Nickname:The Bot Destroyer

Made In:USA

Special:Death Strike

Handler:Mokura Osuka

IMG 8316


Built by Plutech, this bot was designed to use its opponents weaknesses against them and eliminate them it also serves as guard and a representative for Plutech

It's Current Owner is Mokura Osuka, a Japanese Tactitian and newly recruited Spy /Saboteur Technical Chief for Dark Storm Crew Plutech Inc. and she uses it to Hack and Steal Important Files from a certain rival group determine a weak spot for that bot and use it to knock em out and afterwards salvage its parts for other newly created bots 

Dark Storm Vengence



  • The Message is the weird letters mixed together near the Dark Storm Vengeance chapter.To Decrypt  it you must use the Vigenere cipher aka the Cipher from season 2 of Gravity Falls.
  • And Good Luck!
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