Steampunk golem by sycra-d5jpolb

Name: Steambuster

Generation: 5

Signature Move: The Gut Basher

Special Feature: Iron Coated Bronzed Armor

Announcer's Quote: "He is the Steampunk Giant,Pump it up for Steambuster"

Owner: Dan Yale/Flynn McHuldier

Nickname: The Steam Golem

Moves:Boiling Smash,Chassis Crusher


Built by Dan Yale,This Bot is The Equivalent of Fatboy,but steampowered,While Dan was away he called Flynn to test SteamBuster in a fight.

His First fight is with Fatboy and With both Equivalent bots Fatboy try to dent SteamBuster's armor which failed but Steambuster Destroyed Fatboy,after the Fight Flynn called Dan and said"Test Complete,SteamBuster is ready"

A Steel Buster

Coming Soon
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