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The Ripper

Robot: STEAM

Power: 280/300

Armor: 300/300

Special: 280/300

Speed: 225/300

Bot Title: The Steamer

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser lvl. 6

Generation: 4

Status: Online 

X10 Quantum Core - $500,000,000

ZX Titanium Armor Module -  $760,000,000

X4 Behemoth Hydraulic Fluid - $12,000,000

Y50 Game Breaker Mainframe - $96,000,000

Steam Gauntlets - $8,000,000 Controller - $230,000

Price: $1,376,230,000

Handler: Rogue's owner




After Rogue's crushing defeat, his owner then returned to his garage in order to find a GIANT 8"11 box. It was a black colored box. It took forever to open, because the height and padding to protect it, them when he opened it there was a new AWESOME ROBOT AND CONTROLLER, there was note attatched to it, it read,

"I saw your Rogue fight, you lasted less than minute, you came so far, and I hope you don't stop.



He then grabbed the futuristic looking controller, he then messed around with it pressing random buttons, then when he pressed the last button, he heard a hissing noise, "HISSSSSSS" he looked up. The robot had a blue lighting with steam hissing from his gauntlets. He walked out the black box, the armor started to pop out like Noisy Boy. He took a step back he messed around he then used the touch pad to controll him, he tested out a punch, it wasn't so fast, but wasn't so slow. He then combined a few punches and kicks. One of his combos was a one-two punch and a roundhouse kick. He was impressed, with a giant confidence boost. He first went to the mountains to challenge BlackTop, the Bot out of Hell. 


Someone hit something that sounded like a cow bell. Blackytop started walking foward, he then punched and did combos too fast before Steam actually landed his first punch, Steam attempted to do his first punch but Blacktop dodged it, he then punched back, people started throwing bottles in the ring. But Blacktop kept punching until Steam's owner studied his punching patterns, after finding it out Steam countered and punched, Blacktop was stunned, he stumbled back and Steam ran forward, he then did a roundhouse kick. Blacktop then got knocked out. The crowd started the countdown. "1...2...3...4...5...!" Blacktop then jumped back up, Blacktop then tried doing his combos, but Steam kept dodging them. Then Steam did a powerful uppercut, knocking off Blacktop's head, he then grabbed his arm and used his fist destroying his arm, he then punched through his armor, and pulled off his core, he then slammed it on the ground and stomped on it. It was probably the most brutal finisher ever performed in the ring. The crowd stared cheering and then Blacktop's owner threw his controller at Steam. Steam's gauntlets started hissing with Steam, and he raised his arms up. He had won.


After several hours he reached Crash Palace, just before he got their, he saw the Starfire WRB Arena, the giant screens showed Twin Cities, Atom, BlacJac, and Zeus, he gazed at it, imagining his robot destroying the Legendary robots that fought there. He the focused back on the road, he had to buy a way bigger container to hold Steam in. He then pulled up on Crash Palace. He looked up to see robot's heads welded on the entrance. He saw robots he's never seen, and Albino's head welded in the middle. And Midas's head next to it. He looked for Noisy Boy's head but it was no longer there, knowing that someone now owns him. He unlocked the container and grabbed Steam's controller and activated him. He and Steam walked into the Palace of legendary Underworld robots. He saw a man dragging a big wagon with a robot with no arms or head, this must've been a bot like Biowar's work, no other bot is more brutal than those Midas. He walked to the betting area to set a fight against Aquabot. Finn didn't recognise him, because he had a different bot. After he challenged Aquabot he was offered $9,000 with an additional $2,000 for a destroyed head. Steam's owner accepted.


The bell rang, Aqua hit first, but was dodged. Steam then started hitting back, he started a string of Head punches and kicks, Aqua wasn't a very durable bot, so destroying him wasn't that hard. He knocked out an eye, knocked off his shoulder armor, and knocked off his torso armor. So Aqua got a bit more defensive to last slightly longer. But he failed, he destroyed both arms, and started hitting his torso, but after a bit smoke was coming out his gauntlets and his core blinking red, meaning he was overheating. He stopped, but Aqua just fell. Nothing. Just fell. he started smoking and soon after, he was on fire, they came in with a Fire Extinguisher, to stop the flames. After it was extinguished his steel armor was all black. He was still smoking slightly. Steam's gauntlets soon stopped smoking, And left the ring. He went back to the betting area to collect his prize and left. 


He upgraded Steam's core so it won't overheat too quickly. He then got rid of his boring old chrome color to a new, better paintjod, it was a his main color was Brown, and some Gold mixed in. He scrapped and redesigned a new controller into a more cooler and better design, it no-longer used a touchpad and instead used gauntlets that look almosts extactly the same as Steam's Gauntlets. 


After his first 2 wins, his confidence was boosted up like never before, so he challenged the second best bot in Crasher Palace. BIOWAR, he got an offer of $25,000 and raised it to $75,000. Steam's owner gladly accepted, his bot was in the spotlight, everyone starring. He raised his arms and steam came came out, he then did a roundhouse kick. He then walked to the ring and entered and steam came out his gauntlets once more. Then Biowar was seen in the spotlight. He raised his arms and pointed his "gun" to the crowd and his launching back, he walked to the ring, and pointed to Steam, and his arm launched back once more. The man yelled "RRRRRROOOOOOUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD OOOOONNNNNNNNNEEEEEE"! *DING DING DING* Biowar ran foward and uppercutted and set Steam a few inches back. Steam fell into the corner, he then started using his right hand to punch him mercilessly, Steam was getting dents on his head, but then he started blocking, but it didn't really help. His defense was broken once more, and was getting pummeled, he couldn't take anymore and got  knocked out, he sat down in the corner, knocked out, after about 8 seconds he was back up, but Biowar started punching again. He couldn't take anymore, but he had enough. He started punching back, and he was punching back HARD. He started destroying Biowar, now he was in the corner getting pummeled, he started uppercutting, hitting left and right, and kicking. Biowar tried to get his guard back up but he couldn't. He was getting deep, deep dents.  and his eyes had no lights, and his chest logo light was dimming, he then destroyed both arms, ripped off his torso armor, and destroyed his wires, he the grabbed and ripped off Biowar's head, he then threw it to a random person, and they caught it. he then went up to the fallen Biowar and stomped on his torso, and legs, demolishing him beyond repair. He then returned to the front oom to collect his prize. 

-REPAIR SHOP- Steam's owner spent all the money he collected from Biowar to repair Steam from his dents and scratches. 


Steam is currently undefeated:

Steam VS Blacktop WIN $4,000

Steam VS Aqua bot WIN $11,000

Steam VS Biowar WIN $75,000

Steam VS Sun Wukong WIN $15,000 

Steam VS Scorpio WIN $11,000 

Steam VS Palladius WIN $30,000

Steam VS Fat Boy WIN $20,000

Steam VS Hollowjack WIN $50,000

Steam VS Metro WIN $65,000 

Steam VS Blockbuster WIN $55,000

Steam VS Crimson Carnage WIN $90,000

Steam VS Fiend WIN $120,000

Record 12-0


After a fight against Fiend someone then invited Steam to fight in the league, your choice. If you win, you're an official League fighter. In 2 weeks there's going to be a match of Steam VS Hattori 2.0


Steam's owner was confident fighting Hattori 2.0 but they were fighting a really rare no-rules fight. They were competing for the last spot in the League. Steam appeared on the walk and Raised his arms out emitting steam and did his signature Roundhouse. He then walked down to the ring. Hattori didn't have much to show. He just did fast one-two punches. He then walked to the ring. 


Hattori was a really fast robot, but nothing compared to Scorpio. The bell rang and Hattori started punching, because of Steam's high armor and Hattori's low power, he was only doing minor damages to Steam's arms.  Then with a simple punch to the face destroyed Hattori's eye. Steam started destroying Hattori, it was an easy win. He did a roundhouse kick, almost knocking out Hattori's head, it was hanging by a wire, it the fell, Steam then did Noisy Boy's Body Slam Uptown across the ring and easily won.


Cosmobot's owner heard of a huge reward for beating Steam. The huge reward was a $750,000 prize set by Tak Mashido so Steam won't challenge him. Cosmo was the fastest to accept the reward, so he'll be the first to fight. He was a heavily upgraded and rebuilt Cosmo after being beaten by Atom.


The Bell rang and half was cheering for Steam and the rest for Cosmo, Steam then grabbed Cosmo's head, ripped it off, grabbed both arms, ripped them off and punched a hole through his chest, and pulled out his core. He then got Cosmo's head from the ground and threw it at him. He then grabbed his body and flung it up, over 25 feet. When Cosmo was about to land, Steam did a roundhouse kick at the perfect time and caused Cosmo to hit the ropes and just fell. Steam's owner collected the prize and left. 


Steam's owner gave him an upgrade, he now has a new mode, "STEAMPUNK MODE"

Power: 280/300 (800/300 during Steampunk)

Armor: 300/300 (1,000/300 during Steampunk)  

Special: 280/300 (1,200/300 during Steampunk) 

Speed: 225/300 (900/300 during Steampunk)


Steam challenged Nitro, this was the perfect time to test out Steampunk Mode.


The bell rang. Nitro walked foward, a ton of steam started emitting from his gauntlets, his core turned red, and he ran foward faster than ever, he then did the most powerful punch ever peformed, he punched a HUGE hole in Nitro's chest, he then kicked off his head ripped off his arms and ripped him in half.


After Rogue's crushing defeat, Steam challenged Zeus for revenge, the prize? $350,000,000. 


Zeus walked foward delivering a OHKO. Steam fell to the ground, he was there, lights flickering, the referee slipped in counting down, "1...2...3...4...5...6...HE'S UP" Steam the landed a hard punch, knocking Zeus back. Steam landed the hardest punch on Zeus yet, wit the exception of Atom. Zeus used his Piston fists to get back up. Zeus then did another OHKO. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10!!!" *DING DING DING* Zeus had won, but Steam called for a rematch. 


Steam dodged Zeus punch and uppercutted, he sent Zeus back. He then walked foward and started punching Zeus into the corner. He started denting Zeus, but Zeus used his piston fist to uppercut. Sending Steam stunned, he stumbled to the corner. Zues the used Turbo Boosters to break through Steam's Armor. Steam then escaped Zeus's torment, and tried to start Steampunk mode, but he power was drained, Zeus then started punching but Steam kept dodging. He then did a one-two, roundhouse and powerful uppercut to get Zeus knocked out. "1..2...3...4...5...6...7..8...HE'S UP" Zeus then started doing a powerful combo mixed in this a few uppercuts. He then used his signature Nukefist, but Steam used both arms to block it, Zeus was adding more of his power to his arms, and Steam was struggling to keep Zeus arms from smashing his head. Zeus's power was being drained. Zeus was stopping to preserve power, so he won't get destroyed. He then stopped and focused his power all on his body again. Steam started punching but Zeus kept up his defence. Steam was slowly breaking through his defence, he then started Steampunk mode, and was punching 10x faster, destroying Zeus's armor and defence. Zeus stopped blocking, and was getting destroyed. one of the lights in his eye stopped glowing. His core light was flickering and his armor was getting dented. Like in the Atom fight, Zeus was switched to Manual mode. He started punching mercilessly. Steam was getting damaged, badly. He then blocked and ducked under his punch. Steam then did over 6 uppercuts in a row. He then started to do his finisher. He punched off the head, destroyed both arms, and punched through his chest pulling out his core. He kicked him out the ring. And raised his arms! The announcer got inside and said "THE NEW KING, THE NEW CHAMPION, THE STEAMER...STEEEEAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!"


Steam fights for the Underworld, he still does WRB fights, but prefers the Underworld just because he preferred it, and Illegal moves are allowed, making the fight a millions times better, and better awards are given out. Steam still fights to this day, and still accepts anyfight, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

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