Starfire Arena is the arena where Zeus fights Axelrod for the champion belt after Noisy Boy is destroyed. It is the place that Charlie goes in hopes of finding Finn. This is where Max gets his first up close look at Zeus. When Zeus walks by, his head turns to Max and stares for a moment. Max is then given a Zeus pennent from a guy in the Zeus team.


The Starfire Arena is a dome shaped arena with spotlights and giant tv's on the outside showing Zeus and Axelrod progress videos. It is much like the Bing arena where Zeus fights Atom later on.


  • It is one of the few WRB arenas around the Country.
  • Zeus put the WRB championship belt on the line against Axelrod there. Axelrod, apparently, was a threat to Zeus.
  • Starfire appears in the Real Steel WRB game, during the WRB 1 stage.
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