Name: SuckerPunch

Nickname: "The Spring-loaded Striker", "The Triple armed Terror"

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

SuckerPunch is a G2 bot that was created with salvaged parts from various scrapyards.  He has a similar build to Atom, with a small, rounded head and short arms and legs.  However, he is equipped with large fists in the shape of classic boxing gloves and a 3rd spring-loaded 'arm' that is used to stun or damage his opponents when two front panels on his face open up. (Sort of like a Jack-In-The-Box.) Speaking of his face, SuckerPunch doesn't exactly have any facial features or anything; His face pretty much consists of 2 metal panels that holst the springloaded 'arm' as stated above, with a 1950's cartoon 'BAM' painted over them, giving him his oldschool 50's theme.


Weight: 850 lbs

Height: 8'6"

Strength: 70/100

Speed: 55/100

Durability: 60/100

Stamina: 75/100

Intro and Win

"Introducing the bot with a spring-loaded surprise, talk to the fist and not to the face with... SuckerPunch!" -Announcer's quote

Intro: SuckerPunch taunts the opponent and then releases the 3rd arm from his face as a last insult.

Win: SuckerPunch turns to face the crowd and once again releases his 3rd arm whilst flexing his arms, similarly to Sixshooter.

Special Moves and Rip-Off

Sp 1: SuckerPunch right hooks the opponent in the head, then continues to jab the opponent multiple times in the stomach and lower abdomen, finishing them off by releasing his signature 3rd arm straight into their face, knocking them over.

Sp 2: Blacktop's special move (Rev-Hook)

Sp 3: Twin Cities' special move (Hypnotic Flurry)

Rip-Off: SuckerPunch performs a hay-maker into his opponent's head, knocking them down to the floor.  He then jumps on top of them, rapidly punching their head and body until he pulls them onto their knees and fires his 3rd arm into the opponent's face, ripping their head off.

Fight History

SuckerPunch began his journey fighting in Crash Palace where he was pitted against Albino.  During this fight, SuckerPunch was completely outmatched in speed compared to Albino, who threw punch after punch at his face, forcing him into the corner of the ring.  Albino then threw a punch that damaged SuckerPunch's spring mechanism which ended up firing his 3rd arm into Albino's face, stunning Albino and giving SuckerPunch the chance to fight back. The tables had begun to turn as Albino was pinned against the ring and was laid into by SuckerPunch, right up until a huge uppercut from SuckerPunch tore Albino's neck pistons out of his body, leaving him pretty much headless and resulting in a K.O. 

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