Name: Stryder "The Fast Titan"

Stats: Speed:200/100 (extremely OP)

Strength: 87/100

Armor: 69/100

Intelligence: 150/100 (extremely OP)

Title: King Of The Afterworld

Bot type: Probably a mix of a Game Breaker and Fragile Speedster

Opening: The Titan of the Ring, it's the crusher of the Afterworld, make way for... STRYDER!!!


After Laserman's robot (The Omegas V2) was destroyed by Oneway, he built a new robot called Stryder, he is extremely fast, uses extreme strategies and lands very hard punches and he usually activates his signature move (Thermal Charge) after giving the opponent a pounding. He has an adaptive fight code (like Zeus) and has extremely fast legs, chest, head, fists, feet and arms. Although he's really weak in armor, he has incredible speed and strength so that he can take down any robot anytime. 

Episode 1: The Extreme vs The Extreme

After beating the WRB, he joined The Afterworld and waited for a challenger. The first one was Oneway. Stryder gave him a giant uppercut to the chin then he started to use his chest punch and he landed a hard punch to the chest there was even a dent in it. Then he was going to do the South Paw Pain Revolution but Oneway started to beat up Stryder but Stryder pushed him and decapitated one of the arms but he was doing hard jabs for 30 minutes and soon then both robots had fallen. Stryder quickly got up while Oneway was on the ground. The next bot was The Sarge. Before the fight Laserman put Stryder to shadow mode and The Sarge was charging at him but Stryder dodged and landed a incredibly powerful kick to The Sarge's face pushing him to the ropes of the ring. 30 minutes later The Sarge was badly injured where Stryder only had a a lot of scratches and dents and Stryder was charging at The Sarge and Stryder did his thermal charge. Shane brasse is mad at Laserman but Stryder won 20 grand. The next challenger was Bunker Buster. He was tough but Stryder finished Bunker Buster by using the South Pain Revolution. Soon he was surprised that Ravagor was fighting against in the finals. He was so tough and he used shogun trinity but Stryder dodged his combo move and finished him off with Stryder's Thermal Charge. Stryder won $10000 and he was like "YEAH!!"

Episode 2:Big Upgrade time and a new fight!

After barley surviving against Ravagor, Laserman made Stryder with aluminum on the inside with steel plating on the outside for 10 weeks. He also added a much more fierce look to the robot. He replaced the arms with durasteel piston fists. He brought a copy of atom's shadow mode for 50 million dollars. He also brought a copy of noisy's voice microphone for 100 thousand dollars. He also added a diamond paint to make the robot look more fragile then he is. Then he was invited to fight Menasor V2 at the W.R.B Detroit arena. It lasted for 10 hours in the 5th round, Stryder gave Menasor V2 a chest punch and Stryder's Thermal Charge result in a T.K.O. Then he won 1 million dollars along Menasor V2's arm.

Episode 3:An another upgrade and new equipment

After the Menasor V2 fight, Laserman added new stuff to the robot.

New parts:

  • Durasteel blaster piston strike armature
  • Duratseel plating with aluminum body
  • Hologram Controls
  • Sonar Scanner
  • Much much more fierce look to the robot
  • Durasteel controller system
  • High-tech synapse core
  • Height changes from 5"11" to 3"1"
  • Plutonium pistons and Durasteel Omega Fists

Episode 4:Some famous fights and meeting Mark Hedhon

2 hours later he went to a hospital where Fawk is. Soon he saw a guy named Mark. 3 hours after the fight rematch of Ravagor and Stryder, Laserman won a millon dollars and he was  going to the Starfire Arena to fight Bunker Buster. It lasted 2 hours. in the 3rd round Stryder did thermal charge and the W.R.B champ was defeated. Soon after he asked Mark if he wants to be parnters and he said H*** YEAH! then Laserman rebuilt Ravagor with better stuff and had a Tag Team match agasint Oneway and Logspinter. While Stryder was destroying Oneway by Decapiting Oneway, soon both robots did their signture moves. Stryder and Ravagor won 9 millon dollars. Then Mark was staring at this "HOT girl" Laserman was like wha... 

Episode 5:Losses

After the Oneway and Logspinter fight Stryder was losing against Rick O' Shay, The Sarge, War path, Ambush 2.0 and Aftershock. He'd need to make a new design in order to win. After losing against Aftershock, Laserman did a new design and height change from 3 "11" to a massive 50 "11". Soon every place expanded their arenas. Then Stryder quickly got back up to his winning streak by stepping on The Sarge and War Path. This was to grind up cash and Laserman added a module called "Jetpack" and then Laserman changed the height from 40 "11" to 3 "1"

Episode 6: New W.R.B.T.T.T Tournament

In the month of June the W.R.B decided to open a new tag team tournament. Since he had nobody to partner with, He decided to be partners with Atom 2.0 and his new handler, Max Kenton. The first fight was against Fiend and Noisy Boy 2.0 It lasted for 3 rounds which in the 3rd round Stryder and atom 2.0 re-routed most of their power to their arms and did a massive uppercut to their opponent's head. The next fight was agasint Nitro and Gambit. It lasted for 1 minute since they re-routed most of their power to their legs and kicked high then it landed on their opponent's head, decapting it. Fight 3 was Menasor V2 and Headsmasher. It lasted for 3 hours in which Stryder and Atom 2.0 were beating Menasor V2 and Headsmasher for the first hour then Menasor did a massive punch to Stryder and Stryder done it back. In the last 10 minutes Stryder quickly did his ultimate combo ripoff and finished off Menasor V2 and Atom 2.0 did the Charlie special 2.0 quickly to Headsmasher destroying him. Fight 4 was Ravagor and Bunker Buster. It lasted long and in the last 10 minutes Ravagor, Bunker Buster, Stryder and Atom 2.0 had so much damaged in which when they punch their opponent they collapsed, causing a draw.

Season 2 Episode 1: Upgrade time for the Gates of Hell

After the Tournament from the last episode, Laserman upgraded Stryder for The Gates of Hell. Laserman added a little lair of ice to Stryders feet to make him dodge attacks better and be more swift. Laserman added a new move called Punch Kick combo. It is so complex that Zeus nor Ravagor can learn it despite the unique programming. Laserman added a lair of ice to the joint that connects the arm to the body to make it easier to punch.

Season 2 episode 2: The Gates of Hell

Laserman was watching TV when the Mailman gave him a invitation to the Gates Of Hell. Many bots were there and this man that owned Lockdown said "You're impressive, wanna fight?" And Laserman accepted. The man said that the fight is gonna be at Flame Sparkle Arena, U.S.A and Laserman drove all the way there. The fight started with a massive kick to the stomach by Stryder and Lockdown head butted Stryder twice but Stryder kicked him again and used Punch Kick combo then after Lockdown used Headbutt again but Stryder dodged and punched him. The owner of Lockdown activated rage mode for Lockdown and Stryder activated fluid synapse AI mode and ripped off the arms of Lockdown. Lockdown kicked Stryder hard at the head but Stryder used his ultimate quad combo, resulting in a TKO. After He saw the same face from his number 1 enemy back from middle school, Laserman challenged him and his bot. More in the next episode

Season 2 Episode 3: The match against Chris Samson

After fighting Lockdown, Laserman challenged Chris Samson and his bot, Double Shots. Chris Samson accepted and Laserman drove to Flame Sparkle Arena, U.S.A. The fight began. First Double shots kicked Stryder in the stomach "EXTREMELY FATAL" hard. Stryder kicked him in the head but Double Shots punched him 40 times but Stryder ran up and used Punch Kick combo and head butted him 3 times in a row. Double Shots activated Super Shots but Stryder unleashed Omega Stryder then Stryder unleashed Thermal Charge but Double Shots dodged and punched him. Stryder activates his new ripoff called "WELCOME TO HELL". It was very familiar with Scorpio's fatality but instead of ripping the head off, Stryder rips the whole body to half. Laserman decided to upgrade him since Stryder almost lost.


Thermal Charge

A fatal move where Stryder pulls every part of his opponent's parts then Stryder steps on the chest, making it to bits.

Leg Amuptation

A dangerous yet quick to perform move where Stryder pulls the legs from the opponent.

Chest Crush

A fatal move where Stryder kicks the opponent to the ground then Stryder steps on the chest, making the hydraulics in the opponent fail.

Headbutt, Leg Amuptation, Chest crush and thermal charge combo

A fatal combo ripoff where Stryder Headbutts the opponent twice then Stryder pulls the legs away from the opponent then Stryder kicks the opponent to the ground then Stryder steps on the chest to make the opponent's hydraulics fail then Stryder pulls the head away from the opponent resulting in a TKO

Welcome to Hell

A fatal combo of moves which result is the opponent has his limbs and head separated from his torso


Oneway (FreddyKrueger87)

Ravagor (ScauldyTheScauldron) (new partner since Skysteam is expired)

The Sarge (Sean4333)

Bunker Buster (Skysteam)

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