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The Colossal Monster

Name: Subkiller

Nickname: The Colossal Monster

Generation: 4

Robot type: Game breaker

Handler: Jack Croco

Status: Online


Jack Croco was Born in Brisbane ,Austrailia, and became a Crocodile Hunter and a Store Manager, He also likes to watch The WRB Matches all over the world, He likes all the bots on the WRB Matches, but his favorite one Is Zeus, So one Day Jack was at his garage And found The Original Subkiller, Made by his father, So Jack decided to upgrade his Father's bot with new setting And he added a Remote that Control his bot in order to make him move.

The First Fight

Jack Got a Called From The WRB Saying (quote): "Hello mr. Croco We like to tell you that, we invited you to fight at the WRB, You can win 600 $". Then Jack Agreed saying (quote): "Ok, But make sure you give me 600 $".  
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Later Jack came inside to The WRB To talk to the Manager Saying which bot that he should fight first. And He Said That he will Fight Apex, And He Agreed to Fight.

At Rounds 1 and 2, Subkiller was Damaged and Knocked out, But at Rounds 3,4 and 5 Subkiller later fight Back by Punching at the face and Completely Destroying His Head. After the match The Manager Later Paid Him 600 $.

Tag Mode

After The match against Apex, Jack Resived A Message From The manager Telling him to talk to him at the manager's room, When Jack Came In, The Manager Said that there's going to be A New Fight, Called "Tag Mode" Saying that he had to work with two people, Jack Asked which people i will Work With him

The manager Said He will work with Jay & Ken (The owner of Jac-Daw) And Noisy Boy 2.0

Jack Later Agreed Saying That He Likes Noisy Boy, And Meeting New People.

Tag Fight

Note: This is copied from the jac-daw Article, but it was edited, ENJOY!

After Their Agreedment, Jack Croco, Along Jay & Ken, And Noisy Boy 2.0, Began To Fight Against, Tracula, Vapor And Calizto.

Later At Round 1 Noisy Boy 2.0 Began ro fight Vapor Causing To Crush Vapor's Battery, Causing Vapor To Die,

While On Round 2 Jac-Daw Later Fought Calizto Destroying Him In The Proccess

And At The Final Round (Round 3) Subkiller Destroyed Tracula At His Head

After That Jay & Ken, Croco and Noisy boy 2.0, Resived 1000 $ After Their success.


Zeus isn't the only bot he likes, Jack also likes Excavator, Aquabot and Blockbuster, In fact Subkiller was Comprised Of Aquabot's Moves, Blockbuster's Entrance And Excavator's Rip off.

Jack is the cousin of Jim Falkitz, The owner of Gridiron, In fact some of Jack's Tools In His Garage were a Gift To Jim Falkitz.

Also His Father's name is Troy Croco, The Original Subkiller Handler, Before his death, He tells his Son That someone should Help Control his Bot

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