NAME: Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong



BOT TYPE: Jack of all Stats



Sun Wukong is a quick and powerful, yet durable robot with a series of powerful parts. His colors are red, gold, and gray. His head glows blue, while his body glows gold. He has a Quantum Body. Judging by his name. It appears that he was made in China. He once completed in the Wrb until he was defeated by Noisy Boy.

Real Steel Game

Sun Wukong is ranked right behind Tripitaka on the DLC Stage 2, AKA #2.


Sun Wukong is very menacing, with a slightly ghostly appearance. He is grey, red and gold, with a menacing white face. He also has lots of spikes on his arms, and has spined fists.


Overall Stats Strength: 95/100

Speed: 100/100

Intelligence: 63/100

Special Moves: 74/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 5862
Core HP 4118
Power Charge 2400
Total Attack 4643
Total Defense 3613
Resilience 5
Damage Recovery 5
Power Recovery 10
Average Punch Speed 7
Movement Speed 6
Mobility 8


  • Like Shagojyo, Tripitaka, and Pigsy, he is named after one of the main characters in "Journey to the West". His design is proof of this.
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