until the Bot out of Hell unleashed a barrage of hard punches to the vulnerable Talos.

”Tch... can’t seem to move...” I grumbled silently, fidgeting with the buttons while watching the middle torso icon slowly turn more and more orange.

Then came an opening from Blacktop. As it paused briefly, the Automaton took that chance to recover and blocked its next flurry with relative ease. Then came the counter.

Talos ducked the last of the incoming punches and lands a hard jab towards Blacktop’s chest, sending the bot staggering backwards at least a bit. Then Talos switched its stance.

Now vulnerable, Blacktop received the killing blows. Two huge bronze fists slammed hard on its poor head, followed by an uppercut that knocks the bot down, indefinitely.

As we left, I felt my gut clenched. If that bot can beat mine like that, what about WRB bots? I told Tant my fears when we got home, and he laughed.

”What, worrying simply because of a mistake like that?” Tant chuckled in between words, “That lack of confidence will make you fail in the League instead!”

”The WRB won’t tolerate a mistake like that,” I explained, “There are especially powerful bots with exceptionally skilled handlers. If I screw up like that again, then there might not even be that window to hit anymore.”

”Then don’t screw up.” Tant simply said.

”What?” I replied, confused.

”Why not try and be one of those “exceptionally skilled” handlers you talked about?” Tant suggested, “You’re an amazing handler, probably some type of innate ability, but a amazing handlers need to adapt to their robots first. Maybe get some practice with a few harder matches?”

”Sounds like a great idea,” I said, my confidence rising, “sure, why not?”

III: Annihilation

”I’ve got King Pin agree to pit your bot against his,” Tant told me the next day, “rather, he made me agree to that though.”

”Metro?” I asked, “That junk bot?”

”You’d be the junk bot once that living hunk catches you,” Tant warned me.

”Well,” I told him, “I accept the challenge.”

When I arrived to the destination, Metro rumbled to life. Thus, the slaughter begins.

Metro clunked towards the Automaton, ready to scrap it. Talos switched its stance. As Metro try to clamp its foot, finally getting close, it backstepped and did a left hook to the abomination’s big hunking upper chest. Then it did a right hook.

Thing is, the Frankenbot didn’t flinch. The monster raised its hammer and slammed it at the Automaton’s head threefold.

”Seems like the head is a weakness for most bots... what if...” I thought, seeing the head icon on the console glow yellow-orange.

The Automaton steps away from a slow, but powerful counter from the beast’s large fist and charges in, slamming the hulking beast in the head, then did an uppercut to the face, completely breaking its posture and malfunctioning it.

As it was stumbling around the stage, Talos punched it in the abdomen thrice, ending with a hook, knocking the Frankenbot down like a pile of steaming metal junk.

”Good practice... but I need more to fight with...” I said, silently.

IV: War, Destruction, and Duels

My first target is Six Shooter. It seemed like a decent fighter. Just have to avoid getting one-two punched.

As soon as the match begins, both bots began circling around the ring, looking for any signs of weakness. Then Talos walked cautiously to the Sheriff, trying to trick it into attacking.

The plan worked.

The bot tried to clamp the Automaton’s foot, only to realize it stepped on the ground of the ring instead. Then came a hard punch to the face by Talos, knocking the Sheriff to the edge of the ring, then the Automaton did a devastating one-two punch that completely crushes Six Shooter.

One down. Another two to go.

My second opponent is Blockbuster. It has a devastating punch, but its armor and speed are average. I’m pretty sure I could take it down using defensive moves.

As the bot slowly but surely walked towards the Automaton, Talos also walked towards it cautiously.

Then Blockbuster did a heavy hook, which was sideblocked. Then Talos knocked its huge, blocky fists away.

Then, the Automaton switched its stance and did a flurry of jabs and hooks to the Bomb, knocking the beast down.

Another target down. One left.

The last target is Bio War. A formidable enemy, I need to avoid being tenderized by its weapon while concentrating to break its defense.

As the match starts, Bio War steps menacingly forward, gatling gun spinning, waiting to deal the inevitable blow on the Automaton.

Only it didn’t come.

The Automaton backstepped out of the firing (guess I could also say “tenderizing”) range and punched it in the gatling arm, held in a blocking position.

”Pretty quick, isn’t it?” I asked to no one in particular, silently.

It countered with a punch from its other arm, making Talos stumble a little bit backwards, but not breaking its posture completely. Then Talos switched to its Pyrothropic Stance, and slams its fists onto Bio War’s helmet, revealing its backpack, completely vulnerable, in which it slammed its fists into the backpack, shattering its power core and shutting down the Meltdown Menace.

I nodded slightly, contented to myself about the results. I’ve at least adapted well enough to stand toe-to-toe with the Gold-Blooded Killer.

V: The Automaton and the Tyrant

V-0: Prologue

“’What kind of fool are you, brash enough to challenge the King of the Underworld?’” Tant told me, “Is what I would say if I haven’t seen your potential.”

”You sound like King Midas,” I jokingly said.

”’There is not enough gold in this world,’” Tant mimicked in a regal-like voice, “‘O great Dionysus! Grant me the power to turn all into gold with a touch!’”

I said in my most playboy-sounding voice, “‘Sure, why not...?’”

We both laugh at that point, and then made some more jokes about King Midas, the Gold Touch, and all that weird junk that night.

However, tough times have yet to come.

But at least one of them’s coming soon...

V-I: Knockdown

Midas, complete with gold armor and a fiber optic centurion mohawk, steps vainly into the ring, awaiting the fool who wishes to challenge it.

Only, the ”fool” wasn’t a fool after all.

Talos, with its steel horns and bronze plating, walks menacingly, reminiscent of a bronze bull, with the ire of a wildfire and the fury of a mountain.

Thus, the match between two savage warriors begin.

Midas started off quick, delivering quick punches on the Automaton, which, after some landed, were blocked. Then came a staggering kick from the King, which broke through Talo’s defenses, breaking his posture for a little while.

But even a little while is enough for the Gold-Blooded Killer to devastate a bot.

Midas grabs the vulnerable Automaton and headbashes it, knocking the mechanical wind out of it.

Then, it quickly got up, and ducked Midas’ overhead punch. As Midas was about to kick, Talos knocks it away a little with a well-placed punch.

Then, Midas punched the Automaton in the head, revealing the Automaton’s back.

In which the King kicked Talos in the ankle. The Automaton fell down, incapacitated.

V-II: Turned Tables

“Dammit, can’t get up...” I cursed to myself, silently.

Midas stomps on the debilitated Bronze Bull until the upper chest icon practically glows red, then taunts it to stand up.

Here’s a survival tip: Never taunt a bull.

The Automaton immediately tried to stand up, and despite its injuries, it did stand. Then it returned the offense. It switched to its offensive stance and smashed Midas’ mohawked head, staggering it. Then it cornered the practically-fallen King of the Underworld.

V-III: Dethroned

V-III-I: Breaking Gold

A punch to the torso. A jab to the head. A hook to the shoulder.

A flurry of powerful attacks to Midas.

And so, as the fallen King of the Underworld overheated, the Bronze Bull made its final blow.

V-III-II: Ferocity

The sounds of metal smashing into metal can be heard throughout Crash Palace, as the Bull vigorously breaks the fallen King’s chest into oblivion.

Then came the ending. A brutal ending, I‘m sure you can agree, but all boxing bots will have to deal with this fate someday. For Midas, it’s sooner, rather than later. Talos, in all its brutality, slices the fallen Killer’s arms off, then slashes the mohawked head of the King, ending its tyrannical reign.

Intermission: World Robot Boxing League

”Seems like somebody granted you a place on the League,” Tant told me, a few weeks after Talos scrapped Midas, “Are you ready to participate?”

”Anytime, bro,” I said firmly.

So we prepared for the tough battles ahead.

VI: New Heights

Cosmobot was my first contender. It‘s quick, strong, but not that tough. Just play defensive until its stamina wears off.

The Space Ranger and the Bronze Bull steps into the arena. And my first match in the WRB begins.

Cosmobot jumps up and tries to knock the Bull down, only for it to duck and backstep out of the way. Then it uppercuts, which the bull sidestepped. Then it jabbed, which scraped the Automaton’s shoulder. The impact makes the Bull stagger a little, in which the Space Ranger lands another hit, which, even if blocked, pushes it away an inch.

Then it became vulnerable due to temporary loss of stamina.

The Automaton switched its stance as Cosmobot got worn out, and punched it in the chest, breaking some lights and denting its armor greatly, damaging the bot. But as long as a robot still stands, it’s still in the fight. The Space Ranger slaps Talos in the face with its big fists, which was ducked and countered with a sharp jab to the gut. The force of the punch sends the Space Ranger staggering, in which the Automaton does three hard jabs to the lower torso, knocking Cosmobot down to the ground.

VII: Icebreaker

Abandon is next in line. It’s tough, destructive, but overall pretty slow. If I play offensive, I might have a chance to win.

The Ice-Cool Mechanical Mountain rises up to the ring, challenging the One-Veined Automaton. Thus the battle begins.

Abandon charges its power, waiting for Talos like a crocodile and its prey. The Bull came and tried to duck the attack, but instead got its head smashed by sheer force. Then the Automaton switched its stance, and overwhelmed the Mountain with its speed and power.

A sidestep here. A backstep there. The Bull kept dodging and countering until Abandon tried to block.

Only it wasn’t the right place. Talos tricked Abandon by feinting a lower hook, then smashed its huge hand onto the Mountain’s head, thus staggering it, leaving time for Talos to unleash its fury onto Abandon, knocking it out.

VIII: Bronze

Gridlock. Seems like both bots are equal. Just have to alternate stances.

The two bronze bots glare at each other, walking around the arena, when Talos swapped stances and charged in, landing a hit faster than Gridlock can block. Thus, the bots started trading blows.

A hit to the chest, a blow to the arm. A fist to the head. A whirlwind of attacks from both bots, with Gridlock seemingly losing.

Yet, the Bronzed Bodybuilder Bot sidestepped out of the flurry and jabbed the Bull’s left arm thrice. Then, both bots played defensive, both of them looking for any sign of weaknesses.

Talos then walks cautiously forward, in which Gridlock

IX: Carnage

Crimson Carnage is next. It’s overall destructive, fitting for the alias “Doom Machine” (though Death Machine sounds pretty darn fine as well). Have to be cautious.

X: Dystopia Hysteria

Steampunk. It’s an intelligent brawler, whose hits can break a bot’s wiring through the inside. Being defensive is key.

XI: Toppled

Twin Cities is the next challenger. It’s a cooperative duo, and really tough with a destructive punch to match. Can’t feint my way out of this.

XII: Apex Predators

Fiend is the last opponent I need to face before battling the Champion of the WRB. Its rotary fists can do even more than dent metal and break wirings. Never let it land a hit.

XIII: Sacramentum Accedunt

Before the final battle, a mysterious handler suddenly mailed me a challenge.

Sender: ???

Title: Cardinal Chaos

Message: I heard you rose up the ranks and is now challenging Zeus. I want to see what you’re capable of. Come to the Crash Palace the night before the last challenge. I shall test your mettle.

”Cardinal Chaos, eh?” I said as I read the mail, “Let’s see what you got, Agent of Anarchy.”

XIV: The Automaton and the Ruler

XIV-0: Before the Final Battle

XIV-I: First Round

XIV-II: Second Round

XIV-III: Third Round

XIV-IV: Last Round

XIV-IV-I: Broken (Talos)

XIV-IV-II: Broken (Zeus)

XIV-V: Miracles

XV: Aftermath

Epilogue: Rest

Epilogue I: Tantalus

”Finally, he picked up,” I said, “Yo.”

”Hey, bro,” Vitus said through the phone, “What’s up?”

”Tak Mashido called,” I told him, “Wants you to challenge his greatest creation.”

He answered, groggily, “Asura?”

“Yes,” I confirmed.

”He’s that mad?” Vitus said, exhausted.

”Seems so,” I answered, “Guess you could entertain him.”

”Sure,” he replied, “It’s better then dismantling the Bull completely...”

Epilogue II: Process of Elimination

We brought the partly rusted robot out of the garage for the first time in, well, a long time, and it’s going to be the last time this bot is going to fight.

The former champion of the WRB stands in the edge of the arena, in all its rusted ire. The Unholy Annihilator, who is now the champion of the WRB, approaches the Bronze Bull, and lunges at it with its four fists, which were blocked by the Bull.

The impact sends the Automaton back a little, in which the Beast decides to do an X-slash onto the torso, which was backstepped.

The inner wirings of the Bull started to malfunction. The console icons are slowly turning orange. The Automaton ducks a swipe from Asura, which was countered with a jab to the gut, sending the Beast back, leaving it vulnerable.

As the icons went from yellow-orange to deep orange, I made a desperate move.

On the screen, the icons went from orange to red as an orange lemniscate appeared on the bottom-left corner of the screen.

The Automaton malfunctioned as it punched Asura to oblivion, leaving the poor Beast no time to hit, instead it got broken by the sheer force of the Bull as sparks flew from it.

As Asura got knocked down, the Bull collapses.

After some seconds however, the Beast got up slowly, staggering.

”Seems like the Unholy Annihilator won,” I said silently, somehow not feeling sad, but instead, feeling a sense of pride and comfort.

Epilogue III: Parting

After the match, we decided to disassemble the robot. Sure, it’s destroyed, but the thing that’s truly broken was the insides, and the core looked intact even if it was really broken and deactivated. I decided to keep the core, leave it in my room as a decoration, I mean, it’s my brother’s handiwork. As for the console, Tant kept it.

We decided to leave the bronze parts on the same exact place I found them, in a similar-looking pile. Heck, it‘s even arranged like the pile, or at least, the way I remember it.

Epilogue IV: Dormancy

Armed with only a phone that conveniently has a flashlight attached to its camera and my motorcycle, I ventured into the deep, dark metal graveyard.

Alone. In the middle of the night.

As I walked groggily, I began thinking about myself.

Or rather, how much I’ve changed.

If any of my parents, or even my brother tells me to do something, I won’t do it. Nowadays, it feels like I’ve done a lot more for them than I ever will.

I’ve stopped complaining about my name. Sure, thinking about it still makes me cringe, but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s just a name.

I came here to say my last parting words.

Something clinked at my leg as I kicked it. A bronze fist. A really rusted one. As I looked up, I noticed that there are similar objects in a pile.

I smiled, and sat down near the pile.

”It‘s been six years since I recovered you, hasn’t it? Five and a half ever since you defeated Zeus. Feels like yesterday when you fought for the last time, although it’s been about a month.”

I smiled, looking at my old friend.

“I’m proud of you, Talos. Rest, One-Veined Automaton. You’ve done well.”

The sun started to rise. And thus, the endless rage of the Bronze Bull has been quelled.

Somewhat-Trivial Trivia

  • Talos’s controls are strictly limited, as the only moves that can be used are either dodge-stepping and the iconic moves.



Talo’s console. The directions for the skills can be visualized through the buttons on here. The icon in the middle turns more orange depending on the place hit and the durability (red if destroyed).

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