Spirit Artificial Title The One Above All Stats And Special Moves Strength 93/100 Stamina 98/100 Speed 78/100 Intelligence 100/100 Special 99/100 Special Moves Spiritual Wave Madator Dodge , Ram Charger Finisher Death Glaze Generation 5 Spirit Artificial Started of as a Mess of Interlocking Parts Which Were Found in The Junk Yard The Owners Paul & Charlie Townsend Were Very Proud Of Spirit Artificial And This Is Why A Day After Making it Spirit Artificial Got His First Fight Against AquaBot He Knocked Him Out In The First Round And Then Went on to Fighting Midas , Sixshooter , Metro and Then Fought Albino Then Danger Zone , Blac Jac , Gridlock And Then Fought The Mighty Twin Cities And Got 2.5M£ From That Fight Then Fought, Zeus ,Atom,Asaura , Tri-Gore, Gamma, Twister , Diablo,MajorSteel, DJElectrix ,Olympus ,Gambit,NoJoke , And Then Was at A Staggering 789.9786M£ And Then Just Was The King Forever And At The Very End He Was Still The Champion and No Matter What Happened To It And What Ever Technology His Opponent Had It Still Was Not Enough And He Still Remained The Champion At Least Until 2023 Where There Was A Volcano Eruption In The Country He Was From And It Demolished Him Paul And Charlie Made More Robots To Become Champion And They Succeeded They Remained Top 7 Until All Members Of The Family Were Dead Bot Type Game Breaker Level 8

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