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Introducing the Spiky Puncher, here's Spinzer!


Spinzer has a tall and narrow head that has a spike on top of it, and has spikes attached to its shoulders.

It is colored yellow-green for most of its body and has a black color for all its other body parts.


Spinzer packs a mighty punch and boasts a strong defense. However, he is a tad bit slow compared to other bots such as Atom or Aquabot. Speedy bots can take advantage of this fact by punching him quickly.


Armor: 135

Power: 110

Speed: 50

Intelligence: 95

Total: 390/500

Weight: 1865 lbs.



Spinzer begins its entrance with its hands clasped behind its back, then spins its fists around.

SPECIAL - American Glory

Spinzer jumps, then lands on the enemy bot, then kicks their head and slams it on the floor.


Spinzer walks up to the enemy, then uppercuts their chest and slams their head into the ropes.


Spinzer stomps on the floor, salutes, and then points its finger towards the screen.



Bluebot (WON) Earned $5000 (Minor Damage)

Metro (WON) Earned $9000 (Minor Damage)

Blockbuster (WON) Earned $3000 (Minor Damage)

Bio War (WON) Earned $10,000 (Major Torso Damage)

Hollowjack (WON) Earned $20,000 (Lower Torso and Arm Damage)

Midas (WON) Earned $100,000 (Left Arm Ripped Off)

Abandon (WON) Earned $45,000 (No Damage)


Chapter 1- Episode 1: Construction

On the day that Twin Cities fought Atom, A mechanic named Ben was watching. The next day, the mechanic was interested in building a fighting bot for himself. So, he worked countless months just to build it. After 5 months, he successfully built his robot. He decided to go to a robot training gym (yes, they exist)

to test out his new bot.

His bot was made to take a lot of damage and also to withstand tons of damage but is not meant for speed.

Chapter 1- Episode 2: The Crash Palace

A few days after Spinzer was built, Ben decided that he wanted to take it out for a fight. He decided that he would fight Bluebot.

Once the bell rang, Bluebot charged into Spinzer, only to get pushed back. Bluebot landed an uppercut on Spinzer. Spinzer attacked Bluebot with some hooks and an uppercut. Bluebot fell down to the floor. It took 2 seconds for him to get back up. Bluebot retaliated by using his signature move on Spinzer, Blue in Da Face.

Spinzer had a few scratches and a dent on its right arm. Spinzer then hit Bluebot with all its might and ripped off Bluebot's head. After that, he was declared a winner and Ben earned $5,000 from the fight.

Chapter 1- Episode 3: Welcome to The Zoo

Since Ben earned some money after his first fight, he decided that he would repair his bot since it was slightly damaged after the fight. After he fixed it, he went to the zoo and was surprised to see that Metro was once again fixed and ready to fight other bots. Before he went to challenge Metro, he saw that Metro was battling Ambush and was winning. Metro hammered Ambush's torso and ripped his leg and his head off.

After that, Ben agreed with Kingpin that if one of them wins, the other has to pay them 9,000 dollars.

During the first round, it seemed that Metro was taking the lead by a little, but during the second round, Spinzer landed some good hits on Metro's chest and was able to use his signature move, "American Glory".

After that, Metro was stunned and was vulnerable, so Ben made use of that opportunity by making Spinzer uppercut Metro's chin which caused it to malfunction once again. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said Kingpin as his bot was defeated yet again.

Chapter 1- Episode 4: The Blockbuster Movie

A few days after Spinzer's fight with Metro, while Ben was repairing Spinzer he got a call from a man who challenged him to fight his robot named Blockbuster at his garden. The man was actually Ben's neighbor who watched his fight at the zoo. Ben agreed and then went to the man's house.

The fight started and Blockbuster immediately used his signature move "Shock and Awe". Spinzer got knocked out for a few seconds but managed to get back up. Spinzer then hit Blockbuster with all its might and was able to knock off one of Blockbuster's arms. Blockbuster tried its best to hit Spinzer with only one arm and was able to do so but sadly it did nothing to Spinzer's armor. Spinzer then used his signature move on Blockbuster and knocked Blockbuster out. He could not get back up and Spinzer won the fight. The man paid Ben $3,000 for winning and Ben kindly returned the knocked off Blockbuster arm. The man thanked him and they went their separate ways.

Chapter 1- Episode 5: War

After 3 days, Ben decided to sign up for a match against another bot. However, every other bot was taken except for Bio War. So, he challenged Bio War to the death. He was confident that Spinzer would be able to defeat Bio War.

Once they got to the fight venue, they fought. Bio War did major damage against Spinzer in the first round, and was still winning in the second, but by the third round, Bio War was running out of energy. So, while Bio War was distracted, Spinzer did a hook on Bio War's head and made it loose. Spinzer then did his signature move which decapitated Bio War's already loose head. Ben won $10,000 for winning the fight.

This was also the first match that Spinzer participated in that was aired on live television.

Chapter 1- Episode 6: All Jacked Up

Two days after that match, Ben was invited to the Crash Palace for the Main Event against Hollowjack.

They arrived at the Crash Palace to fight Hollowjack. Hollowjack was an all-rounded bot who had good speed, power, and was quite durable too. Once the fight began, Hollowjack began spinning his fists then hit Spinzer with a barrage of punches, which made Spinzer fall down. The count began but Spinzer got up within 3 seconds. Spinzer then retaliated with some slow but strong attacks. Hollowjack used his signature move on Spinzer and it was effective. Spinzer then countered his move with HIS signature move. Hollowjack was showing signs of being damaged. His handler knew that he wouldn't last much longer in the ring. So, Hollowjack did his best to hit Spinzer the hardest he could. He managed to do some damage against Spinzer's lower torso and arms. Spinzer then delivered a powerful blow to Hollowjack's head to knock him out. Hollowjack could not get up. As a result, Spinzer won the fight, and earned $20,000.

Chapter 1- Episode 7: The Gold Blooded KILLER!

Spinzer's owner had already earned a decent sum of money from robot fighting. He wanted his bot to fight someone big. Someone who was big and popular. "Of course i'm not gonna challenge Zeus!", he said. "That monster will absolutely demolish my bot.". Then, he got an idea. "I know, I should put my bot against Midas!", he exclaimed. And so, he went to the home of Midas, the Crash Palace. Midas' owner chuckled as Ben challenged him. "Oh come on, Ben. You know that that bot of yours won't be able to beat Midas!" said Artie Bakker. "Well, i'll give you 50 grand if you beat me." said Ben. "Oh fine. But if you beat ME, I'll give ya TWICE the amount of money as that." Ben agreed to Artie's terms. The bell had rung and Midas knocked Spinzer to the side of the ring. Spinzer swung his fists at Midas' face. Midas then hit Spinzer with a barrage of punches. The round continued with Spinzer and Midas swinging punches at each other to no avail. The first round had ended and the second began. Spinzer was the one who had the upper hand in the beginning of the round until Midas caught Spinzer off guard and decapitated Spinzer's left arm. Spinzer then retaliated and kicked Midas and landed some good punches even if he only had one arm. Midas was beginning to run out of energy while Spinzer had a ton of energy left. Spinzer then landed an uppercut on Midas' chest, then pushed him to the edge of the ring, and then kicked his head off. "Well here's your god-dang money, Ben." said Artie.

Chapter 2- Episode 1: Abandoned!

After a week of repairing Spinzer after his fight with Midas, Ben was invited to the WRB League. The first fight was against Abandon.

The match started and both bots were evenly matched. They effectively blocked each other's punches. During the second round, Spinzer got lucky and landed a powerful punch on Abandon's core. Abandon was knocked down to the floor and began to malfunction. Spinzer then picked up Abandon and threw him to the edge of the ring. The impact made Abandon's head fall off.


Special Features

Chromium Armor- Enhances defense by a lot.

Spinnable Fists- Fists are more maneuverable.

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