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Handler:Simon Mizinkov

Title: "The Scrapper"

Generation: 4

Status: Online and Rebuilt

Bot Type: Annihilator

Intro: Warrior jumps into the ring, landing on his right arm. Then, he looks at the opponent, steps forward a couple of times, and waves at the audience.

Win: Mimics a roar.

Origin: Russia

Height: 8'6

Weight: 1789lbs

Special Feature: Titanium Chest and fists,Uranium Core,Swift Strikes (light punches do more damage),Steel Bastion (can block any hit and take no damage).


Armor: 110/100

Strength: 90/100

Speed: 46/100

Intelligence: 59/100

Special Moves

1.Warrior charges on the opponent and hooks,jabs and uppercuts him. At the end Warrior punches the opponent down.

2.Warrior punches the opponents jaw twice,kicks the opponent and punches him until the opponent reaches the corner. There,Warrior pummels the opponent.

Ripoff. Warrior uppercuts the opponent which makes the opponent fly,Warrior catches the opponent in mid-air and pounds the opponent to the ground,where grabs the opponents head and rips it off.


Nighttime. A pickup truck is driving on a lonely road. The only thing that the driver can see is a bar that’s illuminated by yellow-ish lights and in the distance. It seems to him that nothing else exists in the whole world, because that bar is the only thing that’s visible beside pitch blackness. As he gets closer and closer to the isolated building, his excitement grows more and more - he cannot believe that his childhood dreams are finally coming to life. He pulls up to the bar, walks behind the car and opens the trunk, takes a remote and turns on a robot. It gets out of the trunk by itself. “Alright, Warrior. Let’s go.” He goes towards the bar with the robot behind him, and enters a door with the words “FOR ROBOT BOXERS ONLY” written on it.

RedBot charges at TwelveShooter in a desperate attempt to end this fight. Of course, the only thing that happens is that he misses his opponent and only gets beaten up worse. TwelveShooter delivers his final blow - he punches RedBot in the stomach, and his left arm goes right through the poor robots body. The crowd cheers.

The glass dome opens, and after the Brazilian fighters corpse is taken out of the ring by a mechanical crane, the next bot to step in looks like it’s made out nothing but scrap parts - which makes sense, because that is exactly what the robot is made out of. It has three arms - two arms on its right, one on its left. Two arms are “Plated” - the third one is “Retro”. Head is “Gargant”, fists are “Canister”, body and legs are “Endoskeleton”. It is purple. Obviously, the crowd boos - this is, after all, the first time anybody has seen this robot, and, well, you all know the reaction to first time fighters. The next robot on the list is “Warrior!”. The newcomer spreads out his arms. Guess what the crowd does? If you guessed that it boos, then you are correct!

Some time passes. TwelveShooter is ready once again. Fighttime.

Because he saw what happened to the previous fighter, Warrior decides to be patient. TwelveShooter gets annoyed and charges right at his opponent, which causes Simon to have a mini-heart attack. Because of that, Warrior isn’t able to dodge the attack, and the first bot to land a hit is TwelveShooter. In a panic, Simon commands his boxer to move out of the way, and after a quick dodge, Warrior grabs TwelveShooters hand with his “Plated” arms and starts attacking with his “Retro” arm... just to have the fist fly right off after the first punch. The audience laughs. TwelveShooter grabs Warrior by his left arm and throws him against the glass. It does not shatter. The poor robot quickly gets up and charges right at his opponent, just to get punched straight in the face. Warrior doesn’t fall from that, however, and after he dodges another of TwelveShooter’s attacks, he uppercuts him and lands a hit to the stomach. TwelveShooter’s owner is caught off guard by this, which leads to his robot get beat up a little. Then, the sheriff tries to perform his special move, but misses again. His energy levels are very low, and he can barely move now. Warrior takes advantage of this, and he hits his opponent in the back several times, and then, Warrior’s famous “Power Cross” is invented right on the spot, as he performs it and gets a hit on TwelveShooter’s face, which causes his right eye to shatter, and leaves a dent on his face that is still there to this day.

Now, obviously, the crowd isn’t pleased by this at all. Throughout the whole fight, Simon could hear the audience booing. This made him very uncomfortable. But, now... he’s winning! Against TWELVESHOOTER! He genuinely thought that his first battle is going to be a win! His and his robot’s name is going to be written in newspapers! He already started coming up with the titles... “The legendary TwelveShooter is defeated by a robot that is a whole head lower than him!”.

Oh, Simon. So young and naive.

One of the crowd members runs up to Simon with a hammer. He takes the remote, throws it to the ground and breaks the control stick. Now, Warrior is in extreme danger. TwelveShooter is standing there, barely able to even move, and it looks like one more hit would have done it... but now, victory is his. Simon is shocked. He’s standing there, frozen, and in complete disbelief of what just happened before his eyes. In complete horror, he looks up, to see that Warrior is laying on the ground. TwelveShooter comes up to him and starts stomping on his head. After some time, he realizes that won’t do him any good, and so he just grabs Warrior by the leg and slams him against the glass again, and again, and again... until his leg flies off. And everybody knows that once a robot loses his leg in a fight, there’s no point to fight anymore.

The fight is over.

The glass dome opens, and after the Scrapper’s body is taken out of the ring by a mechanical crane, the next bot to step in looks extremely well made and polished.

“The one and only... Earthshaker!”

This is the first time this bot is seen, too, so of course, the audience boos. Even though the robot is a whole head taller than TwelveShooter, Simon still comes up to his owner, with his broken remote in his hands, and tells him:

“Keep a tight grip on your remote, friend.”

He rolls his robot’s body out on the street and places it back in the trunk. After a minute of just sitting still with an emotionless face, Simon starts up the car and drives away.

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