Name: SydeLine

Title/Nickname: The Fast Flanker, The Danger Dodger

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Blitz Cannon

:: 98/100

Power: 150/100

Special: 125/100

Status: Online


Origin: Canada

Weight: 1962lbs

Height: 8'2"

Special Feature: Reflex Movement Compensation Algorithm (RMCA)

Signature Moves: Vortex Combo, ShrikeFest

Opening Line: "It's the danger dodger, SydeLine!"

Winning Line: "He was too fast and his opponent was too slow! SydeLine, wins!"

Special Move Description:

Vortex Combo: Drills the opponent's midsection before kneeing them in the chest and kicking them backwards.

ShrikeFest: Elbows the opponent to the ground and riddles them with heavy punches, much like how shrikes eat their                         prey.


SydeLine will dodge at unrivalled speeds, spinning around and hitting you in the back. His specials are all done using quick, simple moves, but with a ferocity that can tear your bot to shreds in mere seconds. His speed is not his only advantage: high power output, made possible with his special core, makes him pack even more of a punch.


SydeLine is a basic tan brown with cyan lighting all over his body. His head seems to be made of normal glass, but is actually bulletproof and shatterproof, sporting a dark grey tint. His back has special air flaps to help increase his maneuverability.


After HarmOnium moved to Canada, they realised that robots based on greek mythology might seem out of place. Instead, they made bots that looked cool and dished out major amounts of damage. Decker was their first foray into Generation 4 robot building (Argus was upgraded to a G4, not built as one). Decker's victories were followed by his three successors, Shatterpunch, SyncShock and BeatBoxer, all built with a sleek and efficient design in mind. To counter these bots, Canadian manufacturer NorthWave.Co designed Amplifister and the triplets (Sydeline, Focal and Skirmish). Amplifister was a hit and the triplets followed after. All four used the same type of power core, but modified to suit their bot types and build. Skirmish specialised in resistance to extreme weather conditions, be it cold or hot. Focal specialised in identifying the enemy's weak spots and utilising pinpoint attacks to demolish his opponents. Sydeline was nimble and quickfooted, dodging opponents and crushing them from behind. The triplets often participated in 3v3 combat, incapacitating any enemy team in their way. They each complimented each others' strengths and fortified their teammates' weaknesses.

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