Name: Spyder

Title/Nickname: The Crawler of The Underworld (as in Hades), The Pet of Hades

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Demolisher Lv.3, Glass Cannon Lv.4 (Final Drive Mode)

HANDLER: PyronitePlayz

Status: Under Upgrade

Abilities - Double Power Core, Sticky Pistons, Pistons and Sticky Feet.


Spyder is a generation 3 bot. Unlike his brother Hyperion, his main focus is power and defence. Speed and Intelligence aren't lagging behind, being at a really good status. His final drive mode allows Spyder to push himself to the limits. It may seem OP, but his power core tires out really fast. The key to beating him is to outspeed him, which I as of now know of, only Hyperion can beat him. (Double Power Core does not work in final drive.)


* Regular Form *

Strength: 71/100 (MAX in Final Drive)

Speed: 85/100 (MAX in Final Drive) 

Intelligence: 88/100 (MAX in Final Drive)

Durability: 79/100 (MAX in Final Drive

Skill: 88/100

Special Moves : 

Announcer's Quote: He's the pet of Hades, don't anger....SPYDER!!


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