Speed Type is one of the three Starter Types in the console video game Real Steel.


Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 653
Height 7´7 3/4¨
Weight 781 lbs
Core HP 1386
Power Charge 1395
Total Attack 1865
Total Defense 1567
Resilience 2
Damage Recovery 3
Power Recovery 6
Average Punch Speed 6
Movement Speed 4



Part Type Part Name
Head Retro Head Lv.1
Body Retro Body Lv.1
Arms Retro Arm Lv.1 (L) & (R)
Fists Armadillo Fist Lv.1 (L) & (R)
Legs Retro Legs Lv.1
Generator SP1150-Rabbit
Motherboard Stock Circuitboard
Hydraulic Fluid Bargain Fluid


Content Selected Option
Ring Name Robot
Pre-match Action Raise Arms
Fighting Pose Fighting Pose 2
Tech Moves Body Blow Combo, Body Blow Combo, Dancing Uppercut Combo, Dancing Uppercut Combo
Taunts Come Closer, "You're Finished", Come Closer, "You're Finished"
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