SLL - the Steel League's leaderboard.


Pointing system to be reworked once more

The pointing system will be reworked again with a vision to make it more fair to everyone.

CSBT renamed to RBPL, CSBT S2 is cancelled

24 JULY 2028 - The next CSBT season will be discontinued, and the first Robot Boxing Premier League matchday will take place soon.

All Legends of the Ring to be removed

24 JULY 2028 - All LoR categorized robots will be removed from the leaderboard and the system altogether.

RST to be discontinued, new tournament Contenders Cup to take place

24 JULY 2028 - The final four placements will be given to Bandit, Golem, Shockwave, and Bunker Buster.

ALL Points to be reset to points dependent on ranking pt. 2

24 JULY 2028 - All points earned shall be reset to ranking dependent points (SD gets 10 point head start), but the rankings shall stay.

ALL Points to be reset to points dependent on ranking

2 JULY 2027 - All points earned shall be reset to ranking dependent points (SD gets 15 point head start), but the rankings shall stay.

OG Steel League tournament points to be nullified

2 JULY 2027 - Original SL tournament points are to be nullified.

Leaderboard to reset and add unranked board

2 JULY 2027 - The SL Leaderboard shall be reset, and the only ones in the leaderboard will be tournament participants and those who completed at least one match. The others shall be placed in Unranked board.

CSBT S2 continues a week after RSTS1's conclusion

2 JULY 2027 - Champions of Steel Biannual Tournament will continue a week after RSTS1 culminates.

RST S1 Continues

2 JULY 2027 - The Rising Stars Tournament S1 will continue in a week. The current results will be reset (same participants), and polls will open in a week.

Pointing System has been reworked

2 JULY 2027 - the pointing system for the leaderboard has been reworked. Check below for the new modifications to the system.

Pointing System


Tournament Pointing


35 pts - Earned for winning 1st in RBPL. Winning RBPL also earns the Steel Defender title for the winner. The Steel Defender is always on top of the board, and is considered the champion of the league. The SD has an automatic pass for the next RBPL.

- Rapye is the only SD from a Steel League victory (a round robin style tournament, was discontinued in favor of CSBT)(which was then discontinued for RBPL).

- 2nd Placer: 30 pts

- 3rd Placer: 25 pts

- 4th placer: 20 pts

Contenders Cup

- 1st: 25 pts

- 2nd: 20 pts

- 3rd: 15 pts

- 4th: 10 pts

Match Pointing

3 points - earned for achieving victory in a match.

1 pt - for a drawn match.

0 pts - for losing a match.

7 pts and SD title - for defeating the Steel Defender. These matches are less frequent than others, and Steel Defenders can only be challenged by the #1 contender.

Entrant Pointing

4 pts - winning an entrant match. Not stackable with high rank bonus.

Tiebreaking Rules

If at one point two robots on the leaderboard gets tied on points, these are the tiebreaking rules:

  1. Last match result
  2. Involvement in a tournament
  3. Significance of last tournament bout
  4. Last tournament bout result
  5. Significance of titles
  6. Amount of titles
  7. Alphabetical order

The Leaderboard

Current Title Holders

Titles Up For Grabs

Steel League Contenders Cup S1
  • Winner
  • Runner-up
  • 2nd Runner-up
  • 3rd Runner-up
Robot Boxing Premier League S1
  • Winner
  • Runner-up
  • 2nd Runner-up
  • 3rd Runner-up

Full Leaderboard

Rank Code Robot Points Title(s) Recent Result
SD RPY Rapye 43 Golden Doominator, Decapitator, CSBT Winner (S1) W - CSBT S1 F vs CCA
1 CHN Chinzaemon 32 Silver Eradicator, Decapitator W - vs ANH
2 SCK Shockwave 31 RST 2nd Runner-up (S1) W - RSTS1 3rd vs BB
3 DMN Dominate 30 N/A L - SL 3rd vs ANH
4 CCA Crimson Carnage 29 VGB Belt (S1), CSBT Runner-up (S1) L - CSBT S1 F vs RPY
5 ANH Annihilator 28 Bronze Gunmetal, Decapitator L - vs CHN
6 ZS Zeus 27 N/A W - ASR
7 MTR Meteor 26 N/A L - SL Wk7 vs RPY
8 TWL Twilight 25 WQ Belt (S1), CSBT 3rd Runner-up (S1) L - CSBT S1 3rd vs SHR
9 TG Tri-Gore 24 N/A L - vs ARG
10 ASR Asura 23 N/A L - vs ZS
11 FND Fiend 22 N/A W - vs CCH
12 PLD Paladin 21 N/A L - CSBT S1 WQFI vs TWL
13 CCH Cardinal Chaos 20 NA L - vs FND
14 AZT Aztec 19 N/A L - vs TP
15 OLY Olympus 18 N/A L - vs DRG
16 ARG Argon 17 N/A W - vs TG
17 DRG Drago 16 N/A W - vs OLY
18 SPR Sparky 15 N/A W - vs TD2
19 KAI Kaiser 14 N/A L - RSTS1Q vs BND
20 MKV Rozor MKV 13 N/A L - RSTS1P vs TCG
21 TP TechPunch 12 N/A W - vs AZT
22 NTR Nitro 11 N/A L - vs STH
23 TKL Tackle 10 N/A L - RSTS1P vs PHN
24 JDG Judgment 9 N/A W - vs BJ
25 STH Sathanas 8 N/A W - vs NTR
26 FRS Fraust 7 N/A L - RSTS1P vs BB
27 TD2 Touchdown 2.0 6 N/A L - RSTS1P vs SCK
28 PHN Phantom 5 N/A L - RSTS1Q vs BB
29 TCG Rook TCG 4 N/A L - RSTS1Q vs GLM
30 TS Total Speed 3 N/A L - RSTS1Q vs SCK
31 CML Camelot 2 N/A L - RSTS1P vs KAI
32 BJ Blac Jac 1 N/A L - vs JDG


Code Name Next Match
SHD Shadow pending

Retired Contenders



Code Name Last Points Last Match Result
15 RGN Ragnorak 25 L - CSBT S1 WQSF vs PLD
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