Name: Steel
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Nickname: The Japanese Monster 

Robot Type: Brawler


Special Move: The Rage

Power: 99/100

Special: 89/100

Armor: 100/100

Made in: Japan

Owner: Hiroto Hashimakai (Now Retired) / Jon Parker

Status: Online


After Zeus Was Defeated. Hiroto Hashimakai Got A Delivery To Flynn(Sparky's Owner) But He Rejected This Bot. Then Years Later He Got 2 Prototypes But They Were Destroyed, Later He Realize That He Decided To Make A Bot By Using Old Parts From His Prototypes That Was Destroyed. And Mold It Into A Robot. He Thought To Give A Name To His Prototype Then He Realize That The Name STEEL Was Given Because The Tag Was Embedded On His Chest. And That How Steel Was Born.

Round 1(Vs Albino)

Hiroto Went To The Crash Palace To Fought Albano To Test If He Works.
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The First Round Albino Quickly Punch Him Before He Can Punch Later Albino Keeps Punching Later Albino After Using His Moves Steel Punches Him On 20m.phr Before When Albino Uses His Move Steel Used His Move To Rip His Arm. When Albino Punch Him The Face He Quicky Rip His Head Out Causing Albino To Get Offline And Destroyed.

​​​​​​​Round 2(Vs Bluebot)

Hiroto And Steel Went To The Rafter Beach To Fought Bluebot.

The Second Round Steel Was Knocked out Three Times Before He Was Using His Move.Then In At The Halftime Section Steel Was Upgraded Into His Mk IV Mode.In The Final Round Bluebot Punches Steel's Face Making Steel's Uppercuts heading straight to Bluebot's Head Causing Him To Fall Down.

Round 3( Vs Biowar)

Hiroto When To The US Military Force To Fight Biowar

In This Round Steel Dodges Five Time,But The Sixth Time Steel's Face Was Compleatly Crushed.Then Biowar Punches Steel Seventh Times Before Hiroto Discovers That His Arm Cannon Was His Weak Spot.Then Steel Dodges Biowar's Last Punch Causing Biowar To Think That His Destroyed.But Steel Punches Biowar In The Back, Completely Making Biowar Turn Around Making Him Uses His Arm Cannon,The Steel Blocks His Arm Cannon Punches Causing His Arm Cannon To Malfunction Making Steel Punching Hard Causing Steel To Ripoff His Head.

Arriving at the WRB

Ferra Lemcova Asked Hiroto To Battle Against Axelrod As His Second Round And Zeus As The Final.

Hiroto Was Forced To Pay A Debt To See Who Will Win So He Decided To Battle Axelrod And Zeus.

Round 4( Vs Twin Cities)

In A Battle With Axelrod Hiroto Set His Bots Mod Into Rage Mode On The 1st Try Axelrod Was Knocking Steel Up And Down 6x But On The 2nd Round He Customized His Bot With Stronger Power

Then On The 2nd Round Axelrod Was Punched In The Face 8x But Steel Finished Him Of With The Metal Crusher Move Constantly Knocking Him Out.

Final Round( Vs Zeus)

After Battling Axelrod, Hiroto Final Round Is With Zeus, But Once The Match Had Began, Zeus Punches Steel At The Face 4X And Knocked Him Down, Luckly Steel Managed To Get Up And Continued Fighting, But Zeus Managed To Super Punch Him Back To The Ground.

At The 2nd Round Steel Yet Again Managed To Get Up And Tried To Punch Zeus But Zeus Punched Him In Face Again Until Steel Stopped Worked, Hiroto Tried To Upgrade Steel, But The System Was Damaged Then He Just Decided That Steel Would Still Fight Even Though He Is Brutally Damaged By Zeus.

At The Final Round However, Steel Managed To Punch Him At The Face At Least 2X But Zeus Threw Him Off And At The Ground, Zeus Had No Choice But To Crush Him Down, So After Steel Charged At Zeus, Zeus Crushed Him At The Head Constantly Knocking Him Off.

Hiroto's Retirement

At The End Hiroto Decided That He Would Retire From WRB And His Career From Robot Boxing, The Next Day He Finally Retired And Is Now A Mechanic.

Steel's Return

Coming Soon!


Steel And Sparky are buds

Steel was inspired by a combination samurais and boxers

Hiroto's 2 Prototypes Were Called Thraser Was Destroyed By Zeus. And The Other One Was Called Derulo-X But Was Ripped By Aquabot.

Mg1Pro exo Gave Away Steel To Cars2Fans To Welcome Him To This Wiki

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